TALIA “Thugs They Look Like Angels”


I like the sound of TALIA – they have a good combination of guitar, drum and vocals. “Thugs They Look Like Angels” is an interesting album.  The whole album has interesting instrumentals and good vocals throughout.

I asked one of the band members, Nicolas Costa, what inspired them to write this album, and he answered back:

“Life in Paris, the people you meet (mostly the bad ones), misadventures, being out for revenge… Some girl on some website said that sometimes our lyrics “didn’t hold any water.” First, I really resent that because I don’t really sing “I love you baby let’s get married” or “Let’s party all night with Jack Daniel’s” (although I have nothing against these kinds of songs) and I worked on those lyrics, but then I felt sorry for the writer because she didn’t have enough imagination to make something out of it… That’s for the lyrics, for the music we wanted to sound more like we sound live, I know it’s kind of a cliché but we overproduced the previous record and i didn’t want to make the same mistake”Nicolas Costa

Album Cover

Nicolas Costa


One song, “American Bride” has great vocals, awesome drum beat and great guitar riffs. It has a unique sound sequence between 2:03 and 2:25 where the guitar stops and has a killer drum sound.

I think “American Bride” is about a couple that is having abuse problems, and they want to get married – they have the dream of the “American Wedding/Bride” and they get so far off path until they realize they love each other. Then they do get married because the man regrets abusing the woman. Also, if you notice, everything is in reverse leading up to the wedding.

The reason I think this is because of the man drinking and the woman tied up in barbed wire. Also, between 0:34 and 0:35, the woman is crying. Then, a little bit after that, the lyrics “After dusk is falling/Physical at night” is followed by the man about to hit the woman. In the end, though, they get married.

I do not support spousal abuse, at all, but if you can work through it then that is great! In this video, they did, and I think it is an extraordinary video.

Go ahead and tell me if I am wrong with this analysis and share your opinions! I’m captivated by the depth of the video and song. It is amazing and should be shared.

Another notable song is “Johnny Bait”, which they performed live at The Whisky a Gogo in Hollywood, CA. The drums, guitar, and vocals are just as good as in “American Bride”. I especially appreciate the lyrics You can’t call me baby. The song has a positively catchy ring to it and a good tune to go with it. I am not the biggest fan of this but it is catchy and worth listening too.

When questioned about what inspired him to write “Johnny Bait”, Nicolas responded:

“Johnny Bait was about a girl I met that was younger than me, nothing happened really it was more a fantasy than anything else, but it was a time when my life took a turn for the better and somehow she embodied some of that…When we finished recording the song we thought it sounded a bit seedy and we liked it ^^”Nicolas Costa


Alice Thomas

My ultimate favorite song out of the album “Thugs They Look Like Angels”  would have to be “High Strung”. I love the beat and the lyrics “This town is getting the best of me” because I can relate. It is a very well put together song.

Another great song is “The Flood” because has very down-to-earth lyrics and also speaks to me. “I’d rather sit with the freaks and wait for the fun” and “Liars will lie through their teeth and it won’t stop.” These lyrics are true, especially the part about liars.

Regarding his favorite song, Nicolas replied:

“My favorite to play is Johnny Bait, it’s laid back and the crowd seems to like it a lot… I like the sound of High strung on the record and a part of the lyrics gave the record its name”Nicolas Costa


TALIA is a punk, grunge, indie band based off 90’s rock that comes from Paris, France and Los Angeles. The band members include Alice Thomas, who does bass and back-up vocals, Nicolas Costa, who does guitar and lead vocals, and Hervé Goardou who plays the drums. “Thugs That Look Like Angels” is their third album. The first two are “Cockroach Killer” (2008) and “Permanent Midlife Crisis” (2013).

When I picked his brain about his favorite part about being in the band, Nicolas told me:

“It’s gonna sound cliché again but the live part is the best, because it’s what you dream about when you’re a kid, you don’t dream about spending hours in a studio redoing the same part over and over (even if I really like being in a studio now) or in front of your note pad trying to figure out if “good” rhymes better with “food” or “understood” 😛 More seriously, the few years I spent without a band felt like a waste of time, it’s something I need…Nicolas Costa

They opened for The Datsuns in August 2013 in Paris, France, then for Catfish and The Bottlemen in November 2014 (Paris). After that, Lonely the Brave in April 2015 and Reverend Horton Heat in July 2015 (Paris). They had over 100 shows in France – isn’t that amazing? I’ve always wanted to go to France so I think it is amazing! They also have another show scheduled for 2017!

Nicolas’s favorite part about Paris is:

“You never know how things are gonna turn out, so it can be kind of exciting”Nicolas Costa

To wrap it up, this band is wickedly talented – everything from their guitar riffs to their good drum beat, to deep song meanings, to great vocals…they have it all!


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