Eva & The Oak: Floriography EP Review


Eva & The Oak

The band “Eva & The Oak”, now from Boston, started out in Raleigh, Noa Carolina, with lead vocals, guitar and songwriter Madeline Parascandola, drum player and percussionist Nick Parascandola, bass player Connor Barry, pianist Jake Rosenberg, violist Dan Lay and Steven Xia who does sound design and additional guitar.

I asked what the inspiration for the EP was and got this response from Madeline Parascandola:

The initial inspiration for the EP was a dysfunctional relationship in my teenhood, though as the ep progresses more comes to surface. Lust begins to bloom amidst youth and innocence, and an urge for vengeance- rather, an urge to haunt- begins to develop. We see this especially in “Peony Heart.” Peonies, in floriography, symbolize both shame and purity. The EP resolves with “Remember the Iris” as personal power is regained.Madeline Parascandola

Madeline Parascandola

Eva & The Oak are a dream pop/indie band, and their music gets unique rings from many different sounds, including the viola, drums, and the piano. The voice they add as well makes them stand out.  Dream Pop came from the Eighties, in between alternative rock and non-psychedelia music, and it is defined as “texture as much as melody”. That is very likely the reasoning behind the title of the EP “Floriography”, which means “the language of flowers”, relying a lot on how a flower feels or smells.

The music definitely has a unique taste to it and is also a good listen. The combination of instruments and  vocals give off a dreamlike quality. I enjoy the music for it is both different and relaxing. The different instruments give it a calmer tone, enhanced by deep and soothing vocals from lead singer Madeline.

When I asked the band members what they liked most about being part of a band:


Connor Barry (electric and upright bass): I first heard Maddy play about two years ago and since then I’ve been captivated by her singing and her songwriting. To be able to be a part of that process is my favorite part of playing in the band. Every night the songs evolve and change but the inspiration at it’s core is continually fascinating for me.

Jake Rosenberg (keys): What’s key for me is that we are all trying to bring the same elements out of the music, we aren’t trying to communicate the songs in different ways- obviously we have different roles and such- but searching for similar means of communicating ideas through the music as we grow together is something I enjoy in the sound and what excites me, like how tight we can get.

Dan Getty (drums and percussion): My favorite part of playing together is making little changes and decisions on the fly. Every time I play the song, it’s ever so slightly different.

Madeline Parascandola (voice, guitar, songwriting): These are all songs I wrote in solitude- you know, usually under a tree somewhere in North Carolina- from as early as 16 years old, so to watch the songs evolve with everything each band member has to offer is always beautiful. It’s just something I never would have imagined back then.

Steven Xia (production, sound design): When Maddy and I first started working on these songs it was about 2 years ago. To hear them go from just a melody and some strummed chords to what we wrote together and the production I’ve done, is something her and I have been waiting to hear in the physical world for a long time. And to hear that in different tonal spaces and venues with improvisation? It’s like free remixes all the time!Connor Barry, Dan Getty, Madeline Parascandola and Steven Xia

My favorite song out of their EP was the first song I listened to called “Remember The Iris”. It has the deep vocals and great instrumentals characteristic of their other songs, but the lyrics are really what got to me. “Called upon The Fae to send you sleep/Picked from lavender fields in the in-between/Shaking in your bed they set it to steep in your/Boiling mind” is the first verse of the song and very soothing, I loved both “The Fae” and “Lavender Fields” because both are peaceful in lore.

Song link: https://soundcloud.com/eva-and-the-oak/remember-the-iris?in=eva-and-the-oak/sets/floriography

My final question to the band was how the band was formed, and Madeline and Steven replied:

“In my early teens I was in awe of the underground freak folk scene in Raleigh. I was always watching my brother play around in different bands. Eventually we began playing together-garage shows and such. We both ended up moving to Boston and right off the bat I met Steve, Connor and Jake.”
Steven answered: “I remember very well the first time Maddy and I met. Connor was there too actually. Connor and I were playing in a different band at a house show in Revere, MA I believe. Maddy was opening up for us with a solo set and one word comes to mind: Angelic. She even had a white dress on to boot! So some months pass and the band Connor and I are in says we are getting another singer in the group, and it’s Maddy! And I was like “Finally now I have an excuse to actually talk to this amazing musician!” So a year and some change goes by and during a tour, Maddy and I got real close and she was sharing a lot of her personal music with me. I had quit the band that we had been in together before Eva & the Oak at this point, but me and Maddy always wanted to keep doing music together. So we started Eva & the Oak.”Madeline Parascandola and Steven Xia

The whole EP is a totally relaxing and surreal experience and represents the genre very nicely. I totally recommend listening to Eva & The Oak and give the band 5 stars.

A live song called “Benny Bear:”



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Boycotting Doctor Strange -Updated-


Boycotting Doctor Strange

There was controversy when “The Ancient One” was casted as a white female in the 2016-17 Marvel movie “Doctor Strange” instead of a Tibetan male. I am not an avid comic reader so maybe I shouldn’t be speaking but I think someone should say that is a very good reason why the movie was boycotted, even if they’re not a comic book reader.

Why do I say this?

Not casting “The Ancient One” as a Tibetan male may have been a good call, the reason behind this, explained below, has good reasoning. Casting a strong female lead instead shows that the film industry is going toward helping women in film.

The reason I have read for not casting a Tibetan male was to not insult the Chinese government. The Chinese Government would be insulted because of their affairs with the Tibetan culture. They are one of the reasons they are going off the map. Is it the US Film Industry right to poke their business into that affair? Not really. Is this a huge deal? Yes. Is it a good reason for not casting and not pissing off billions of people? Probably.

Saying this, this feud has been going on for decades, so once again the film industry doesn’t really have a right to stick their nose in the business of two cultures who have a feud that has been lasting decades:

Prior to China’s invasion in 1950, Tibet maintained a unique culture, religion and language for centuries.
Today, this culture is under threat from mass Chinese immigration and the strict control of all expressions of Tibetan culture and national identity.Tibet History and Culture

Here is a video on the the extinction of the culture: http://www.itv.com/presscentre/ep1week29/joanna-lumleys-trans-siberian-adventure

Tibetan culture was developed under both internal and external factors, cultural influence of the neighboring countries also played an important role in the development of Tibetan culture, including Nepal, India and Bhutan in the south and west, China and Mongol in the north and east. Later in the 7th and 8th century, introduction of the Buddhism from its origin country India had exerted a deep influence over the whole plateau, since then Buddhism became indispensable part of the Tibetan culture. Tibetan Culture and Tradition
One cultural factor of Tibetan people.

Now, Tibetan culture is also said to be derived from Indian Culture:

Tibetans have traditionally considered their ancestors to be of Indian ancestry. According to popular belief, an ancient king named Rupati was also military commander of the Kaurava army. Rupati led his soldiers in a war against the Pandavas. After suffering defeat, the king fled to the northeast and established Tibet. This myth is based on the writings of an ancient Indian scholar who described the flight of Rupati approximately one hundred years after the death of Buddha (Shakabpa 5).
A second origin myth asserts that Tibetan people descended from a male monkey. The monkey, an incarnate of the “Compassionate Spirit” deity Avalokitesvara, met and married a mountain ogress. Eventually, Avalokitesvara and the mountain ogress proudced six offspring. The “hybrid monkeys” resembled Avalokitesvara. Over time, the Tibetan descendants of these six offspring gradually lost any remaining animal features. Tibetan people trace certain characteristics of modern humans to Avalokitesvara and the mountain ogress. People who are “merciful, intelligent, [. . .] sensitive and do not talk more than necesary” inherited such traits from Avalokitesvara. Meanwhile, those Tibetans that are “red-faced, fond of sinful pursuits, and very stuboorn” resemble the mountain ogress (Shakabpa 5). Adherents to the monkey origin myth rely on ancient documents discovered in a Lhasa temple by Atisha, an Indian scholar. The myth documents claimed to have been written “according to tradition during the reign of Songsten Gampo in the seventh century” by a scholar named Shankara Pati.Tibet Enviroment

This culture goes back many decades and has many more problems then being in a movie (as someone else said), one of which is staying a relevant culture. I think casting a women instead of a Tibetan man was probably a smart choice because it could start a feud between the US and China due to the already feuding between the Tibet and China which is a cultural feud which we have no place in getting into.

Is it wrong that “The Ancient One” is not a Tibetan Male?

In some ways, yes.

Was it a smart move?


Also, a thanks goes out to people educating me on the Tibetan Culture. It is a very deep culture and should be well respected.


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Doctor Strange is owned by Marvel though I made the image~

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Doctor Strange (2017) Review


Doctor Strange

Plot and Storyline: 5 Stars
Character depth: 5 Stars
Effects: 5 Stars
All together: 5 Stars


I immensely enjoyed this movie after waiting four – six months to see it, having to wait for it to come out on DVD to rent it and seeing the trailers before it came out in theaters. I love Marvel films and Doctor Strange was defiantly not a film not to like.

Benedict Cumberbatch is also one of my favorite actors, I enjoy him in Sherlock, The Imitation Game and he was also in Star Trek: Into The Darkness. In this move Benedict reminded me a lot of Sherlock in the beginning with his sarcastic, know it all attitude, especially telling the other surgeon to cover up his watch, when in Sherlock he tells Anderson and a lot of people to quit moving, breathing, etc. and there are other little odds and ends that remind me of his role as Sherlock.

One thing I really liked about this movie is the spirituality base that is put into it which is loosely based on different beliefs because Astral Projection goes back many years and is widely practiced. It is widely believed that you can see oneself when sleeping or project oneself outward when meditating or in a deep sleep but it is one’s spirit and you are in the land of the spirits. You can’t cross dimensions with your astral projection like Doctor Strange did but it is still been around for a long time.

Other pieces like other dimensions is widely believed also, like the spiritual plane of course. I’m not sure about the glass dimension but mirrors have been said to be links to other dimensions so this is where they could of have gotten that from.

All in all, without giving away what the whole movie is about it is really intriguing and leaves you in the end with a “Oh my gosh” reaction and of course the “end clip” leaves with a double omg. The movie keeps you interested the whole way through and is defiantly not one to disappoint.

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Doctor Strange is owned by Marvel though I made the image~

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Plantera: Steam


Rating: 3.5
Price: 2.99
Age range: Any age
Reason for rating: I think this game should be less or free due to not doing much and it doesn’t take much to level up or do anything.

Plantera is a farming game with little helpers that you get that are blue blobs, its not an average farming game. It’s an easy mindless game where you scroll back and forth controlling your farm trying to earn money, to get scarecrows to scare off birds and dogs to chase off foxes for they don’t eat your rabbits or chickens. The crows take your fruit, which also costs money, more and more as you level up.

While you are not playing you still earn money while your little blue friends harvest the farm. It doesn’t take much to level up or earn a lot of money, if you step away for long enough you can earn enough money to expand your farm and do certain things and maybe level up a few times.

Plantera is a indie game but a decent game, I enjoy it and it is a great time waster.


Also on iOS and Android.

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Anxiety and social anxiety even scares you away from family too. Meaning if you want to go say hi to someone in a busy room that you know who is okay with it, you won’t because you are scared they won’t be okay with it.
It scares you away from going to a family members house when you want to say hi or talk to them because you are scared your intruding when they’ve said time and time again that you are not. Social anxiety makes you scared you always intruding or being a nuisance to them.
It scares you from asking simple questions and asking them to do certain simple tasks, like take you to the store if you don’t have a car or ask if you can stay the night or come over or even talk to them. You’re scared you’re a burden to them, so you won’t ask.
Anxiety scares you away from a lot of things, plain and simple. It scares you away from friends, going out, talking to anyone, sending an email or text, posting on Facebook, posting on anything, anxiety can make your life a living nightmare. It makes you think “What if I did this instead?” or “What if they hate me for this?” or “What if they don’t talk to me anymore?” or even “What if I’m just a nuisance to them?” Anxiety DISABLES you from doing things because it is a fear created in your brain that is NOT made up and is ACTUAL fear, anxiety creates fear in you and it is REAL.
Living with anxiety is hard, I know, all these things I’ve listed, I can barely do without panicking, it takes baby steps. It takes talking to yourself or music to get you through it, telling yourself “I’m not a burden,” or “I can do this,” but sometimes that’s not enough sometimes the day just rolls on with anxiety all day and you drive it away by playing a game, dancing your heart out, singing your lungs off, watching TV til you fall asleep or just sleeping it off.
Some days it is a battle and other days the anxiety doesn’t pick a fight it seems like, some days it is like its almost normal, almost as if you can live life without panicking every second of the day. Then boom the next anxiety wave hits and normalcy is gone but what is normal? Easy. Nothing is normal. Normal is just a stereotype of “Grade-A human” that doesn’t have any flaws so normal is stupid.
So, if you know someone with anxiety, don’t pressure them, don’t tell them to hurry, don’t tell them to not worry (trust me we try but its and we can’t just “not worry”), don’t tell them to turn off their anxiety (what is their some kind of magical switch we’ve never heard of?), and don’t tell them to be normal. Be there for them, be calm and try and be there.

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Dungeons and Dragons: Character Creation


Dungeons and Dragons: Character Creation Walkthrough


I started out by telling you I love Dungeons and Dragons, so why not do some tutorials and other stuff about it like I do with video games, so this time it is tabletop games.

First off you need to build your character, I’m going to provide two types of character sheets and act as the DM (Dungeon Master) for this scenario.

One you need to look up on Google, “Forged Anvil 5e Character Generator Ver. 1.64” this is the one I’m using and I’ll show you how to use it with screenshots, later on.

Second, Character Sheet is this PDF:
Character Sheet

If you use Forged Anvil, it does modifiers, darkvision for your class and everything that you need for you. It can be hard at first but it does make an excellent character sheet in the end.

Okay first off your stats,
You can roll for them: Roll 3 d6 (6 sided die) 6 times, twice then choose between the best one, for example:



You can tell which one I would choose, the first one. You would choose where to put what like; Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, etc.

Then you build your character, you decide what race and what class. I choose Dragonborn and Bard, I choose Dragonborn because Bard’s don’t get spells very fast but Dragonborn’s get a spell right off the bat, you also can choose Entertainer as your background then choose Fire Eater or roll for it if you want to. My highest stat should go toward charisma (Bard Spells go off of Charisma), then probably dexterity and intelligence.

If you were a Druid, Elf or Druid, Gnome (like I have played) you should head toward intelligence and dexterity and ditch charisma (maybe strength too). If you rely on spells (like a druid does) you usually don’t need strength and if you don’t need a high charisma or not being lead of your party, then ditch charisma as well, for the background of these two, the elf I choose Outlander (due to her backstory) and Sage for the gnome (again due to the backstory), it all depends how you character is built.

What you need to choose all this is The Players Handbook, 5e. I cannot provide it for you, you may be able to find a pdf online, if it’s available or on Amazon for less than the selling price of $50, you may be able to get it used between $20-25 or check local book shops that sell used books, you could get lucky.

Well, I hope this was helpful in some way. I kinda rambled more than helped haha but I hope you guys enjoyed.

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The Walking Dead: My Thoughts So Far


The Walking Dead

So I started watching The Walking Dead (TWD), it reminds of a show that got cancelled named Revolution but with a better plot and zombies.

Revolution was about the power being shut down and the world going into panic, the government left them and the US was divided into the rebels and a more dictating group. It starred a young girl named Charlie Matheson who grew up in the dark world and when her mother was taken she was sent to find Miles Matheson, her uncle. Anyways, the story goes on about fighting the “dictating” part of the government that has taken over the United States and trying to get the power back on, the plot dies off soon after.

In The Walking Dead there are various plot twists and various stories to entertain you. The first plot stars Ric Grimes (played by Andrew Lincoln) trying to find his family and thrown into a world of Zombies or “Walkers” that he has never seen before. I’m not going to say much more because I don’t want to spoil the show.

Then it progresses farther and farther as the story goes on with various plot twists. The plot twists can drive you insane but it keeps you on the edge of your seat and begging for another episode.

The characters are complex and deep, and you fall in love with them which kinda sucks at times.

I’m only on Season 2 but I absolutely love the show, and can’t wait to watch more. The show is heartbreaking yet amazing.

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Camille Peruto “From the Sea to the Sky”


The sound of Camille Peruto’s album “From the Sea to the Sky” is upbeat and heartwarming. Peruto has a powerful voice, and she lets it shine in this album. She is from New Jersey and was on American Idol, Season 14. She opened for Anna Nalick (Breathe -2AM) and Tim Reynolds of The Dave Matthews Band!

Camille commented that:

Opening for Anna was a huge achievement for me. I have always been inspired by her songs, and since the day I met her she has been giving me advice whenever I need it! Opening for Tim was extremely exciting too! I was voted the winner in a contest to play the show with him. I am so grateful for the people who voted, and it just makes me really hopeful for the future of my career! That was my first show singing on stage in front of hundreds of attentive people! It was a dream come true!Camille Peruto
Congratulations to Camille! I personally love Anna Nalick (especially “Breathe – 2AM”), and I think it is amazing that she got to open for her – I am super jealous that she got to meet her. I am very happy for Camille that she got her dreams, as not many do.

Camille explained this about American Idol:

It was a learning experience. It was extremely fun and surreal, but also very eye-opening. There were so many amazing singers who would get cut and then they would put comedy acts through. I guess it goes to show that it is reality tv, and that’s what you sign up for! I had a great time and met many wonderful peopleCamille Peruto

I cannot even imagine what being on American Idol must have been like, it would have been surreal for me too, but I cannot sing, so it would have been more of an embarrassing fail! Camille has come very far since American Idol, with her release of the album “From the Sea to The Sky” this January, and previously her album “Sparrow” in 2013.

She told me her inspiration for the album “From the Sea to The Sky” was:

I wanted this album to be contemporary-sounding but very honest and meaningful. I had the songs written, and I wanted to carefully craft the album in a way that would tell a handful of stories but also still work together as one. I was mainly inspired to create a body of work that would flow and mean something special to people who heard it.Camille Peruto

Camille Peruto

I agree that the songs are very honest and down-to-earth! I personally love the whole album. It fits my genre, although I skip between many genres. I adore Biscuit Moon and Crooked Roads.

The main reason I like Biscuit Moon is for the songs’  lyrics.  They speak to me. “I’ll dream until I cry” particularly got to me, then a few seconds later “Isn’t it a funny little world we live in” along with the chorus “I am on my way home.” Home has many different meanings to me: it is where you find yourself and where you find where you belong and surrounding yourself by people, or sometimes things, that you love. It is also about love, and I know a little about love and that it is hard to find it. When you come home to love, it is the best feeling in the world.

Crooked Roads is the first song on the album and I instantly fell in love with it. I like the first line “Off the line not quite right/Time is keeping”. It speaks to me for many reasons because I sometimes feel myself off the line of the world while my dreams and time are keeping me still. I also like “Scared to find borrowed time” because I’m scared that I’ll find that I did something again and again and that I just didn’t do it right. The chorus “Crooked roads no nobody knows, no nobody knows/ Crooked roads no nobody knows, no nobody knows/Bottled up and brittle its hard it to meet the middle and your so close/That’s where crooked roads go…” ‘Bottled up and brittle’ relates to me because I always bottle up my feelings, and it is when you get to the middle and are so close that is indeed where crooked roads go.

Here is the link to Crooked Roads on Soundcloud: https://soundcloud.com/camilleperuto/crooked-roads-2

Album Cover

I asked Camille what her favorite track was and she answered:

I have a lot of favorites! Lately, I have been loving Lagoon (the last track). Though my favorite changes everyday! I love the production of Lagoon. I actually chose to put it last on the album as opposed to the beginning because I want there to be something to look forward to!Camille Peruto

I like Lagoon too, to be honest! It is an interesting track, although I do enjoy the other two I previously mentioned a bit more. Lagoon does have an awesome sound and amazing vocals though. I find the lyrics of Lagoon extremely interesting. I love the idea of escaping to a lagoon with a lover under the moon.

I inquired what Camille’s favorite part of being a singer was, and she told me:

I love being a role model and using the platform I’m on to be a good example to people. I’ll play at schools, hospitals, benefit concerts – all of these are full of amazing people who I want to share my gift with. I just want to make someone’s day a little better by singing them one of my songs. That is the goal!Camille Peruto

I find this inspiring and something to look up to in someone! Camille seems like someone little kids can look up to and an amazing role model. I think she is doing an amazing job at being a role model, I say congrats to her.

Camille Peruto

Overall, I choose to give the album five stars. I just love it. I hope Camille Peruto puts out many more songs and albums very soon!


Eric Novod – Drums
Joe Parella – Guitar/Machine
Roshane Karunaratne – Piano/Keys
Erik Kase Romero – Bass
Camille Peruto – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

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5 Fandom Stuff For Valentine’s


Five Fandom Friday: Valentine’s

Idea found here: http://www.thenerdygirlie.com/2014/09/introducing-5-fandom-friday.html


  1.  Funko Pops

    How could you go wrong here? Get your geeky friend or lover they favorite Funko Vinyl Pop Figure or one from their fandom or just one they would love!

  2. A Hot Tropical Blanket

    What I mean by this is “Hot Topic” if you didn’t get the Supernatural (SPN) reference or anywhere actually. Hot Topic sells fandom fleece blankets and I have an SPN one and love it!

  3. A Poster of Their Fandom

    How could you go wrong here? Anime Poster? Game Poster? TV Poster? I got a Supernatural poster and loved it, I also love my Hunger Games and Pokemon Posters.

  4. A Plushie or Figure

    Again, how could you go wrong? A plushie from Pokemon or Animal Crossing or whatever their fandom is! Plushies are the best! I have tons! Now, for a figure I mean, a standing figure of anime or fandoms (like Funko but smaller, could be Funko though ;)) or maybe an amiibo 🙂

  5. Trading Cards

    Is your friend or lover into games or just into the fandom? Trading cards of their fandom may be what they need! I have Pokemon, Supernatural, Harry Potter, etc. trading cards and love it!!


One last thing:

A Supernatural Valentine 🙂

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Erich Mrak: Upcoming Artist


I don’t often listen to rap/hip-hop but I think this artist is amazingly good for a genre I don’t like and has  pleasing sounding music and beat. The lyrics have a good meaning and can make you think, which is what music is about.

The particular song I am talking about is “Think About it” written by Erick Mrak himself, when asked about why he wrote it he responded:

The inspiration for writing ‘Think About It’ came from stories from a time in my life a while ago that consisted of a lot of drinking, bars, some parties, and a girl. Very happy memories, that I wanted to build a song around in order to reflect on certain memories (such as drunkenly jamming, and dancing). The opening line for me always hits home – ‘I woke up – feeling 45 – sleeping on my side – breathing in your smoke’, is a line that I’ve wanted to use in a song for a while, mainly because I can remember exactly when that was, where I was, how I was feeling, and my overall mind state at the time. At the time, it felt like the last 3 months had been one huge blur, and it was a lot to take in.Erich Mrak
The song can be found here on SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/erichmrakmusic/think-about-it

Erich put out his first EP in 2016 titled V containing five tracks, including these two songs “Human Faces” and “I Don’t.”

When asked about Human Faces, Erich had this to say:

For “Faces”, we (Bento – my producer, and I) wanted to create an upbeat song, and from there, I wrote about the summer that I had just come out of.Erich Mrak
Human Faces is an inspirational song and one of my favorite of his, I recommend listening to it.

Erick Mrak has been writing songs since the age of seven and is now around the age of 21.

His favorite part about writing songs is:

My favourite part about writing music is being able to talk about what I know, to tell a story, and to communicate how I’m feeling. Wether their happy, sad, serious, sensitive, special, drunk, etc memories, I’m able to talk about them, and that helps me on a personal level, to put it all in words, and create something. Also, through writing, I’ve found that people who listen to the songs we make can relate to them. Wether it’s a relaxing song like ‘Think About It’ or a serious song like ‘Drowning Out’ ft. Maurice Moore, they we’re written to share experiences, and if they strike a chord with you, great.Erich Mrak

Erich connects on a deep level with his writing it seems like and puts a lot of effort into his music when writing, especially since he’s been writing since the age of seven!

All photo’s & cover art done by Martin Nombrado (https://www.instagram.com/bra.deau).

Erich Mrak is based out of Toronto, and is enjoying singing/rapping. I asked him about it and he remarked that:

 My favourite part about singing/rapping is how I can never learn enough. I can’t stop pushing myself, I can’t stop progressing. It allows me to be in competition with myself. As well, because of singing/rapping, I’m able to tell stories, and share experiences through music.Erich Mrak

I agree with Erich on this on so many levels, with my writing I can’t stop pushing myself. It is a deep feeling you get in your gut, if you’re a self-critic or want to better all the time then it defiantly is a competition with yourself!

His favorite part of the music industry is this:

I enjoy being in the music industry because I’m able to collaborate, and create with other artists of different genre’s, and mediums – from music, to photography, and videography.Erich Mrak

The music industry can be a tough place, at least I have heard! It can be tough with all the pressure to become an upcoming star but it seems Erich is handling the pressure well.

Erich Mrak is a new and upcoming artist which I actually came to find after listening for a while I enjoyed the music, it reminded me of Macklemore and I can enjoy some of their songs from time to time

Erich Mrak


Soundcloud : https://soundcloud.com/erichmrakmusic
Twitter : https://twitter.com/ErichMrakMusic
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/ErichMrakMusic/
Instagram : https://www.instagram.com/erichmrakmusic/

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