Mario Party: Island Tour for 3DS Game Review


Gameplay: 3.5 Stars (due to no online multiplayer)
Online Available: No
Multiplayer: Yes with other DS’s
Time Waster: Defiantly
Fun: Heck Yes

Here is Gameplay of one the games in Mario Party to see what it’s all about:

You can set the level’s to anything you like when playing against automated characters and choose whom you wish to go against. A lot of these games are based around luck, so it can get frustrating. The game that I showed is more skill and minigames than luck. It shows in the top corner of the mushrooms.

There are over 100 minigames to play, and you can go into mini-game mode to play them and compete to get better times or earn coins. You can also challenge Bowser’s Tower to get limited minigames and unlock different stuff throughout the game, though you can lose coins. There are 5 party games and 2 to unlock, through Bowser’s Tower.

You can also collect Character bubbles which unlocks the various sounds the characters makes, then you can unlock the Memory bubbles of the Parties which is also sound.

All in all, it is a good time waster and fun to play. I just wish there was an online feature.

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28 Responses to Mario Party: Island Tour for 3DS Game Review

  1. deb dutta says:

    Loved Mario! it was my fav game growing up! these are amazing )

  2. Thank you for this review ~ my kids love Mario and have 3DS’. I have been looking to get a couple more games for them; they currently only have two and I make them share LOL. I like Mario over other games because of the interaction and family nature of it; multiplayer, etc.

  3. I am still a fan of Mario – I always wanted to be the princess! I wonder how hard or if/when an online version will come out? Maybe with enough time – soon enough?

    • Jenna VanHoof says:

      I would love for an online version <3 honestly Indeed to play the game more. What I'm thinking about doing is doing game progress updates for each of my games! SO this will include: Mario and Luigi: Dream Team, Mario Paper Jam, and Luigi's Mansion Dark Moon 🙂 I'll post pictures and my gameplay if you're intereted

  4. R U S S says:

    I grew up playing Mario and I’m really happy that it’s making a comeback lately. I’m sure they’d eventually do something with the online thing. I think that would add to the appeal of the game.

    • Jenna VanHoof says:

      I don’t think Mario Bros. will ever die out haha
      I’m going to more reviews of Mario and a playthrough and progress like I did with Pokemon 🙂

  5. Erin says:

    I haven’t played Mario since my Super Nintendo waaaaay back when! Shoot, before that, it was on NES. I remember getting my console for Christmas back in the 80s and thinking it was the best thing EVER (it still is according to some!).

    • Jenna VanHoof says:

      I never got the chance to play on Super Nintendo 🙁 but I played it on Gameboy color I think (so psyched when Gameboy got color LOL)

  6. Jasmine says:

    We’re huge fans of Mario! I grew up with it and now my kids are too!

    • Jenna VanHoof says:

      I’m planning on doing more Mario stuff 🙂 I love Mario, Animal Crossing and Pokemon, they’re my top three!

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