Beginner Tips: Fantasy Life

Beginner Tips: Fantasy Life

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership to the games and or characters, Level-5, 1-Up Studios and h.a.n.d are the rightful owners. THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

In Fantasy Life you get to advance in up to 12 lives and follow an intriguing storyline. You are in the world of Castele (or the country) where there are many creatures to defeat, many people to befriend, many tasks to do and well just a lot to do.

You have a companion with you who is a talking butterfly who you meet also trying to get into the Castle in Riviera, you become friends and the talking butterfly helps you and there is a deeper storyline here also.

I recommend it to anyone who likes a roleplaying or games that you can do anything you want in but still have a storyline. I love it when I can just explore and level up my lives and my character. The graphics are amazing and so is the storyline (so far for me anyways I’m not done and will continue giving tips and reviews along the way).

My first tip to new players is to start ALL lives right away and try and advance in them because you can make a lot of money (dosh in the game) off of each life and each different quest from NPC’s is from a different life. Also, Blacksmith and Miner come hand in hand along with Woodcutter and Carpenter, with the cooking one Angler and Hunter help as well.

You can have better weaponry skills that help with the main quest (Paladin, Hunter, Mercenary, etc.) and having alchemy and cooking help heal you. Being a blacksmith you can make your own weapons, a carpenter also. Sewing (Tailor) can help make your character look nice and the clothes sell for a lot of Dosh.

When you advance in all lives you also save money in the long run because you don’t have to keep buying supplies. You can make everything yourself and you can also sell a lot of what you make for good money, which means you can move out of the attic. You can’t move into the Manor (30k Dosh) until you complete the storyline and all of Butterfly’s requests.

Another good thing about having all lives is you get more Bliss for Butterfly, with Bliss you earn rewards like a bigger backpack, closet, dying clothes, new pets, etc. so it is nice to get an extra boost there also.


When you get time off from the main quest when it says “Explore Riviera” I usually take a crap ton of time doing this, leveling up my character, lives, exploring, quests, etc. I don’t know but I like just doing random crap and not the main story because it’s entertaining running around without a big red arrow telling you where to go. I love the main story but I love doing my own thing too.

It’s up to any game player what they want to do. I honestly overpowered (OP’d) my character and go through the main story fast but it is still fun to read it and do it. You also learn to know what enemies to NOT take on or YOU ARE dead. If you don’t want to die I recommend getting potions to revive you, you can buy them from a merchant just before you enter the west grassy plains or make them as an alchemist but its almost too much of a pain to make them because of the ingredients.

Also, you need to follow the main quest to be able to level up your lives, so you can level them up as much as possible before you go on the next main quest.

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That’s all for now. Next week I’ll post more into detail on a couple of lives either next Friday or Saturday! Stay tuned!

Matteo Scher “Something Good” EP

On June 15th “Something Good” EP by Matteo Scher was released. The EP is in the genre of pop or piano rock with a smooth tone relating to artists like Billy Joel. Scher worked on his EP in New York.

Scher has played various areas in New York including Webster Hall, Rockwood Music Hall, Pianos, The Bitter End, The Bowery Electric and many others. He is also studying music business at Baruch College.

Scher has worked with the famous singer Alicia Keys as his mentor for a while and had this to say about working with her:

As a person Alicia is extremely kind and positive. She served as a mentor for me when I was completing a “senior Project” at my high school Green Meadow Waldorf School back in 2015. I especially asked her for critical feedback and that is what she gave me. She instilled in me the idea lyric writing should be more showing and less telling. She also preached relatability.  To her good and bad didn’t apply to pop music, only relatable or not relatable. In that vain i tried to write music people could understand and also relate to.Matteo Scher

Album cover for “Something Good” EP

The songs have smooth vocals with a catchy piano tune that is a pleasant tune to the ears that catches your attention. The music does not have much else but piano, which is amazing with so many melodies to it. Which is essentially what Piano Rock is, utilizing piano instead of guitar.

I talked to Scher about what his favorite song on the EP is and he said this:

My favorite song is New York and Me because it has the most concrete story. The first few times I played it out, I felt uncomfortable about the subject matter and that ultimately made me very excited about the song.Matteo Scher

One of my favorite songs on the EP is “Painkiller”. The vocals cut through to you and have a deep emotional feel. I love the lyrics, “You saved me from hurting myself” or “You’re my painkiller/You’re my high” they’re sung emotionally and hit a deep chord on how they are sung and can make some of us relate because some people to use can ease pain and be our sort of high and make us happier than anything.

I talked to Scher about what he likes best about being a singer/songwriter and he responded:

My favorite part of being a singer-songwriter is the way it brings people together. Whether it is bringing family, friends, and strangers together for a show or having someone come up to me and tell me that my song resonates with their life, there is something very communal and intimate about being a singer-songwriter that I enjoy.  Matteo Scher

Matteo Scher

The EP “Something Good” contains 4 tracks, which are,  Something Good, Forget, Painkiller and New York and Me.  I asked Scher which his favorite was and he answered,

My favorite song is New York and Me because it has the most concrete story. The first few times I played it out, I felt uncomfortable about the subject matter and that ultimately made me very excited about the song. Matteo Scher

Matteo Scher

Sites to Visit:

Matteo Scher is on Spotify as well!



So today I got offered a free app on my DS, so I’m going to do some pictures and what I think of it!

It looks like you can use SpotPass to share drawings with others!

You’re directed by a Mii named Nikki

Nikki is the Mii in green

You can send notes to friends with your FC 

You have to pay for drawing tutorials

The starter pack comes with 100 free notes

Gotta be creative if the colors change

I give it 4 Stars because you have to pay for it to use it fully. Its a great app to communicate with friends on the DS. The Nintendo premium pack is $6.99 and comes with 3000+ notes, glitter pens, +6 new stationery, and lessons including Animal Crossing and Mario. So it is a good deal 🙂

There is also the Sparkling Premium pack with comes all sorts of glitter pens and pastel pens, then nice backgrounds, cat + dog lessons with 14 lessons in total for the same price of $6.99.

You can trial mode both!

I recommend this app for younger kids with parent supervision and only friends they know. I love it and I’m 22, I’m thinking about buying the Nintendo Pack.

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity: My Experience

I have not finished the game yet but my review so far is:

It is an outstanding game with an amazing story that well move you, it moved me to tears so far and I haven’t even finished it. I’ve fallen in love with all the characters and even the ones I meet along the way.

I love that you can name your team members because it makes you feel more attached to your team. I try and train every one of them and even take all on quests! Its extremely engaging to do this and fun!

I love that you get to build your own “Paradise” for Pokemon and you can use a second mode to do so to work on it, that is not in story mode. You can even choose what Pokemon you want to use in this section out of the Pokemon that have joined your team.

I have almost all sections in my paradise and didn’t realize til later on you can add 4 facilities to each section of your paradise! My first section I focused on berries and training for what types of Pokemon I had and then added item hunting, cause wynaut? Every time I got a new type I added that training area to a different section or in my case a section that didn’t have 4. Every time you level up your Paradise you get a new facility!

The game is challenging! To make money, get experience and get items you must do as many “Quests” as possible. Your Paradise is also essential to finishing the story because you can grow berries, train your team or even get items., your paradise takes time to build and money! You also need to do Quests to train your team, if your team isn’t a high enough level you have a high chance of failing the quest. I suggest saving the 1-2 star requests in your “Saved Quests” for easy money or any items you want cause they may disappear! Also, speaking of saving, save your game often!

My strategy for quests is usually winging it and running for my life, especially when my team isn’t a high level, especially on the main story, they are very challenging and if you don’t have the right items or revier’s I suggest running for it. If my team is trained then I don’t do that because in Quests you go to the “Mystery Dungeon’s” where you can find various goodies that come in handy for your team so you don’t have to buy them.

My Axew, Gerald, and my Oshawott Nessie.
Down below is my Paradise Map

I have a total around 25-50 hours on the game from either working on my Paradise or doing the story 🙂 I love it! I recommend it for any age!

I’m not going to spoil the game for anyone, so I’m going to leave my review there 🙂 I don’t want to say how you meet Axew or where anything really is 😉

My next Pokemon review will be: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and no I haven’t finished it.