The Halloween Pokemon


The Halloween Pokemon

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, they belong to gamefreak/Nintendo/etc., the images are not mine and they are for entertainment/informational purposes only and I am in no way claiming them. Any products mentioned are not affiliated.


Gengar is a ghost/poison Pokemon known for its mischievous nature and its additional Mega Evolution and with its ability Levitate it is usually conquering the battlefield in X/Y but in Sun/Moon its Levitate ability was taken away, but Gengar was still a beast and a favorite.

Not many know Gengar is based off a black cat or the Chesire Cat, due to its mischevious and dark nature. Gengar could also be based off of a poltergeist or ghost, due to its previous forms Gastly and Haunter.

Gengar being based off Chesire Cat is a cool idea because of his huge smile just like Chesire and Chesire’s mischevious nature. Gengar is also a trickster and loves to play games if Gengar could talk I bet he would like riddles.

Read more about Gengar here:


Mimikyu’s history is pretty much unknown except that he is disguising himself to be loved just like Pikachu is. He has a cloth costume and a wooden tail. Mimikyu is a ghost/fairy type, the first of its kind in Pokemon. Mimikyu wears a cloth with badly drawn eyes and mouth to look like Pikachu but his real eyes peak out.

My theory about Mimikyu is it may be a ghost what also leads me to this conclusion is its desperate need for love, also the choking sounds on the anime Meowth hears and the horrifying things it says it is a ghost that hasn’t been put to peace but lives on in Mimikyu, some Mimikyu’s may be different. some may be peaceful.

I think the Mimikyu is loved so much by Jessie that it is healing, that it is finding peace (no it won’t die I’ll explain in a bit) and love. The reason Mimikyu won’t die and go to Pokemon Heaven or whatever is because it loves Jessie and its sole purpose was to be loved and it found its happiness and moved on.\

Read more about Mimikyu here:


Banette is a ghost type Pokemon and a very wonderful Halloween Pokemon. Its pre-evolution Shuppet is as well. Both just being introduced into Pokemon Go for the Halloween event as well!

They are both based on puppets, Shuppet is a finger puppet and Banette is a marionette. They are based Tsukumogami, tsukumogami animate objects. They are based on Japanese monsters.

In my mind all dolls (puppets) are creepy but tis the season for creepy dolls or puppets.

Read more about Banette here:


If any of you want more Pokemon done (not just for Halloween) comment below and I can do them! 

I am planning to do these Pokemon in the future:

  • Eeveelutions
  • Shaymin and some other legendaries
  • Vulpix and Ninetails (alolan and original)
  • Poocheyena and Mightyena
  • and more!
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  1. I didn’t know any of these pokemon existed. Thanks for sharing

  2. Pepi says:

    Awwwwwww 😀 I didn’t know there was a Pokemon based on the Chesire Cat! O.o

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