Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes

Any pictures used are being used for entertainment purposes only, thank you.

So I’ve been searching Pinterest and around the internet for last-minute Halloween costumes that look fun and I also know a good way to make fake blood that looks extremely real, so with that, I think I can get you guys some good ideas or crazy wacky ideas that are just nonsense, whatever comes first.

Fake Blood

You need cornstarch, coconut oil, and red food coloring and that’s it! You mix the cornstarch and coconut oil together with a couple drops of food coloring then add more food coloring as you mix the end result on your arm or body should look like this:

The mark (Mark of Cain) was done in red pen

It comes off with a dry paper towel and only stains your fingertips. It also looks like real blood on clothing, towels, etc. so it can be used to make a spooky costume as well.

Costume idea 1


If you don’t have a brown jacket the boys sometimes wear green jackets, short-sleeved shirts “jacket” shirts with black tops underneath and of course plaid.

If you don’t want to Dean, Sam is almost the Sam, just do DemonSam! and put the blood on your face and you are now Demon-blood-loving Sammy.

For a Castiel idea (mix food colorings until you get black and you can get “tattoo pens” to draw lines on the neck for LeviathanCas!) you can use a winter coat that is beige if you do not have a trench coat and a blue sock for the tie (you can cut the sock in half also to make it look nicer) and then you have Castiel.

Costume Idea 2

Murder Victim

All you really need for this is a white t-shirt, jeans that you don’t mind getting dirty, and a fake knife.

You use the fake blood on the t-shirt and smear it around, put handprints, etc., put some blood on your face, arms and on your jeans then walk around carrying the knife! You can even put gel in your hair to make it look messy.


Well those are my ideas 🙂 Hope you liked them!