Beginner Tips: Fantasy Life Part 2


Fantasy Life: Beginner Tips Part 2

Part 1:

What I’ve been seeing and extra tips…

I’ve been reading other tutorials on Fantasy Life and a lot of people make the mistake of sticking with one life in the beginning, in the first beginner tips I explained some about lives (okay a lot) but lives or licenses or whatever. They are really important and a key element to your gaming experience in Fantasy Life.

The Guild

This is the guild,  I just wanted to add something that people sometimes miss here. To the left is where you change your lives, to the right is where you exchange bounties. When you exchange bounties you can’t “fast travel” when your low level this is fine, higher level just ignore some of the bounties or go to the bounty office in the West Grassy Plains (Farley’s Plantation) or on Mount Snowpeak (next to the live master). This is easy dosh, 200-300 dosh at first but it adds up fast especially when you need something you can’t get from lives or where you are at in the story.

When I mentioned Bliss before the first few Bliss items I recommend getting are the shop upgrades in Riveria, the bag upgrade, storage upgrade, horse, and plane. Pets are amazing but not needed as much.

Another tip is to talk to EVERYONE, you get so many fun little jibber jabber and then you get quests (over 30 in Castele alone I think), and you’ll see how handy all lives can be!

Another tip is to look all over on the ground and hoard stuff for the first while cause trust me you will need it. Dandelion puffs, apples saved my butt from dying, springwater, healweeed, mutton, etc.

Now onto lives….

Each life benefits each other, also each life after you finish the first quest you go to Fledging. After fledging, it goes to adept then Expert, Master, Hero, Legend and then you become a God in this life. I admit each life takes a lot of time and effort to level up in but the lives help each other and you earn a lot of Dosh along the way. I haven’t made it to God in any of my lives because you have to progress in the story to also progress in your lives, I am at Adept. I have poured at least 3-4 hours into each life and I am perfectly happy just doing that instead of playing the storyline though now since I need more stuff to progress I commend to the talking butterfly and go on with the story.

At first, you can choose a life you want to try and have fun with. Second, you should choose a life for combat if you didn’t at first. The combat lives are hunter, wizard, paladin, and mercenary. Hunter gives you a bow, Paladin gives you a long sword, Wizard is of course magic, and Mercenary is two-handed swords. All of them are great but you can’t learn them until you do the life itself, you just need to carry the weapons with you to use them (not 100% positive about Wizard though never tried) but the special skills won’t transfer over to lives so be careful.

The collecting lives are very useful for blacksmithing, cooking, and carpentry (so Miner, Angler, Woodcutter) when you have the blacksmith life you can make all your metal tools and not buy them and with the Miner life you don’t have to buy the ore. With the Carpentry, you can make your wood tools and cut your own wood with the ax (woodcutter life). Cooking can help with health, extra stat boosts, and a lot of good stuff along with your adventure and it sells for a pretty penny.

Alchemy and the tailor life you collect a lot of stuff from A) literally picking it up off the ground out of dungeons or in the wild or B) monsters dropping it and then there is the occasional C) you have to dish out some Dosh and buy it.

Alchemy is a handy life because you can make healing potions, SP potions (Status Points) so if you dash or go fishing a lot or cut wood a lot, you can refill you SP fast (some food does this also), you can also make bombs, stuff that makes your hero stronger, and life potions which recovers you from dying but I honestly buy these cause they are a headache to make.  (I think I explained this in the previous tutorial….oops)

Like I think I said in the previous tutorial Tailor life is about clothes and accessories for your house. I have never browsed a clothes shop or furniture shop, I have made all my own stuff for my house and all my clothes. There is also a bliss unlock to dye your clothes (did I say this in the last tutorial? -shurgs-)

The combat lives I explained a little earlier you don’t need much but if you want to save Dosh you can make your own sword/dagger/bow/shield/etc. as a Blacksmith/Carpertner and sell your old ones or keep them! All of them are unique fighting styles, with a Mercenary you can’t hold a shield because you are dueling two swords. With the bow with the Hunter you get cool extra’s when leveling up and you can also poison, put to sleep and other cool things when you unlock it. The long sword with the Paladin is very powerful and you can also hold a shield for defense. The Wizard you can heal yourself, use fire, wind or water also as attacks.

Do what you want to do…

Like I said before, do you what you want to do. This is an open-ended RPG, I would rather spend time doing the little quests and excelling in my lives (spending hours on them) then going on with the story until its needed. I just love doing that.

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