Fiona Sargeant: Her Last Wish

Fiona Sargeant is a former ballet dancer and teacher of ballet in South Africa called Dancescape where she has provided a safe haven for her students. Providing meals, lessons, education and most of all safety. Fiona has terminal cancer and only has weeks to live. The school will be shut down if this happens if not enough funds are raised. Fiona has helped many children and this school is a blessing to them.

Fiona’s last wish is to keep the school open, to keep helping the kids.

Fiona Sargeant at the Ballet School

Fiona is a truly inspiring woman, I wish to keep her story going and to keep her school thriving.

Donation for Fiona’s Last WIshPlease donate to help keep Fiona's school open

The area in South Africa she teaches is one of the most poorest areas in South Africa, with gangs, drugs and worse. It gives the children joy, hope and much more. Fiona teaches some of the other older children to be teachers and bring it to other towns.

Students from Fiona’s school have made it to Switzerland, London, and other places.

Fiona is a blessing to this world, don’t let her legacy die with her.

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