Beginner Tips: Fantasy Life

Beginner Tips: Fantasy Life

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership to the games and or characters, Level-5, 1-Up Studios and h.a.n.d are the rightful owners. THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

In Fantasy Life you get to advance in up to 12 lives and follow an intriguing storyline. You are in the world of Castele (or the country) where there are many creatures to defeat, many people to befriend, many tasks to do and well just a lot to do.

You have a companion with you who is a talking butterfly who you meet also trying to get into the Castle in Riviera, you become friends and the talking butterfly helps you and there is a deeper storyline here also.

I recommend it to anyone who likes a roleplaying or games that you can do anything you want in but still have a storyline. I love it when I can just explore and level up my lives and my character. The graphics are amazing and so is the storyline (so far for me anyways I’m not done and will continue giving tips and reviews along the way).

My first tip to new players is to start ALL lives right away and try and advance in them because you can make a lot of money (dosh in the game) off of each life and each different quest from NPC’s is from a different life. Also, Blacksmith and Miner come hand in hand along with Woodcutter and Carpenter, with the cooking one Angler and Hunter help as well.

You can have better weaponry skills that help with the main quest (Paladin, Hunter, Mercenary, etc.) and having alchemy and cooking help heal you. Being a blacksmith you can make your own weapons, a carpenter also. Sewing (Tailor) can help make your character look nice and the clothes sell for a lot of Dosh.

When you advance in all lives you also save money in the long run because you don’t have to keep buying supplies. You can make everything yourself and you can also sell a lot of what you make for good money, which means you can move out of the attic. You can’t move into the Manor (30k Dosh) until you complete the storyline and all of Butterfly’s requests.

Another good thing about having all lives is you get more Bliss for Butterfly, with Bliss you earn rewards like a bigger backpack, closet, dying clothes, new pets, etc. so it is nice to get an extra boost there also.


When you get time off from the main quest when it says “Explore Riviera” I usually take a crap ton of time doing this, leveling up my character, lives, exploring, quests, etc. I don’t know but I like just doing random crap and not the main story because it’s entertaining running around without a big red arrow telling you where to go. I love the main story but I love doing my own thing too.

It’s up to any game player what they want to do. I honestly overpowered (OP’d) my character and go through the main story fast but it is still fun to read it and do it. You also learn to know what enemies to NOT take on or YOU ARE dead. If you don’t want to die I recommend getting potions to revive you, you can buy them from a merchant just before you enter the west grassy plains or make them as an alchemist but its almost too much of a pain to make them because of the ingredients.

Also, you need to follow the main quest to be able to level up your lives, so you can level them up as much as possible before you go on the next main quest.

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That’s all for now. Next week I’ll post more into detail on a couple of lives either next Friday or Saturday! Stay tuned!