Doctor Strange (2017) Review

Doctor Strange

Plot and Storyline: 5 Stars
Character depth: 5 Stars
Effects: 5 Stars
All together: 5 Stars


I immensely enjoyed this movie after waiting four – six months to see it, having to wait for it to come out on DVD to rent it and seeing the trailers before it came out in theaters. I love Marvel films and Doctor Strange was defiantly not a film not to like.

Benedict Cumberbatch is also one of my favorite actors, I enjoy him in Sherlock, The Imitation Game and he was also in Star Trek: Into The Darkness. In this move Benedict reminded me a lot of Sherlock in the beginning with his sarcastic, know it all attitude, especially telling the other surgeon to cover up his watch, when in Sherlock he tells Anderson and a lot of people to quit moving, breathing, etc. and there are other little odds and ends that remind me of his role as Sherlock.

One thing I really liked about this movie is the spirituality base that is put into it which is loosely based on different beliefs because Astral Projection goes back many years and is widely practiced. It is widely believed that you can see oneself when sleeping or project oneself outward when meditating or in a deep sleep but it is one’s spirit and you are in the land of the spirits. You can’t cross dimensions with your astral projection like Doctor Strange did but it is still been around for a long time.

Other pieces like other dimensions is widely believed also, like the spiritual plane of course. I’m not sure about the glass dimension but mirrors have been said to be links to other dimensions so this is where they could of have gotten that from.

All in all, without giving away what the whole movie is about it is really intriguing and leaves you in the end with a “Oh my gosh” reaction and of course the “end clip” leaves with a double omg. The movie keeps you interested the whole way through and is defiantly not one to disappoint.

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