Post Death Soundtrack: The Unlearning Curve


Post Death Soundtrack: The Unlearning Curve

My first impression of this psychedelic/industrial rock trio from Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto) was that it was a new sound that I absolutely loved and couldn’t wait to share with people. They are different, I’ve never really listened to psychedelic rock before but I definitely enjoyed their different tune and how down to earth they are. The subjects they cover matter and I love the lyrics – they speak to me.

Here is “Through The Gates”:

“Through The Gates” has a very emotional tone to it. You can hear the vocalists put a lot of effort into it. I love the illusion of standing your ground and how many of us just let go. It is a very well written song.

My favorite song from The Unlearning Curve is “That Which Is”. I instantly fell in love with it, and my next favorite is”Through The Gates,” although honestly, I adore the whole album.

The band was founded back in 2007 by Buck and Moore in Calgary. They were influenced by bands like Massive Attack and Skinny Puppy and got attention from magazines who called them out of the ordinary.  They now are out of Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary where they originally started.

The band members do different jobs; both Buck and Moore do vocals and lyrics except for one track which the chorus was helped by Colin Everall (who helps with piano and drums) which was Track #7.  Buck also helps with producing and engineering alongside Ireson. Ireson is the bassist and producer, and all songs are by them except for one track which was also helped by Colin Everall which is Track #5. The album art cover art is done by Kayla Aileen Brown.

Jon Ireson came into the band later in 2008, when the band got more popular. They knew Ireson from previous stage encounters and that is how he came to the band to do bass and be the producer alongside Kenneth Buck.

Jon Ireson

In 2010 Post Death Soundtrack released “Ultraviolence” with the new song “Little Alice”
Which the video can be found here: I adore “Little Alice”. It has a good story to the song and the video is really well done.

After another 3 years, they released “The Unlearning Curve” which has (in my opinion) amazing out of this world sound and vocal plus good messages portrayed in their music. I would recommend it to anyone who likes rock. The album is available for free download and vinyl format as well on Spotify

Band Page Website:
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Produced at Suite Sound Labs in Vancouver:

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12 Responses to Post Death Soundtrack: The Unlearning Curve

  1. I’m not really into this style of music at all, but I did listen to some of the song/video you shared here. As expected, the song itself isn’t for me (this genre makes me quite anxious for some reason), but I looked up the lyrics and found them very strong poetically.

  2. That sounds like an amazing sound track. I was confused at first because I was listening to music when it started playing. PS. It sounds really good with Adele. 😛

  3. Very interesting. Not into this type of music. Glad you enjoy it.

  4. Wendy Polisi says:

    I’m really glad that you enjoyed this music my husband also do!

  5. Jenni Petrey says:

    I liked the sound of this but it isn’t something that I would normally listen to. My husband would though!!

  6. Katja says:

    Holy rock girl, I’ve never heard of these guys before but totally checking them out now. Caught my ear for sure!
    Katja xxx

  7. Elizabeth O says:

    I listened to the track and enjoyed it… It has a hypnotic quality that is both complex and soothing. I like to explore different types of musical genre and I also have kids who venture far when it comes to music. Thanks for the introduction.

  8. I’ve never heard of them but will be sure to look them up and have a listen. Thank you for the back story!

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