Pokémon Go: Halloween


Pokémon Go: Halloween

Disclaimer: The characters in this blog post rightfully belong to gamefreak/Nintendo/etc. and I do not claim any of the photos that are not mine or the characters. Any stores or anything else mentioned I am not affiliated with, just for informational purposes.

This game is recommended for children above 13. If they are younger a parent should accompany them because it involves walking around, including into towns, neighborhoods, etc. Thanks 🙂

I know I have never reviewed Pokémon Go but I decided I may this time and do the little exciting tid-bits that the Halloween event has to offer. Some things are a witch hat wearing Pikachu, some gen 3 Pokemon, a Mimikyu hat and extra candy! There is also stuff to purchase in the store for Halloween too.

Also, at some Starbucks they are doing “lure-a-thon” from 3-6 (PST here) between October 20th to November 2nd, I find it really helpful to get more ghost types and any types by just sitting there haha

My Houndoom 🙂

Since Pokemon Go’s first release I say that it is A LOT better, there is less crashing and less overall glitches (there are still some but not as much) your phone may lose connection to the server or say “Login Failed” but its only happened to me a couple times and a simple reboot of the app fixes it. I am overall happy with the fixes and love playing the game.

The game itself helps me want to walk more and since I have anxiety getting out and walking really benefits me. I have also heard stories of it benefiting many people who have different disabilities even diabetes.

I saw a video on Facebook of an older gentleman who has reached the highest level possible because he found walking boring so he downloaded Pokemon Go and now plays it all the time to help him walk more.

Also as a lot of Pokemon Go players may have heard Legendary’s have been introduced with something called raids. You have to be level 20 to do a raid and to get raid passes you have to spin a gym (at least I’ve heard).

I haven’t caught one yet, mainly because I’m lazy and don’t have transportation to go all around creation to find them, haha, you usually have to do a raid battle (which spawns randomly at gyms) to catch them with other people cause they are so powerful and then sometimes you do not catch them. See my laziness dilemma here?

My trainer and my partner Squirtle

Anywho, I’ve just been having fun with the Halloween event and trying to catch (or evolve my Haunter) Gengar.

Happy Pokemon Hunting!

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  1. I stopped playing Pokemon Go since it first came out just because of all the crashing and it drained my phone’s battery too quick.

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