Intro to My Writing


Intro to My Writing

Disclaimer: I am not associated with Wattpad, Deviantart, or Archive of our Own, thank you.

I have wanted to add my own writing to my site for a while, I am on DeviantArt and Wattpad. I love writing prose and poetry and began around 6-7 years ago majorly, and I would love to incorporate it into my blog. My writing, either blog posts or prose or poetry, is what I love and I want to share that with the world. <- My DeviantART <- My Wattpad

I am also on under The_Ghost_Writer as well.

I’m going to keep my fanfictions on Wattpad and AO3 (Archive Of Our Own) (due to legal issues and not wanting to have that writing on my site)  but move most of my poetry to here and keep some on DeviantArt. I am also going to write short stories and maybe snippets of longer stories and maybe keep them on Wattpad as well, I have not yet decided.

I have been writing for about ten years now when circumstance got bad my writing started to improve greatly, it became an outlet. My writing can be dark and it can be happy, it depends on my mood. Writing has been an outlet for me for years, whether blogging, writing to Pen Pals, writing fanfics or anything. I love prose because I love to get lost in a world I’ve created and sometimes the characters just do what they want and I type the story along. I also love poetry because you can do anything really, especially with freeform or you can test yourself and use a set scheme like Haiku, Sonnet, or something else.

I hope you guys enjoy my writing as much as I enjoy writing it.


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