Ben Brookes “The Motor Car & The Weather Balloon”

Ben Brookes is a singer-songwriter hailing from Portsmouth, UK he has music similar to Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Oasis, and The Beatles. His music has different tones but is astatically pleasing, giving the listeners something new and refreshing.

Producer Mark Healey was the one who urged Brookes to leave Portsmouth to come to Minneapolis to record his album. Mark found Ben when he was doing EP’s and Cover’s and contacted him, at first Ben was hesitant but he did a rough version of “Integration (Not Segregation)” and that was the deal breaker and he came to America.

Ben Brookes

In Brooke’s band, it feature’s Prince’s drummer Michael Bland, Bob Dylan’s keyboardist who is Greg Inhofer, and Joey Malland and Mark Healey from Badfinger. With this group of people and this talented singer, I think they are sure going to go places!

Brookes new album “The Motor Car & The Weather Balloon” has many different and intriguing sounds, mixed with guitar and drums, defiantly hitting the pop-rock genre. The lead song “Integration (Not Segregation” defiantly has that pop-rock vibe with Brooke’s husky voice leading the way and the guitars and drums giving it a smooth edge. The song showcases a love-story but with an almost grim tune like “I’ve been left to hunt and gather in a world that’s practically dead” or ”think we could fuck off and get out of here” the song has an upbeat tone though like there is hope.

Ben Brookes

Another song on the album that I found interesting was “Stories in the Rain” I loved the guitar in the beginning and the husky lyrics and starting with “oh my love I don’t want to know about the other boy” and then shortly after “don’t you drag me down” it has a lot of strength in it, signifying not wanting to be pulled down by a cheating lover and being stronger than it.

On that final note, I found Ben Brooke’s an extremely talented singer and I think he is going to do well in the US as a singer-songwriter.

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Matteo Scher “Something Good” EP

On June 15th “Something Good” EP by Matteo Scher was released. The EP is in the genre of pop or piano rock with a smooth tone relating to artists like Billy Joel. Scher worked on his EP in New York.

Scher has played various areas in New York including Webster Hall, Rockwood Music Hall, Pianos, The Bitter End, The Bowery Electric and many others. He is also studying music business at Baruch College.

Scher has worked with the famous singer Alicia Keys as his mentor for a while and had this to say about working with her:

As a person Alicia is extremely kind and positive. She served as a mentor for me when I was completing a “senior Project” at my high school Green Meadow Waldorf School back in 2015. I especially asked her for critical feedback and that is what she gave me. She instilled in me the idea lyric writing should be more showing and less telling. She also preached relatability.  To her good and bad didn’t apply to pop music, only relatable or not relatable. In that vain i tried to write music people could understand and also relate to.Matteo Scher

Album cover for “Something Good” EP

The songs have smooth vocals with a catchy piano tune that is a pleasant tune to the ears that catches your attention. The music does not have much else but piano, which is amazing with so many melodies to it. Which is essentially what Piano Rock is, utilizing piano instead of guitar.

I talked to Scher about what his favorite song on the EP is and he said this:

My favorite song is New York and Me because it has the most concrete story. The first few times I played it out, I felt uncomfortable about the subject matter and that ultimately made me very excited about the song.Matteo Scher

One of my favorite songs on the EP is “Painkiller”. The vocals cut through to you and have a deep emotional feel. I love the lyrics, “You saved me from hurting myself” or “You’re my painkiller/You’re my high” they’re sung emotionally and hit a deep chord on how they are sung and can make some of us relate because some people to use can ease pain and be our sort of high and make us happier than anything.

I talked to Scher about what he likes best about being a singer/songwriter and he responded:

My favorite part of being a singer-songwriter is the way it brings people together. Whether it is bringing family, friends, and strangers together for a show or having someone come up to me and tell me that my song resonates with their life, there is something very communal and intimate about being a singer-songwriter that I enjoy.  Matteo Scher

Matteo Scher

The EP “Something Good” contains 4 tracks, which are,  Something Good, Forget, Painkiller and New York and Me.  I asked Scher which his favorite was and he answered,

My favorite song is New York and Me because it has the most concrete story. The first few times I played it out, I felt uncomfortable about the subject matter and that ultimately made me very excited about the song. Matteo Scher

Matteo Scher

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Post Death Soundtrack: The Unlearning Curve

Post Death Soundtrack: The Unlearning Curve

My first impression of this psychedelic/industrial rock trio from Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto) was that it was a new sound that I absolutely loved and couldn’t wait to share with people. They are different, I’ve never really listened to psychedelic rock before but I definitely enjoyed their different tune and how down to earth they are. The subjects they cover matter and I love the lyrics – they speak to me.

Here is “Through The Gates”:

“Through The Gates” has a very emotional tone to it. You can hear the vocalists put a lot of effort into it. I love the illusion of standing your ground and how many of us just let go. It is a very well written song.

My favorite song from The Unlearning Curve is “That Which Is”. I instantly fell in love with it, and my next favorite is”Through The Gates,” although honestly, I adore the whole album.

The band was founded back in 2007 by Buck and Moore in Calgary. They were influenced by bands like Massive Attack and Skinny Puppy and got attention from magazines who called them out of the ordinary.  They now are out of Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary where they originally started.

The band members do different jobs; both Buck and Moore do vocals and lyrics except for one track which the chorus was helped by Colin Everall (who helps with piano and drums) which was Track #7.  Buck also helps with producing and engineering alongside Ireson. Ireson is the bassist and producer, and all songs are by them except for one track which was also helped by Colin Everall which is Track #5. The album art cover art is done by Kayla Aileen Brown.

Jon Ireson came into the band later in 2008, when the band got more popular. They knew Ireson from previous stage encounters and that is how he came to the band to do bass and be the producer alongside Kenneth Buck.

Jon Ireson

In 2010 Post Death Soundtrack released “Ultraviolence” with the new song “Little Alice”
Which the video can be found here: I adore “Little Alice”. It has a good story to the song and the video is really well done.

After another 3 years, they released “The Unlearning Curve” which has (in my opinion) amazing out of this world sound and vocal plus good messages portrayed in their music. I would recommend it to anyone who likes rock. The album is available for free download and vinyl format as well on Spotify

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