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So I’ve been playing Club Penguin since I was like 11 or 12, I go on when I am bored every now and then to see what has changed. When I was younger I had the premium content. I know parents are probably wondering: Is Club Penguin safe for my child? This review goes out to the parents looking out for their younger children who want to play on the computer.

  1. Does Club Penguin have Swearing or Mature Content?
    1. No, it does not, it censors in the chat. There are even rooms without chat in them if you want to put your child on that one. I have seen kids…I mean “Penguin’s” going around looking for BF’s and GF’s (Boyfriend/Girlfriend) and if you do not want your child exposed to that, go to the rooms without chat enabled.
  2. Is it Educational?
    1. Not really! If learning how to type better counts, then no.
    2. Does it teach problem-solving skills in their games? Yes, it does.
  3. What ages are recommended?
    1. Kids are getting on computers younger and younger, but, I would recommend at least 10 or 11. I recommend 12-13, especially if they go in the chats.
  4. Is it fun?
    1. HECK YES!!! Its a lot of fun and there is lots to do!!! There are even DS games and Wii games for Club Penguin!! I admit I own one and would like to get the old Wii one! It’s fun even for free!

The downside of it all is your child may ask you for premium, maybe ask them to do chores or something to pay it off! I don’t know, I don’t have kids so I shouldn’t say anything. I’m just trying to be helpful.

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