Cat Café ~Raise Your Cats~


Cat Café ~Raise Your Cats~

Graphics: Very cute 🙂
Gameplay: Great time waster and easy to earn coins to get new kittens
Controls: Very simple
Age Range: From kids to adults
My star rating: 4
Reasoning for 4 stars: I had a problem with purchasing a kitten and had to restart my game (not the whole game) 3-4 times.

So I got a new android phone, and I want to review some games I have been playing on my phone. I love animal games, Japan games, farming games, etc. (I do play Pokemon Go 😉 that review well probably be lenghty) and enjoy my new phone! I have issues with it but that is another story!

First off, is this adorable game called Cat Café ~Raise Your Cats~. You basically run a pet shop that is specifically for cats, you raise them from kittens then sell them to get more money to buy more kittens and try to unlock all the cats for each breed (I have seen you can get Cat Bus from Totoro from Studio Ghibli). The more expensive the kitten, the rarer the cat.

I haven’t been playing for long so I haven’t really figured out if each cat you get is randomized or if you can get what you want, my theory is it randomized. I also really haven’t figured out how to increase discipline, cat rating (when selling) or stuff like that. I’m slowly learning though!

It is fun to learn how to do discipline, cat rating, etc. with the cats and then see if you did it right. Yes, the guessing game can get boring but it can be entertaining as well (plus a great time waster). Even if you don’t achieve great discipline or rating you can still sell the adult cat and try again cause white kitten are only 1 coin and you can use them as guinea pigs to try and figure it out like I’m doing!

Here is a gameplay video: 

I defiantly suggest this game for children (or teens) who want a cat but have parents who are allergic, but, if you want a game to raise a cat or nurture it watch out for more of my reviews cause I’m going to do a list of animal games that are my favorite on the phone 🙂 but I still recommend this one!

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My Favorite Heroines of Literature


My Favorite Heroines of Literature

My favorite book heroines from different genres and different areas of literature.

1. Hermione Granger

My first book series ever was Harry Potter and I always looked up to Hermione with how smart and kick-ass she was, she always had the boys beat when it came to book smarts. Hermione, though, knew how to stand her own ground and fight back when the time was needed. She struggled with being a sort of “outcast” with being a muggle born wizard but strove to be the smartest witch in her class which she indeed did.

The movies I adore, though, some of them make me grit my teeth with the inaccuracies to the books. The first one did the best in my opinion. I adore the cast selection and I will
always adore the movies. Emma Watson is always Hermione to me.

This video and song really shows what Hermione went through, especially toward the end of the series where she faced many hard trials and this video really showcases her strenghth and the song is perfect:

“Harry – you’re a great wizard, you know.” “I’m not as good as you,” said Harry, very embarrassed, as she let go of him. “Me!” said Hermione. “Books! And cleverness! There are more important things – friendship and bravery and – oh Harry – be careful!”Hermione Granger and Harry Potter 'The Philosophers Stone'

This quote shows how much Hermione cares for her friends and admires Harry’s bravery but she is really brave as well.

Hermione inspired me to love my friends no matter what and stay be their side in their time of need but to stand up for myself when the time is needed and not be a doormat.

Young Emma Watson as Hermione

2. Katniss Everdeen

I love, love, love Katniss, I read the books before they were made into movies and fell in love with Katniss the first time I read the books and I also fell in love with Jennifer Lawerence playing her when the movies came out. Katniss is a fighter, she’s compassionate, she’s loving, she’s selfless and a strong person in general.

With one sweep of my arm, I push her behind me. “I volunteer!” I gasp. “I volunteer as tribute!” Katniss Everdeen 'The Hunger Games'

This quote here proves her selflessness for not even thinking about herself dying in The Hunger Games but saving her sister’s life.

Katniss’s strength is pushed by the time we hit the last book, she is struggling to be sane after being put in another “Hunger Games” but being rescued and her home being destroyed but she fights through and is still the Mockingjay. For someone (even fiction) to fight like this is impressive. In the last book it also shows Katniss has PTSD and other mental disorder due to contributing in the games along with the other victors, so she is a survivor.

This is a fan video made from the book about how Katniss learned “The Hanging Tree” from her dad and first learned how to shoot a bow, it is one my favorite videos.

Katniss inspired me to fight my own PTSD and be a fighter no matter what the odds.

Katniss (Jennifer Lawerence) and Prim (Willow Shields) at the first reaping


3. Tris Prior

Another one that is overused, I know, but I started these books a little late (don’t get me started on the movie disaster at least after the first one argh, I don’t the actor/actress choices its the storyline), I was curious to what the fuss was about but fell in love with them. Tris (Beatrice) Prior caught my attention when I first read about her the fact that she doesn’t fit into a faction really sparked my interest and made me feel connected to her because I feel like I don’t really fit in anywhere as well.

Tris is brave and very selfless, she doesn’t think she is selfless because of not wanting to be Abnegation but that is not the case, Tris would do anything to protect the people she cares about, that may not be the true definition of being in Abnegation but if she tried she could do it.

Tris defiantly fits in at Dauntless due to her fearless attitude which I give her a jaw-dropping applaud too, especially when she had knives thrown at her!! That defiantly made me look up to her even more!

When Tris got her tattoo in Dauntless of the birds she says this about it:

“Three birds flocking toward my heart. Representing each member of the family I left behind”Tris Prior

Tris would do anything for her family even though she left Abnegation.

My favorite video of Tris is with Four, it also shows a lot about her and defiantly makes your little feelers hurt if you’ve read Allegiant, I won’t give it away because that would just ruin everything but it does indeed show how selfless and brave Tris really is after you read it.

Tris, like the others, showed me how to be brave and selfless but she also showed me to show no fear to those who want to hurt me but not be stupid about it. Also, like the others she showed me how to love unconditionally but without saying any spoilers Tris showed me how to even if someone did the worst thing possible.

Tris Prior (played by Shailene Woodley) training in Dauntless


4. Clary “Clarissa” Fray/Fairchild

When it comes to the movie or the TV show of this book franchise, I am not a huge fan (the movie I am not a fan at all), I can stand the TV show, it is more of a guilty obsession more than anything. The book Clary well always be my favorite. I do love the actress choice in the TV Show and movie, they were both great choices and they play Clary well, I don’t really have a favorite perse but I do love them both.

Lily Collins on left (Movie Actress) and Katherine Grace McNamara on right (TV Show)

I read The Mortal Instruments series waaaayyyyy before the movie even was considered. I haven’t even touched the last book because I don’t want it to end yet, though, in all reality I need to read it because I want more Jace and Clary action.

Anyways, the parts of Clary I love are she is very brave and a fighter but very compassionate and loving, she is determined to do what is right but willing to break the rules if necessary to get the job done, and she is just a kick ass Shadowhunter.

What Clary taught me the most is about love, the deep love that knocks your breath away and makes you second guess yourself.

“When you love someone, you don’t have a choice. Love takes your choices away. Clary Fray

Clary’s journey to love is defiantly complicated but she never gives up and is determined and very compassionate about it.

This video is from the movie but shows the fight

5. Lissa Dragomir and Rose Hathaway

Okay if you ever saw the movie for this book Vampire Academy let me say it is so far off that it could fly to the moon and back, the casting is great but the storyline didn’t follow the book, I’ve wanted a movie for this book for years.

Anyways, the reason I included both these heroic characters into one is because Lissa and Rose are more together than apart due to the bond they share (magical bond) and I have learned a lot from both of these characters, I also can relate a lot to both of them.

Lissa doesn’t feel she can fit in anywhere because she didn’t find her Morroi power, but when she did it was different. I was Lissa who didn’t fit in for the longest time and still kinda am. I could also fit in with Lissa never feeling happy (though she lost her family, which I cannot relate too) but I could relate to never feeling happy.

Rose fit in more with the Dhampir but I could relate with her with wanting to protect her friends at all costs and become a stronger person.

Rose and Lissa both inspired me to become stronger at all costs (whether due to having to survive or just anything) and be there for my friends. Rose inspired me to be strong and have a sense of humor doing it and not to be a doormat to others, no matter what crap they throw at you. Lissa inspired me to be strong even when happiness is fading, Lissa also inspired me to look for happiness even when it seems it’s gone.

This isn’t the movie actors of Lissa and Christian but the video is really good and one of my favorites (if you click over to YouTube it says in the video descrption who the actresses/actors are):

Zoey Deutch as Rose and Lucy Fry as Lissa

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Disclaimer: The images and videos I used I am not claiming as my own, I am using them for creative purposes only. They belong to their rightful owners.
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Suicide Squad Analysis: Deadshot

  Disclaimer: I am using these photos in this post for creative purposes only and I do not own them and they are owned by the respected comic, DC Universe, and movie owners.
~Spoiler Alert of Deadshot Comics mainly between 1950-2011 and some after 2011 but not as many after 2011, I’ll warn people when there is a spoiler of the 2011~

Suicide Squad Analysis: Deadshot

Deadshot first appears in June 1950 in Batman #49 which began in the 1940’s, he is wearing a trench coat and top hat in this first edition, he also offers his help to the police acting as a crime fighter while trying to kill Batman, it takes a while but Batman makes him lose his confidence in his shooting abilities and makes him confess. It was also revealed his name is Floyd Lawton.
Deadshot was shown in more Batman related comics and, also a show, it is also revealed in the Deadshot 1988 edition that Deadshot got out of jail and redid his costume to the one we see today, he went after Batman then, this is also a early version of Suicide Squad, the only well known character from the movie is Amanda Waller.

In the 1988 version he has a son instead of a daughter, in these issues the son was kidnapped by his own mother in the end his son died. In this comic it is also revealed that he had a therapist named Marnie Herrs who really cared for him and at one point in the comment he cared for her but after his son died he didn’t feel worthy of being cared for

Other volumes Deadshot was featured in was the Secret Six volume 1 and 2 series, Batman: Cacophony (breaking into Arkham to kill Joker), and there was also a 2005 volume of Deadshot, there are more to list because in this time there are parts of the Suicide Squad that goes including teammates like Waller, Rick Flag, and others. Thoug, all these facts are kind of irreverent because DC relaunched Deadshot in 2011, changing his origin story and other factors of this character. Since DC’s rebirth in 2016, it has relaunched mostly all comics making most comic readers not too happy.

Deadshot 1950-2011

(Spoilers for 2013 edition of The Justice League of America: Deadshot 7.1)

In a 2013 edition of The Justice League a new origin story for Deadshot is revealed. Deadshot’s name is still Floyd Layton but his family was killed in an “accident” when a shooting in the apartment near his family happens and there were sixty some bullets and stray bullets killed all of his family but none hit him only his book, he was now on a revenge streak and learned as a kid to shoot and vowed to killed the people who killed his family. He vowed never to miss, never not to get paid and never not to kill without a purpose. From then Deadshot was made.

In the Suicide Squad comics Deadshot is one of the most valued members, he gets the job done no matter what, though, he is very loyal to the people he cares about and his team members. Deadshot cares for Harley also, he can tell that Joker isn’t treating her right and tries to steer her onto a better path.

Suicide Squad

Unlike the movie, Deadshot is white, his suit is more mechanical and has more gadgets, he can practically fly and has a bit better morals I would say. It was revealed in the special features of Suicide Squad the movie that they went off of some of the older comics, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense since Suicide Squad as a whole got rebooted in 2016 like most DC comics as I said. They used the post 2011 Deadshot costume also because after 2011 Deadshot’s costume was more armor then a “fabric mask” like in the old comics, Deadshot’s new costume was more “Iron Man” style then masked shooter.

When Deadshot got rebooted he has two daughters Suchin Lawton and Zoe Lawton, though, he did have a deceased brother named Edward Lawton which is a throwback to the old comics to Deadshot dead son Edward “Eddie” Lawton. He does have a daughter in the post 2011 comics but it isn’t known for a while, so the directors either took the 2011 edition (which I believe so because her name was Zoe in the movie) and just mashed bits and pieces together.

Altogether, I believe that the directors of Suicide Squad took bits and pieces from the comics and put it in where they liked it instead of staying true to the comics. Yes, Deadshot never misses but it isn’t revealed why. He has a daughter named Zoe, that’s correct but its pulled from one piece of the comic universe, his suit is pieced from the post reboot more then the newer DC reboot. I love Will Smith and all but Deadshot would have been better with an actor like the one who played Flag or someone similar, though, Will Smith did nail Deadshot’s personality, it is very well done.

  Disclaimer: I am using these photos in this post for creative purposes only and I do not own them and they are owned by the respected comic, DC Universe, and movie owners.

Previous Suicide Squad Anaylsis of Harley Quinn and Joker:

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Five Fandom Friday: Favorite Droids


Well to tell you guys the truth, I’m not a HUGE Star Wars fan but I know the droids kind of well but I have a couple surprising ones on my list that I think should count that are not Star Wars related!

These Droids are in no particular order, it’s just to show some love to these loveable robots.

  1. WALL-E

So does WALL-E classify as a droid? Well a droid by definition is a:

Droids, short for androids, or also called robots, were mechanical beings, often possessing artificial intelligence.
So I think this loveable robot from Disney’s movie named after this little guy counts as a droid, he certainly has artifical intelligence and is defiantly a robot.

Okay, maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to space ships and other advanced technology, maybe not as smart as his girlfriend EVE with this stuff, but he has been stranded on earth for years with no technology like this. WALL-E has a huge heart though and is a loveable little robot nonetheless.

2. Rosie The Robot

Now, this robot dates back to the 1962 series The Jetsons. She is a lovable house maid for the Jetson’s but is also a robot.  She is more of a “humanoid” than an “android” but a droid nonetheless.

A humanoid robot is:

a robot with its body shape built to resemble the human body. The design may be for functional purposes, such as interacting with human tools and environments, for experimental purposes, such as the study of bipedal locomotion, or for other purposes. In general, humanoid robots have a torso, a head, two arms, and two legs, though some forms of humanoid robots may model only part of the body, for example, from the waist up.

So, Star Wars C-3PO could count as a humanoid being built to look like a human and function as a translator.

When I was younger I used to watch The Jetsons on Boomerang along with Tom and Jerry and other shows. I always remembered wishing I would have a robot like Rosie when I got older because she was so kind and also funny.


Now we are heading to the great beyond to this bundle of cuteness named BB-8 from the new movie The Force Awakens. I got to admit this is one of the cutest little robots I have seen in film and I have fallen head over heels for him.

BB-8 is defiantly one of my favorites and will always be.

But the next two will never be beat….

4. R2-D2 and C-3PO

I know, I know, this duo is over done but I can’t get enough of these two. Ever since I started watching Star Wars when I was younger I loved them to death. I love BB-8 but these two will remain forever in my heart.

5. Battle Droids

I choose this one because I enjoy the humor they have in the Clone Wars cartoon series. They are just endless little workers trying to survive and their humor is just short and they are hilariously fun to watch.

Five Fandom Friday origin:

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Why I’ve Been Gone


Hey everyone,

I want to do a little info on why I haven’t been posting as much. I’ve been doing the number one thing you should never do as a beginning blogger (I told myself I wouldn’t do it but I did), I compared myself to others and let people’s opinions get to me.

I’ve read everywhere since beginning my blog to never do that because you are setting yourself up for failure and, trust me, I did just that I am realizing.

I also let my mental disorders get the better of me, my anxiety and depression to let me think that I wasn’t good enough to do this and my blog was nothing.

The reason I am posting this is A) I have a little advice for anyone starting out on a new adventure or business venue B) I felt like people should know that no matter what you tell yourself in the beginning that you won’t do it, well, shit happens.

My advice is, mental disorders are one of the worst things to combat because your combatting your own mind and people cannot see what you are fighting because essentially you are fighting yourself, every day, all day. I have learned that mine are the worse when I give in to them and let my inner demons essentially just run a muck. My actual advice is, do what you love and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

I was happier when I was working on my blog and not giving a damn what people thought about what I posted and doing it for ME and trying to keep it real. I was also happier when I just realized you can’t make everyone happy. EVERYONE has an opinion and some opinions differ from YOURS, so just let it go by and don’t let it affect you. (Easier said than done)

When you start something new it is very hard not to compare yourself to other people, but when you do it is the way to ultimately fail. Why? Because in your mind you will never live up to them, you are your own harsher critic, so in your mind you will NEVER be as good as them. Harsh? Yes? True? For me? Hell yes. Others? Not sure. I am not saying have goals but don’t look at someone who has essentially years or maybe way more experience than you and look at theirs say “I’ll never be that good” cause in reality, you can be it just takes experience. Rome wasn’t built in a day.

Something I also need to learn is patience, like I said above, Rome was not built in a day. If I compare my blog that started a wee couple months ago to someone who started their blog a year or even six months ago, I’ll never see my blog as good as I want it too. Goals are good, but feeling like crap cause it’s nowhere near there is not good.

Okay rambling over.

Now you know why I was gone and my big mistake.

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Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn and Joker


   Disclaimer: I am using these photos in this post for creative purposes only and I do not own them and they are owned by the respected comic, DC Universe, and movie owners.

Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn and Joker

After watching many videos and reading quite a few articles on this movie, between the split between the comic world and the movie, then the cut scenes and how Harley and Joker’s relationship should have been portrayed, there are many parts to discuss, which I will do over several articles.

First Subject:

  1. Joker and Harley Quinn’s Relationship

First, my opinion Joker’s and Harley Quinn’s relationship is that it is abusive in general. Harley Quinn in my opinion, has Stockholm Syndrome for Joker, a love in her mind that is real but is sick and twisted which contains mental and physical abuse. They portray her in the comics as something broken, she keeps coming back for more but in reality, it is a mental illness. Joker is abusive, Harley is just as dangerous as Joker but not as abusive.

Harley Quinn made her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series in 1993 while Joker came before Harley decades earlier. She captured the minds and hearts alike of her fans with her broken appearance and how she was Joker’s love. In a later addition, she made an appearance in a comic named The Batman Adventure’s: Mad Love in 1994, showcasing how she was Joker’s therapist (like in the movie) turned co-conspirator.

The Batman Adventures: Mad Love

In The Batman Adventure’s: Mad Love you really learn who Harley Quinn is and see some of Joker’s abuse toward her. Harleen Quinzel had an abusive father and Joker got to her this way by telling a story of how he had an abusive father (in their first session) and made them connect on a deeper psychological level and made her feel for him. Then he described himself as the victim of Batman’s “schemes” and tied his “childhood” abuse to that and Harleeen thought he was a tortured man caught up in the wrong places.

Near the end of the comic, when Harleen is transformed into Harley Quinn for some time she has had Batman captured but to get away Batman convinces her to call Joker who rushes over and gets angry, he hits her and throws her out a window and left her for dead. Batman even admits that Harley had him better tied up then Joker ever has and that his ego got in the way.

Joker yelling at Harley

Going on with the comics, in the Suicide Squad comics, the abuse continues. In one situation Joker hangs Harley on a wall where there are other “Harley’s” in the room showing his demented and twisted views of her.

In the iconic toxic waste scene in the movie Harley jumps in voluntarily, but in the comics (at least the 2011 edition), she is pushed in by Joker and is screaming falling in before being taunted by him with it, it is issue #15.

Issue #15
Suicide Squad 2011

These are only two of many parts in the Suicide Squad comics of their abusive relationship, Joker has been verbally abusive and also tried to shoot Harley.

In the Suicide Squad movie the abuse was more subtle than the comics and didn’t show the extent of how the relationship really is. In Suicide Squad (the movie) Joker keeps trying to rescue Harley out of the prison and get back his “love” when (as I have pointed out) in the comics he has tried to kill her, left her for dead (like in the movie in the drowning car), and insulted her. Joker probably would not have gone to these lengths in the comics or gone crazy about it, he probably would have left her there.

Harleen Quinzeel and Joker in the Suicide Squad Movie

In the movie there is a deleted where Joker supposedly tries to kill Harley in the helicopter scene which does show that the directors were debating with the extent of the abuse in the movie; below I have put a video of the most recent deleted scenes with Joker and sometimes Harley that would have showed their relationship more. Even though it is toned down, there is still evidence of the relationships abuse. Trying not to put too much on screen light on it was the Directors idea to not do so much violence and abuse, though, fan says it romanticized Harley and Joker’s relationship, which I agree.

What are your thoughts? Is it too subtle in the movie? Did they romanticize a relationship that is full of abuse?

   Disclaimer: I am using these photos in this post for creative purposes only and I do not own them and they are owned by the respected comic, DC Universe, and movie owners.

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Eva & The Oak: Floriography EP Review


Eva & The Oak

The band “Eva & The Oak”, now from Boston, started out in Raleigh, Noa Carolina, with lead vocals, guitar and songwriter Madeline Parascandola, drum player and percussionist Nick Parascandola, bass player Connor Barry, pianist Jake Rosenberg, violist Dan Lay and Steven Xia who does sound design and additional guitar.

I asked what the inspiration for the EP was and got this response from Madeline Parascandola:

The initial inspiration for the EP was a dysfunctional relationship in my teenhood, though as the ep progresses more comes to surface. Lust begins to bloom amidst youth and innocence, and an urge for vengeance- rather, an urge to haunt- begins to develop. We see this especially in “Peony Heart.” Peonies, in floriography, symbolize both shame and purity. The EP resolves with “Remember the Iris” as personal power is regained.Madeline Parascandola

Madeline Parascandola

Eva & The Oak are a dream pop/indie band, and their music gets unique rings from many different sounds, including the viola, drums, and the piano. The voice they add as well makes them stand out.  Dream Pop came from the Eighties, in between alternative rock and non-psychedelia music, and it is defined as “texture as much as melody”. That is very likely the reasoning behind the title of the EP “Floriography”, which means “the language of flowers”, relying a lot on how a flower feels or smells.

The music definitely has a unique taste to it and is also a good listen. The combination of instruments and  vocals give off a dreamlike quality. I enjoy the music for it is both different and relaxing. The different instruments give it a calmer tone, enhanced by deep and soothing vocals from lead singer Madeline.

When I asked the band members what they liked most about being part of a band:


Connor Barry (electric and upright bass): I first heard Maddy play about two years ago and since then I’ve been captivated by her singing and her songwriting. To be able to be a part of that process is my favorite part of playing in the band. Every night the songs evolve and change but the inspiration at it’s core is continually fascinating for me.

Jake Rosenberg (keys): What’s key for me is that we are all trying to bring the same elements out of the music, we aren’t trying to communicate the songs in different ways- obviously we have different roles and such- but searching for similar means of communicating ideas through the music as we grow together is something I enjoy in the sound and what excites me, like how tight we can get.

Dan Getty (drums and percussion): My favorite part of playing together is making little changes and decisions on the fly. Every time I play the song, it’s ever so slightly different.

Madeline Parascandola (voice, guitar, songwriting): These are all songs I wrote in solitude- you know, usually under a tree somewhere in North Carolina- from as early as 16 years old, so to watch the songs evolve with everything each band member has to offer is always beautiful. It’s just something I never would have imagined back then.

Steven Xia (production, sound design): When Maddy and I first started working on these songs it was about 2 years ago. To hear them go from just a melody and some strummed chords to what we wrote together and the production I’ve done, is something her and I have been waiting to hear in the physical world for a long time. And to hear that in different tonal spaces and venues with improvisation? It’s like free remixes all the time!Connor Barry, Dan Getty, Madeline Parascandola and Steven Xia

My favorite song out of their EP was the first song I listened to called “Remember The Iris”. It has the deep vocals and great instrumentals characteristic of their other songs, but the lyrics are really what got to me. “Called upon The Fae to send you sleep/Picked from lavender fields in the in-between/Shaking in your bed they set it to steep in your/Boiling mind” is the first verse of the song and very soothing, I loved both “The Fae” and “Lavender Fields” because both are peaceful in lore.

Song link:

My final question to the band was how the band was formed, and Madeline and Steven replied:

“In my early teens I was in awe of the underground freak folk scene in Raleigh. I was always watching my brother play around in different bands. Eventually we began playing together-garage shows and such. We both ended up moving to Boston and right off the bat I met Steve, Connor and Jake.”
Steven answered: “I remember very well the first time Maddy and I met. Connor was there too actually. Connor and I were playing in a different band at a house show in Revere, MA I believe. Maddy was opening up for us with a solo set and one word comes to mind: Angelic. She even had a white dress on to boot! So some months pass and the band Connor and I are in says we are getting another singer in the group, and it’s Maddy! And I was like “Finally now I have an excuse to actually talk to this amazing musician!” So a year and some change goes by and during a tour, Maddy and I got real close and she was sharing a lot of her personal music with me. I had quit the band that we had been in together before Eva & the Oak at this point, but me and Maddy always wanted to keep doing music together. So we started Eva & the Oak.”Madeline Parascandola and Steven Xia

The whole EP is a totally relaxing and surreal experience and represents the genre very nicely. I totally recommend listening to Eva & The Oak and give the band 5 stars.

A live song called “Benny Bear:”


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Boycotting Doctor Strange -Updated-


Boycotting Doctor Strange

There was controversy when “The Ancient One” was casted as a white female in the 2016-17 Marvel movie “Doctor Strange” instead of a Tibetan male. I am not an avid comic reader so maybe I shouldn’t be speaking but I think someone should say that is a very good reason why the movie was boycotted, even if they’re not a comic book reader.

Why do I say this?

Not casting “The Ancient One” as a Tibetan male may have been a good call, the reason behind this, explained below, has good reasoning. Casting a strong female lead instead shows that the film industry is going toward helping women in film.

The reason I have read for not casting a Tibetan male was to not insult the Chinese government. The Chinese Government would be insulted because of their affairs with the Tibetan culture. They are one of the reasons they are going off the map. Is it the US Film Industry right to poke their business into that affair? Not really. Is this a huge deal? Yes. Is it a good reason for not casting and not pissing off billions of people? Probably.

Saying this, this feud has been going on for decades, so once again the film industry doesn’t really have a right to stick their nose in the business of two cultures who have a feud that has been lasting decades:

Prior to China’s invasion in 1950, Tibet maintained a unique culture, religion and language for centuries.
Today, this culture is under threat from mass Chinese immigration and the strict control of all expressions of Tibetan culture and national identity.Tibet History and Culture

Here is a video on the the extinction of the culture:

Tibetan culture was developed under both internal and external factors, cultural influence of the neighboring countries also played an important role in the development of Tibetan culture, including Nepal, India and Bhutan in the south and west, China and Mongol in the north and east. Later in the 7th and 8th century, introduction of the Buddhism from its origin country India had exerted a deep influence over the whole plateau, since then Buddhism became indispensable part of the Tibetan culture. Tibetan Culture and Tradition
One cultural factor of Tibetan people.

Now, Tibetan culture is also said to be derived from Indian Culture:

Tibetans have traditionally considered their ancestors to be of Indian ancestry. According to popular belief, an ancient king named Rupati was also military commander of the Kaurava army. Rupati led his soldiers in a war against the Pandavas. After suffering defeat, the king fled to the northeast and established Tibet. This myth is based on the writings of an ancient Indian scholar who described the flight of Rupati approximately one hundred years after the death of Buddha (Shakabpa 5).
A second origin myth asserts that Tibetan people descended from a male monkey. The monkey, an incarnate of the “Compassionate Spirit” deity Avalokitesvara, met and married a mountain ogress. Eventually, Avalokitesvara and the mountain ogress proudced six offspring. The “hybrid monkeys” resembled Avalokitesvara. Over time, the Tibetan descendants of these six offspring gradually lost any remaining animal features. Tibetan people trace certain characteristics of modern humans to Avalokitesvara and the mountain ogress. People who are “merciful, intelligent, [. . .] sensitive and do not talk more than necesary” inherited such traits from Avalokitesvara. Meanwhile, those Tibetans that are “red-faced, fond of sinful pursuits, and very stuboorn” resemble the mountain ogress (Shakabpa 5). Adherents to the monkey origin myth rely on ancient documents discovered in a Lhasa temple by Atisha, an Indian scholar. The myth documents claimed to have been written “according to tradition during the reign of Songsten Gampo in the seventh century” by a scholar named Shankara Pati.Tibet Enviroment

This culture goes back many decades and has many more problems then being in a movie (as someone else said), one of which is staying a relevant culture. I think casting a women instead of a Tibetan man was probably a smart choice because it could start a feud between the US and China due to the already feuding between the Tibet and China which is a cultural feud which we have no place in getting into.

Is it wrong that “The Ancient One” is not a Tibetan Male?

In some ways, yes.

Was it a smart move?


Also, a thanks goes out to people educating me on the Tibetan Culture. It is a very deep culture and should be well respected.


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Doctor Strange is owned by Marvel though I made the image~

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Doctor Strange (2017) Review


Doctor Strange

Plot and Storyline: 5 Stars
Character depth: 5 Stars
Effects: 5 Stars
All together: 5 Stars


I immensely enjoyed this movie after waiting four – six months to see it, having to wait for it to come out on DVD to rent it and seeing the trailers before it came out in theaters. I love Marvel films and Doctor Strange was defiantly not a film not to like.

Benedict Cumberbatch is also one of my favorite actors, I enjoy him in Sherlock, The Imitation Game and he was also in Star Trek: Into The Darkness. In this move Benedict reminded me a lot of Sherlock in the beginning with his sarcastic, know it all attitude, especially telling the other surgeon to cover up his watch, when in Sherlock he tells Anderson and a lot of people to quit moving, breathing, etc. and there are other little odds and ends that remind me of his role as Sherlock.

One thing I really liked about this movie is the spirituality base that is put into it which is loosely based on different beliefs because Astral Projection goes back many years and is widely practiced. It is widely believed that you can see oneself when sleeping or project oneself outward when meditating or in a deep sleep but it is one’s spirit and you are in the land of the spirits. You can’t cross dimensions with your astral projection like Doctor Strange did but it is still been around for a long time.

Other pieces like other dimensions is widely believed also, like the spiritual plane of course. I’m not sure about the glass dimension but mirrors have been said to be links to other dimensions so this is where they could of have gotten that from.

All in all, without giving away what the whole movie is about it is really intriguing and leaves you in the end with a “Oh my gosh” reaction and of course the “end clip” leaves with a double omg. The movie keeps you interested the whole way through and is defiantly not one to disappoint.

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Doctor Strange is owned by Marvel though I made the image~

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Plantera: Steam


Rating: 3.5
Price: 2.99
Age range: Any age
Reason for rating: I think this game should be less or free due to not doing much and it doesn’t take much to level up or do anything.

Plantera is a farming game with little helpers that you get that are blue blobs, its not an average farming game. It’s an easy mindless game where you scroll back and forth controlling your farm trying to earn money, to get scarecrows to scare off birds and dogs to chase off foxes for they don’t eat your rabbits or chickens. The crows take your fruit, which also costs money, more and more as you level up.

While you are not playing you still earn money while your little blue friends harvest the farm. It doesn’t take much to level up or earn a lot of money, if you step away for long enough you can earn enough money to expand your farm and do certain things and maybe level up a few times.

Plantera is a indie game but a decent game, I enjoy it and it is a great time waster.


Also on iOS and Android.

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