So today I got offered a free app on my DS, so I’m going to do some pictures and what I think of it!

It looks like you can use SpotPass to share drawings with others!

You’re directed by a Mii named Nikki

Nikki is the Mii in green

You can send notes to friends with your FC 

You have to pay for drawing tutorials

The starter pack comes with 100 free notes

Gotta be creative if the colors change

I give it 4 Stars because you have to pay for it to use it fully. Its a great app to communicate with friends on the DS. The Nintendo premium pack is $6.99 and comes with 3000+ notes, glitter pens, +6 new stationery, and lessons including Animal Crossing and Mario. So it is a good deal 🙂

There is also the Sparkling Premium pack with comes all sorts of glitter pens and pastel pens, then nice backgrounds, cat + dog lessons with 14 lessons in total for the same price of $6.99.

You can trial mode both!

I recommend this app for younger kids with parent supervision and only friends they know. I love it and I’m 22, I’m thinking about buying the Nintendo Pack.

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