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I don’t often listen to rap/hip-hop but I think this artist is amazingly good for a genre I don’t like and has  pleasing sounding music and beat. The lyrics have a good meaning and can make you think, which is what music is about.

The particular song I am talking about is “Think About it” written by Erick Mrak himself, when asked about why he wrote it he responded:

The inspiration for writing ‘Think About It’ came from stories from a time in my life a while ago that consisted of a lot of drinking, bars, some parties, and a girl. Very happy memories, that I wanted to build a song around in order to reflect on certain memories (such as drunkenly jamming, and dancing). The opening line for me always hits home – ‘I woke up – feeling 45 – sleeping on my side – breathing in your smoke’, is a line that I’ve wanted to use in a song for a while, mainly because I can remember exactly when that was, where I was, how I was feeling, and my overall mind state at the time. At the time, it felt like the last 3 months had been one huge blur, and it was a lot to take in.Erich Mrak
The song can be found here on SoundCloud:

Erich put out his first EP in 2016 titled V containing five tracks, including these two songs “Human Faces” and “I Don’t.”

When asked about Human Faces, Erich had this to say:

For “Faces”, we (Bento – my producer, and I) wanted to create an upbeat song, and from there, I wrote about the summer that I had just come out of.Erich Mrak
Human Faces is an inspirational song and one of my favorite of his, I recommend listening to it.

Erick Mrak has been writing songs since the age of seven and is now around the age of 21.

His favorite part about writing songs is:

My favourite part about writing music is being able to talk about what I know, to tell a story, and to communicate how I’m feeling. Wether their happy, sad, serious, sensitive, special, drunk, etc memories, I’m able to talk about them, and that helps me on a personal level, to put it all in words, and create something. Also, through writing, I’ve found that people who listen to the songs we make can relate to them. Wether it’s a relaxing song like ‘Think About It’ or a serious song like ‘Drowning Out’ ft. Maurice Moore, they we’re written to share experiences, and if they strike a chord with you, great.Erich Mrak

Erich connects on a deep level with his writing it seems like and puts a lot of effort into his music when writing, especially since he’s been writing since the age of seven!

All photo’s & cover art done by Martin Nombrado (

Erich Mrak is based out of Toronto, and is enjoying singing/rapping. I asked him about it and he remarked that:

 My favourite part about singing/rapping is how I can never learn enough. I can’t stop pushing myself, I can’t stop progressing. It allows me to be in competition with myself. As well, because of singing/rapping, I’m able to tell stories, and share experiences through music.Erich Mrak

I agree with Erich on this on so many levels, with my writing I can’t stop pushing myself. It is a deep feeling you get in your gut, if you’re a self-critic or want to better all the time then it defiantly is a competition with yourself!

His favorite part of the music industry is this:

I enjoy being in the music industry because I’m able to collaborate, and create with other artists of different genre’s, and mediums – from music, to photography, and videography.Erich Mrak

The music industry can be a tough place, at least I have heard! It can be tough with all the pressure to become an upcoming star but it seems Erich is handling the pressure well.

Erich Mrak is a new and upcoming artist which I actually came to find after listening for a while I enjoyed the music, it reminded me of Macklemore and I can enjoy some of their songs from time to time

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