Pokemon Sun and Moon Powersave Tutorial: Quick Egg Hatch


Pokemon Sun and Moon Powersave Tutorial: Quick Egg Hatch

This guide will teach you how to use the “Quick Hatch” feature of your powersave codes in Pokemon Sun and Moon, it was released about two weeks ago.

The next tutorial will be shinyfying and cloning. IV’s, EV’s, Natures, and how to change the Poke Ball well be next probably in separate tutorials because that would be too much info into one! Once it is up, I’ll link it here. Also, the other miscellaneous codes like items, dex, wondercards, etc. will be put up as well. If you don’t know what IV’s and EV’s are or what Nature’s do I’ll be making a post about that 🙂

Also, don’t fret! I’m not just doing Pokemon game stuff!

Okay, first off is knowing the slots the Pokemon have to be in!

Being in Slot 1, is to be modified. Slot 2 well be erased if something is there when you clone

Knowing these slots is to know where the eggs are for the quick hatch

Before you start though, always backup your game you can’t always rely on auto save.

Backup your game just in case

Now we go to Powersave codes, which there are a lot of so far, not as many as XY/ORAS but enough. There are codes for a whole box of quick hatching, like if your going for shinies or a certain ability or HA (Hidden Ability). Then there is the Slot 1 box 1 and then your party. Thee ones I have highlighted are the ones needed if you use the slots in the party I did. The codes are found in the Litten Pack, under Pokemon Codes.

Found in Litten Pack, under Pokemon Codes


The ones that I’m using

Check the ones you need and then hit apply to do the codes you want. You can do multiple codes at a time, so if your doing items, that can be done as well.
When you click on the codes and it will go to this screen:


Once that screen is done, put your cartridge back in and walk 1 step and your eggs will hatch!

I Hope this guide helped~ Happy powersaving and hope you look forward to the next guide!



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