Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve (Android/Google Play Game)


Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve

5 Stars Gameplay
5 Stars for Cute and Adorable graphics
4.5 Stars for Controls
5 Stars for Instructions because it is pretty self-explanatory
5 Stars for a great Time Waster
Recommended for all ages

Disclaimer: I am not promoting this game, only a review and the pictures used are for entertainment purposes only, the game belongs to its rightful owners. Thank you.

This game was originally a Japanese game then translated into English. It is a cute game where the dog is the boss and you are the hunter and the cook of the restaurant serving up delicious game you have caught. You get requests for different game and other requests to help you level up and get to higher levels to buy different equipment to hunt game.

The cook and your boss the dog

You get hunt points every thirty minutes and you get a maximum of three. When you are a low level (like me), pheasant is one of the main dishes people are after or cider, then rabbit which takes longer to cook (but if you have pheasant requests in between and do those or go hunting it goes by pretty fast).

After pheasant is caught

The game is also a great time waster and very cute. I love the little dog to death, he is so cute and fun. He also can fetch your ingredients when you are away and if you get a golden bone you get even more. It is also fun to try and get achievements and fill up the book of game and recipes.

All in all, I think the game is cute and fun. I love it and it is adorable and fun to play.

Japanese Trailer:

Gameplay video (spoilers to the game):

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