The Walking Dead: My Thoughts So Far


The Walking Dead

So I started watching The Walking Dead (TWD), it reminds of a show that got cancelled named Revolution but with a better plot and zombies.

Revolution was about the power being shut down and the world going into panic, the government left them and the US was divided into the rebels and a more dictating group. It starred a young girl named Charlie Matheson who grew up in the dark world and when her mother was taken she was sent to find Miles Matheson, her uncle. Anyways, the story goes on about fighting the “dictating” part of the government that has taken over the United States and trying to get the power back on, the plot dies off soon after.

In The Walking Dead there are various plot twists and various stories to entertain you. The first plot stars Ric Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) trying to find his family and thrown into a world of Zombies or “Walkers” that he has never seen before. I’m not going to say much more because I don’t want to spoil the show.

Then it progresses farther and farther as the story goes on with various plot twists. The plot twists can drive you insane but it keeps you on the edge of your seat and begging for another episode.

The characters are complex and deep, and you fall in love with them which kinda sucks at times.

I’m only on Season 2 but I absolutely love the show, and can’t wait to watch more. The show is heartbreaking yet amazing.

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Camille Peruto “From the Sea to the Sky”


The sound of Camille Peruto’s album “From the Sea to the Sky” is upbeat and heartwarming. Peruto has a powerful voice, and she lets it shine in this album. She is from New Jersey and was on American Idol, Season 14. She opened for Anna Nalick (Breathe -2AM) and Tim Reynolds of The Dave Matthews Band!

Camille commented that:

Opening for Anna was a huge achievement for me. I have always been inspired by her songs, and since the day I met her she has been giving me advice whenever I need it! Opening for Tim was extremely exciting too! I was voted the winner in a contest to play the show with him. I am so grateful for the people who voted, and it just makes me really hopeful for the future of my career! That was my first show singing on stage in front of hundreds of attentive people! It was a dream come true!Camille Peruto
Congratulations to Camille! I personally love Anna Nalick (especially “Breathe – 2AM”), and I think it is amazing that she got to open for her – I am super jealous that she got to meet her. I am very happy for Camille that she got her dreams, as not many do.

Camille explained this about American Idol:

It was a learning experience. It was extremely fun and surreal, but also very eye-opening. There were so many amazing singers who would get cut and then they would put comedy acts through. I guess it goes to show that it is reality tv, and that’s what you sign up for! I had a great time and met many wonderful peopleCamille Peruto

I cannot even imagine what being on American Idol must have been like, it would have been surreal for me too, but I cannot sing, so it would have been more of an embarrassing fail! Camille has come very far since American Idol, with her release of the album “From the Sea to The Sky” this January, and previously her album “Sparrow” in 2013.

She told me her inspiration for the album “From the Sea to The Sky” was:

I wanted this album to be contemporary-sounding but very honest and meaningful. I had the songs written, and I wanted to carefully craft the album in a way that would tell a handful of stories but also still work together as one. I was mainly inspired to create a body of work that would flow and mean something special to people who heard it.Camille Peruto

Camille Peruto

I agree that the songs are very honest and down-to-earth! I personally love the whole album. It fits my genre, although I skip between many genres. I adore Biscuit Moon and Crooked Roads.

The main reason I like Biscuit Moon is for the songs’  lyrics.  They speak to me. “I’ll dream until I cry” particularly got to me, then a few seconds later “Isn’t it a funny little world we live in” along with the chorus “I am on my way home.” Home has many different meanings to me: it is where you find yourself and where you find where you belong and surrounding yourself by people, or sometimes things, that you love. It is also about love, and I know a little about love and that it is hard to find it. When you come home to love, it is the best feeling in the world.

Crooked Roads is the first song on the album and I instantly fell in love with it. I like the first line “Off the line not quite right/Time is keeping”. It speaks to me for many reasons because I sometimes feel myself off the line of the world while my dreams and time are keeping me still. I also like “Scared to find borrowed time” because I’m scared that I’ll find that I did something again and again and that I just didn’t do it right. The chorus “Crooked roads no nobody knows, no nobody knows/ Crooked roads no nobody knows, no nobody knows/Bottled up and brittle its hard it to meet the middle and your so close/That’s where crooked roads go…” ‘Bottled up and brittle’ relates to me because I always bottle up my feelings, and it is when you get to the middle and are so close that is indeed where crooked roads go.

Here is the link to Crooked Roads on Soundcloud:

Album Cover

I asked Camille what her favorite track was and she answered:

I have a lot of favorites! Lately, I have been loving Lagoon (the last track). Though my favorite changes everyday! I love the production of Lagoon. I actually chose to put it last on the album as opposed to the beginning because I want there to be something to look forward to!Camille Peruto

I like Lagoon too, to be honest! It is an interesting track, although I do enjoy the other two I previously mentioned a bit more. Lagoon does have an awesome sound and amazing vocals though. I find the lyrics of Lagoon extremely interesting. I love the idea of escaping to a lagoon with a lover under the moon.

I inquired what Camille’s favorite part of being a singer was, and she told me:

I love being a role model and using the platform I’m on to be a good example to people. I’ll play at schools, hospitals, benefit concerts – all of these are full of amazing people who I want to share my gift with. I just want to make someone’s day a little better by singing them one of my songs. That is the goal!Camille Peruto

I find this inspiring and something to look up to in someone! Camille seems like someone little kids can look up to and an amazing role model. I think she is doing an amazing job at being a role model, I say congrats to her.

Camille Peruto

Overall, I choose to give the album five stars. I just love it. I hope Camille Peruto puts out many more songs and albums very soon!


Eric Novod – Drums
Joe Parella – Guitar/Machine
Roshane Karunaratne – Piano/Keys
Erik Kase Romero – Bass
Camille Peruto – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

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5 Fandom Stuff For Valentine’s


Five Fandom Friday: Valentine’s

Idea found here:


  1.  Funko Pops

    How could you go wrong here? Get your geeky friend or lover they favorite Funko Vinyl Pop Figure or one from their fandom or just one they would love!

  2. A Hot Tropical Blanket

    What I mean by this is “Hot Topic” if you didn’t get the Supernatural (SPN) reference or anywhere actually. Hot Topic sells fandom fleece blankets and I have an SPN one and love it!

  3. A Poster of Their Fandom

    How could you go wrong here? Anime Poster? Game Poster? TV Poster? I got a Supernatural poster and loved it, I also love my Hunger Games and Pokemon Posters.

  4. A Plushie or Figure

    Again, how could you go wrong? A plushie from Pokemon or Animal Crossing or whatever their fandom is! Plushies are the best! I have tons! Now, for a figure I mean, a standing figure of anime or fandoms (like Funko but smaller, could be Funko though ;)) or maybe an amiibo 🙂

  5. Trading Cards

    Is your friend or lover into games or just into the fandom? Trading cards of their fandom may be what they need! I have Pokemon, Supernatural, Harry Potter, etc. trading cards and love it!!


One last thing:

A Supernatural Valentine 🙂

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Erich Mrak: Upcoming Artist


I don’t often listen to rap/hip-hop but I think this artist is amazingly good for a genre I don’t like and has  pleasing sounding music and beat. The lyrics have a good meaning and can make you think, which is what music is about.

The particular song I am talking about is “Think About it” written by Erick Mrak himself, when asked about why he wrote it he responded:

The inspiration for writing ‘Think About It’ came from stories from a time in my life a while ago that consisted of a lot of drinking, bars, some parties, and a girl. Very happy memories, that I wanted to build a song around in order to reflect on certain memories (such as drunkenly jamming, and dancing). The opening line for me always hits home – ‘I woke up – feeling 45 – sleeping on my side – breathing in your smoke’, is a line that I’ve wanted to use in a song for a while, mainly because I can remember exactly when that was, where I was, how I was feeling, and my overall mind state at the time. At the time, it felt like the last 3 months had been one huge blur, and it was a lot to take in.Erich Mrak
The song can be found here on SoundCloud:

Erich put out his first EP in 2016 titled V containing five tracks, including these two songs “Human Faces” and “I Don’t.”

When asked about Human Faces, Erich had this to say:

For “Faces”, we (Bento – my producer, and I) wanted to create an upbeat song, and from there, I wrote about the summer that I had just come out of.Erich Mrak
Human Faces is an inspirational song and one of my favorite of his, I recommend listening to it.

Erick Mrak has been writing songs since the age of seven and is now around the age of 21.

His favorite part about writing songs is:

My favourite part about writing music is being able to talk about what I know, to tell a story, and to communicate how I’m feeling. Wether their happy, sad, serious, sensitive, special, drunk, etc memories, I’m able to talk about them, and that helps me on a personal level, to put it all in words, and create something. Also, through writing, I’ve found that people who listen to the songs we make can relate to them. Wether it’s a relaxing song like ‘Think About It’ or a serious song like ‘Drowning Out’ ft. Maurice Moore, they we’re written to share experiences, and if they strike a chord with you, great.Erich Mrak

Erich connects on a deep level with his writing it seems like and puts a lot of effort into his music when writing, especially since he’s been writing since the age of seven!

All photo’s & cover art done by Martin Nombrado (

Erich Mrak is based out of Toronto, and is enjoying singing/rapping. I asked him about it and he remarked that:

 My favourite part about singing/rapping is how I can never learn enough. I can’t stop pushing myself, I can’t stop progressing. It allows me to be in competition with myself. As well, because of singing/rapping, I’m able to tell stories, and share experiences through music.Erich Mrak

I agree with Erich on this on so many levels, with my writing I can’t stop pushing myself. It is a deep feeling you get in your gut, if you’re a self-critic or want to better all the time then it defiantly is a competition with yourself!

His favorite part of the music industry is this:

I enjoy being in the music industry because I’m able to collaborate, and create with other artists of different genre’s, and mediums – from music, to photography, and videography.Erich Mrak

The music industry can be a tough place, at least I have heard! It can be tough with all the pressure to become an upcoming star but it seems Erich is handling the pressure well.

Erich Mrak is a new and upcoming artist which I actually came to find after listening for a while I enjoyed the music, it reminded me of Macklemore and I can enjoy some of their songs from time to time

Erich Mrak


Soundcloud :
Twitter :
Facebook :
Instagram :

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Dungeons and Dragons


Dungeons and Dragons
My First Time Experience 

   ~Warning this article is not for children under 16 years of age, thank you~

I just figured out something the other day, I love role-playing games like Dungeon and Dragons (D&D). I love the creativeness of it and the freedom to do whatever you want, the dice are confusing at first but if you  learn it is amazingly fun. You don’t always have to follow the book guidelines as a Dungeon Master and you can do whatever the heck you want with your world.

You can do many crazy, adventurous, stupid, or just plain weird features of the game you can build your character off of or do in game. Like either have sex with an elf or build a ridiculous OP (over powered) character, all with the dungeon masters permission of course. Have an awesome Dungeon Master, have an amazing game.

I so far have had an amazing experience, I have not played yet but have had made my character to my liking. I’ll make an example character on another post to show you what it is like in D&D and the freedom you get.

I am ecstatic at the freedom you get, it makes my creative mind go wild and want to do so many things (no I do not want to have sex with a elf ;)) but many adventures behold me and my character on their first into the land of D&D

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TALIA “Thugs They Look Like Angels”


I like the sound of TALIA – they have a good combination of guitar, drum and vocals. “Thugs They Look Like Angels” is an interesting album.  The whole album has interesting instrumentals and good vocals throughout.

I asked one of the band members, Nicolas Costa, what inspired them to write this album, and he answered back:

“Life in Paris, the people you meet (mostly the bad ones), misadventures, being out for revenge… Some girl on some website said that sometimes our lyrics “didn’t hold any water.” First, I really resent that because I don’t really sing “I love you baby let’s get married” or “Let’s party all night with Jack Daniel’s” (although I have nothing against these kinds of songs) and I worked on those lyrics, but then I felt sorry for the writer because she didn’t have enough imagination to make something out of it… That’s for the lyrics, for the music we wanted to sound more like we sound live, I know it’s kind of a cliché but we overproduced the previous record and i didn’t want to make the same mistake”Nicolas Costa

Album Cover

Nicolas Costa


One song, “American Bride” has great vocals, awesome drum beat and great guitar riffs. It has a unique sound sequence between 2:03 and 2:25 where the guitar stops and has a killer drum sound.

I think “American Bride” is about a couple that is having abuse problems, and they want to get married – they have the dream of the “American Wedding/Bride” and they get so far off path until they realize they love each other. Then they do get married because the man regrets abusing the woman. Also, if you notice, everything is in reverse leading up to the wedding.

The reason I think this is because of the man drinking and the woman tied up in barbed wire. Also, between 0:34 and 0:35, the woman is crying. Then, a little bit after that, the lyrics “After dusk is falling/Physical at night” is followed by the man about to hit the woman. In the end, though, they get married.

I do not support spousal abuse, at all, but if you can work through it then that is great! In this video, they did, and I think it is an extraordinary video.

Go ahead and tell me if I am wrong with this analysis and share your opinions! I’m captivated by the depth of the video and song. It is amazing and should be shared.

Another notable song is “Johnny Bait”, which they performed live at The Whisky a Gogo in Hollywood, CA. The drums, guitar, and vocals are just as good as in “American Bride”. I especially appreciate the lyrics You can’t call me baby. The song has a positively catchy ring to it and a good tune to go with it. I am not the biggest fan of this but it is catchy and worth listening too.

When questioned about what inspired him to write “Johnny Bait”, Nicolas responded:

“Johnny Bait was about a girl I met that was younger than me, nothing happened really it was more a fantasy than anything else, but it was a time when my life took a turn for the better and somehow she embodied some of that…When we finished recording the song we thought it sounded a bit seedy and we liked it ^^”Nicolas Costa


Alice Thomas

My ultimate favorite song out of the album “Thugs They Look Like Angels”  would have to be “High Strung”. I love the beat and the lyrics “This town is getting the best of me” because I can relate. It is a very well put together song.

Another great song is “The Flood” because has very down-to-earth lyrics and also speaks to me. “I’d rather sit with the freaks and wait for the fun” and “Liars will lie through their teeth and it won’t stop.” These lyrics are true, especially the part about liars.

Regarding his favorite song, Nicolas replied:

“My favorite to play is Johnny Bait, it’s laid back and the crowd seems to like it a lot… I like the sound of High strung on the record and a part of the lyrics gave the record its name”Nicolas Costa


TALIA is a punk, grunge, indie band based off 90’s rock that comes from Paris, France and Los Angeles. The band members include Alice Thomas, who does bass and back-up vocals, Nicolas Costa, who does guitar and lead vocals, and Hervé Goardou who plays the drums. “Thugs That Look Like Angels” is their third album. The first two are “Cockroach Killer” (2008) and “Permanent Midlife Crisis” (2013).

When I picked his brain about his favorite part about being in the band, Nicolas told me:

“It’s gonna sound cliché again but the live part is the best, because it’s what you dream about when you’re a kid, you don’t dream about spending hours in a studio redoing the same part over and over (even if I really like being in a studio now) or in front of your note pad trying to figure out if “good” rhymes better with “food” or “understood” 😛 More seriously, the few years I spent without a band felt like a waste of time, it’s something I need…Nicolas Costa

They opened for The Datsuns in August 2013 in Paris, France, then for Catfish and The Bottlemen in November 2014 (Paris). After that, Lonely the Brave in April 2015 and Reverend Horton Heat in July 2015 (Paris). They had over 100 shows in France – isn’t that amazing? I’ve always wanted to go to France so I think it is amazing! They also have another show scheduled for 2017!

Nicolas’s favorite part about Paris is:

“You never know how things are gonna turn out, so it can be kind of exciting”Nicolas Costa

To wrap it up, this band is wickedly talented – everything from their guitar riffs to their good drum beat, to deep song meanings, to great vocals…they have it all!


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Post Death Soundtrack: The Unlearning Curve


Post Death Soundtrack: The Unlearning Curve

My first impression of this psychedelic/industrial rock trio from Canada (Vancouver, Calgary, Toronto) was that it was a new sound that I absolutely loved and couldn’t wait to share with people. They are different, I’ve never really listened to psychedelic rock before but I definitely enjoyed their different tune and how down to earth they are. The subjects they cover matter and I love the lyrics – they speak to me.

Here is “Through The Gates”:

“Through The Gates” has a very emotional tone to it. You can hear the vocalists put a lot of effort into it. I love the illusion of standing your ground and how many of us just let go. It is a very well written song.

My favorite song from The Unlearning Curve is “That Which Is”. I instantly fell in love with it, and my next favorite is”Through The Gates,” although honestly, I adore the whole album.

The band was founded back in 2007 by Buck and Moore in Calgary. They were influenced by bands like Massive Attack and Skinny Puppy and got attention from magazines who called them out of the ordinary.  They now are out of Vancouver, Toronto, and Calgary where they originally started.

The band members do different jobs; both Buck and Moore do vocals and lyrics except for one track which the chorus was helped by Colin Everall (who helps with piano and drums) which was Track #7.  Buck also helps with producing and engineering alongside Ireson. Ireson is the bassist and producer, and all songs are by them except for one track which was also helped by Colin Everall which is Track #5. The album art cover art is done by Kayla Aileen Brown.

Jon Ireson came into the band later in 2008, when the band got more popular. They knew Ireson from previous stage encounters and that is how he came to the band to do bass and be the producer alongside Kenneth Buck.

Jon Ireson

In 2010 Post Death Soundtrack released “Ultraviolence” with the new song “Little Alice”
Which the video can be found here: I adore “Little Alice”. It has a good story to the song and the video is really well done.

After another 3 years, they released “The Unlearning Curve” which has (in my opinion) amazing out of this world sound and vocal plus good messages portrayed in their music. I would recommend it to anyone who likes rock. The album is available for free download and vinyl format as well on Spotify

Band Page Website:
Band Page: Facebook
Kayla Aileen Brown Instagram:
Produced at Suite Sound Labs in Vancouver:

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Blue Exorcist: Anime Review


Blue Exorcist (Ao No Exorcist)

Stars: 5
Animation: 4
Story: 5
Character Development: 5
All together: 4.5

Blue Exorcist is about a boy named Rin Okumura and his brother Yukio and how they are the sons of Satan, while only Rin has powers. Rin doesn’t find out until he’s a certain age and the results are dire. Rin is sent to True Cross academy to become an Exorcist and harness his abilities, Rin meets friends along the way and learns hard life lessons.

The show has very many heartbreaking, feel crushing moments that will make you fall in love with the characters like Shiemi, Ryuji, Izumo and the rest of the crew. All the characters have unique stories and you love them all. You learn Yukio is a teacher at the exorcist school and he tutors Rin and is his dorm room mate. They are the only ones in that house so the others come over often and there are many stories there. The story is moving and you root for the characters the whole way, especially Rin and Shiemi.

The animation is adorable, it could be better in some places as I have seen anime’s with better animation so that is why I gave animation four stars instead of five.

Blue Exorcist Intro (in original Japanese):

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Note: Season 2 is also out!! I’ll be reviewing as I watch!

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Steam Review: Terraria


     Steam Review: Terraria

 Price: $10.86 w/ tax
 Worth the money? Yes, without a doubt.
 Stars: 5

Other Steam Game Review:

Terraria is a single or multi-player adventure game with the world at your fingertips, you can build, fight and do almost anything in this game. When you first start off you can customize your character, just the hair color, eye color, skin color, clothes color and outfit (you get more outfits in game). Then you build your world (I suggest large and easy if you are new) and then go about making your world!

You build your home the way you want it, simple or complex, and merchants move in to help you, you sometimes need to find these merchants but they usually come to you. Merchants are very helpful and some aren’t merchants some are healers, so be aware that you need these people. The bigger your house with more rooms (light, walls, chair, table) you have the more people that will move in.

Exploring is key. You need to explore to find loot, loot is key. You get weapons, seeds, potions, an endless number of items to help you through the game. Also, before you explore get gel and wood to make torches, just a friendly tip.  Actually, just stockpile wood and re-plant trees for your house too.

Another important tool you find exploring is Heart Crystals to gain Health Points (HP) because you start out at 100 HP, which means you’re a meek-ling and a slime can kill you if you don’t have good weapons. Some other monsters are zombies, bugs of all sorts (bee’s worms, etc.), there are underworld demons, and then the random ones that appear in the “deadlands” that are hard to defeat when you’re a new player so you tend to avoid that area just like the underworld. So you are a small, small little person (food) in a big world.

Like I said before the world is at your fingertips, you can explore to the stars above (if you can find a way, in the beginning, good luck to you), or to the underworld (be careful when you’re new), and to the ocean, also, there are different biomes in your world. For instance, jungle, snow, desert, and wasteland to name a few. These biomes house different monsters and different types of loot, so exploring, again, is key. I am very cautious when exploring because I am afraid I’m going to die. Also, if you explore have a way to teleport back to home, or a grappling hook or rope or some way to get out of the hole you dug.

What can also help you is other players or trading items. When you are a new player you may get help from senior players, or you may not. If you are on Steam, subscribe to a Terraria group, read the forum, make friends! Friends can sometimes be life or death, no joke!
I think I have rambled enough! Terraria is amazing and addicting!! I’ve never played it on the PC, I’ve always played mobile but trust me it’s worth the money.

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Side Note: I forgot to add this game is great for all ages. My brother who was about 11 started playing it on the iPad and is the one who got me hooked on the game. So kids will enjoy this game immensely, it also will teach them to be creative and to count because they need to count to craft things. It also teaches how to read because you sometimes have to read what to do about the guide and how to craft certain things!

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Banned Books 2: House of Night Series


House of Night Series: Banned Book

Part 1 Harry Potter Series:


House of Night Series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast is about a girl name Zoey Redbird who was “marked” as a vampire by a vampire tracker by putting a crescent moon on her forehead. Her whole life changes as she is thrust into a school called the “House of Night” about magic and vampires, and a goddess named Nyx.

First off you’re probably thinking, “marked” that sounds a little extreme, but, no it’s a unique way of telling vampires apart from humans with the crescent moon and that means they are marked by the goddess Nyx and are given unique gifts from her.

The one reason this book is banned is cult like. Nyx is a Pagan goddess, and when most people here the word Pagan, they think cult or devil worshipper automatically and its linked to dark magic. There is also affinities with Spirit, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, same with paganism, they also say “Blessed Be” another pagan term.

In this interview with on of the writers P.C. Cast she says it is based off of Pagan Beliefs, so it’s bound to get people erked who have always believed that Pagans’ are “People who only use dark magic” or “Devil Spawns:”

ML: All the students in the House of the Night series are marked by the vampire goddess Nyx, destined to become her representatives in the world. Can you tell us a little about how your vampires are different from the ones we’re more familiar with and why you made them that way?
PC: Well, as I said, I’ve based their belief system on a Pagan, matriarchal society. I choose to do that because I believe in empowering women. It’s a theme on which I’ve focused my adult books, too. Also, carrying through with the Pagan ideology, I’ve made the journey of my teens Changing into vamps more biological with a touch of paranormal, versus the other way around. I did that because I like the earth-based aspect of it, and my father is a biologist, so research is a family affair!P.C. Cast Interview

The next reason this book is being banned is for nudity and dark magic, and people hint she pokes fun at Christianity, so this could be another reason. I think we covered the dark magic subject, it stems from the Pagan system bound in the books. The nudity part was a sex scene in “Awakened” with Neferet and a white bull and other various ones.

Why Shouldn’t It Be Banned?

  1. It’s fantasy, plain and simple. Though it has Pagan beliefs entwined, people can learn, and it’s fantasy. Vampires aren’t real people!
  2. Nudity in teen books is nothing new!!!
  3. Dark Magic? It is fantasy.

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