Fiona Sargeant: Her Last Wish

Fiona Sargeant is a former ballet dancer and teacher of ballet in South Africa called Dancescape where she has provided a safe haven for her students. Providing meals, lessons, education and most of all safety. Fiona has terminal cancer and only has weeks to live. The school will be shut down if this happens if not enough funds are raised. Fiona has helped many children and this school is a blessing to them.

Fiona’s last wish is to keep the school open, to keep helping the kids.

Fiona Sargeant at the Ballet School

Fiona is a truly inspiring woman, I wish to keep her story going and to keep her school thriving.

Donation for Fiona’s Last WIshPlease donate to help keep Fiona's school open

The area in South Africa she teaches is one of the most poorest areas in South Africa, with gangs, drugs and worse. It gives the children joy, hope and much more. Fiona teaches some of the other older children to be teachers and bring it to other towns.

Students from Fiona’s school have made it to Switzerland, London, and other places.

Fiona is a blessing to this world, don’t let her legacy die with her.

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The Stangs “American Session”

This Indie-Rock band  “The Stangs” is from Pembrokeshire in Western Wales. Their EP called “American Sessions” will be released song by song over the summer. The music is rough like most rock but has a brilliant sound that has a classic rock vibe.

The Stangs

They were formed in 2015, they have played many live shows in the UK and have hit Spotify making a name for themselves on the web. Graeme Heath is on vocals, Josh Lomas is bass and Glenn Alcock is drums making up the three person rock band.

Michael Baker is the producer of this band, he found them during a show at London’s The Troubadour, the band was then invited to do a recording session in New Jersey, starting the journey of their EP “American Sessions.”

My favorite song on this EP is “She’s A Stranger” it has a different sound than the rest of the EP and I defiantly have a special place in my heart for this song. I like the song because you can easily relate because we all have had that feeling with someone we just met and thought we liked, but, they were a stranger. This song encapture’s it all, the feeling of meeting someone for the first time but having the feeling you like them but “for all I know she could be a heartbreaker.”

American Session Album cover B&W

I will be on the lookout for more songs from this band. The songs have me interested to see where they go and what comes next!


“She’s a Stranger”
Apple Music:

“The Beekeeper”



Main Site:

Matteo Scher “Something Good” EP

On June 15th “Something Good” EP by Matteo Scher was released. The EP is in the genre of pop or piano rock with a smooth tone relating to artists like Billy Joel. Scher worked on his EP in New York.

Scher has played various areas in New York including Webster Hall, Rockwood Music Hall, Pianos, The Bitter End, The Bowery Electric and many others. He is also studying music business at Baruch College.

Scher has worked with the famous singer Alicia Keys as his mentor for a while and had this to say about working with her:

As a person Alicia is extremely kind and positive. She served as a mentor for me when I was completing a “senior Project” at my high school Green Meadow Waldorf School back in 2015. I especially asked her for critical feedback and that is what she gave me. She instilled in me the idea lyric writing should be more showing and less telling. She also preached relatability.  To her good and bad didn’t apply to pop music, only relatable or not relatable. In that vain i tried to write music people could understand and also relate to.Matteo Scher

Album cover for “Something Good” EP

The songs have smooth vocals with a catchy piano tune that is a pleasant tune to the ears that catches your attention. The music does not have much else but piano, which is amazing with so many melodies to it. Which is essentially what Piano Rock is, utilizing piano instead of guitar.

I talked to Scher about what his favorite song on the EP is and he said this:

My favorite song is New York and Me because it has the most concrete story. The first few times I played it out, I felt uncomfortable about the subject matter and that ultimately made me very excited about the song.Matteo Scher

One of my favorite songs on the EP is “Painkiller”. The vocals cut through to you and have a deep emotional feel. I love the lyrics, “You saved me from hurting myself” or “You’re my painkiller/You’re my high” they’re sung emotionally and hit a deep chord on how they are sung and can make some of us relate because some people to use can ease pain and be our sort of high and make us happier than anything.

I talked to Scher about what he likes best about being a singer/songwriter and he responded:

My favorite part of being a singer-songwriter is the way it brings people together. Whether it is bringing family, friends, and strangers together for a show or having someone come up to me and tell me that my song resonates with their life, there is something very communal and intimate about being a singer-songwriter that I enjoy.  Matteo Scher

Matteo Scher

The EP “Something Good” contains 4 tracks, which are,  Something Good, Forget, Painkiller and New York and Me.  I asked Scher which his favorite was and he answered,

My favorite song is New York and Me because it has the most concrete story. The first few times I played it out, I felt uncomfortable about the subject matter and that ultimately made me very excited about the song. Matteo Scher

Matteo Scher

Sites to Visit:

Matteo Scher is on Spotify as well!


Thirteen Reason’s Why (Show): Pros and Cons

Thirteen Reason’s Why (Show): Pros and Cons

This article may be triggering to some it includes comments on rape, suicide, and self-harm. It even has a video demonstrating why this show can be devastating to some, please proceed with caution. Thank you. There is also spoilers for the show.

     Thirteen Reasons Why has brought up a bunch of conflicts since it aired on Netflix on March 31st, between the graphic rape scenes and the ending episode with Hannah’s suicide. The show has it pros and cons, I love and hate the show for many reasons. I want to discuss why this show can be bad for some people and why this show can be wonderful for others. It is a very big dilemma in one way and a very big eye opener to the next.

For some people, this show can be very triggering and can leave them emotionally damaged at the end. I, for one, am one of those people. I didn’t expect it to have such an impact on me but like others that I have read online about, I can relate to Hannah on a deep level. The feeling of loneliness in a big crowd, the bullying in high school (or even college and online), sexual assault and self-harm. This show can bring back either memories that are deep down and bottled up or just make you feel the feelings of loneliness again or even bring up memories if you are a suicide attempt survivor, then make the person explode in a bad way. I’m not saying the show is horrible in anyway and you should never watch it, I’m just saying this as a warning and that for some people this show can be a hard emotional experience.

For others, this show can open their eyes on how bullying and sexual assault really affects a person and tears them down on the inside and slowly kills them. The directors did the rape scenes to show that rape shouldn’t be romanticized and rape shouldn’t be made fun of and that the victim is ashamed at times and won’t speak up. They truly did an amazing job at this.

To open people’s eyes to a society that has “rape culture” gritted into it is a very good thing. There is such a thing as rape culture all around the world, women (just like Hannah) are sometimes viewed as objects instead of human beings. There are many guys like “Bryce” in our society, unfortunately, I’m not saying all guys at all, but, the wolves in sheep’s clothing are there and are very scary.

Rape culture is very relevant in today society, something I saw on Facebook the other day where someone posted a tweet from someone else (as it always goes viral that way) that women sending nudes is gross but when women’s nudes get leaked it’s amazing.  Makes you think right? Hopefully, the scene in the show when Hannah’s photo of her on the slide got leaked, made you think too, when that picture got leaked it ruined her life, it was the beginning of the end for her and males (some as I said) think women’s nudes getting leaked is awesome.

For people who have been raped or sexually assaulted and see the scenes in Thirteen Reasons Why it can be incredibly triggering and bring back memories that may have been buried for years and can really tear someone apart. These are the people I don’t recommend this show for. It can really mess you up and make you feel emotions you wish you never would feel again.

The other part I want to acknowledge that this show depicts in almost a good way is Hannah’s suicide. They say they made it painful to detour people from it, to detour people from doing and how it would affect their family. Yes, it is very good at this BUT it is extremely triggering. Yes, I know they gave a trigger warning but for people who have cut and stuff and don’t know when the scene is it kind of is like “whoa” and fast forward real fast.

Also, is suicide selfish to the person at the time? I don’t think so. I know I’m probably going to get shit for this but listen, people when they are at that time think it’s their only escape they are in pain, undisputable pain (mental pain, just as bad as physical and almost worse) and the only way out they see from this pain is ending their life. I know it is not the only option, it is not the only route, etc. but to some people at times it seems like it is because they are in pain. This pain is there every day, every hour, every minute, second, anytime your awake and is constantly bugging you and making your life hell. Think from their perspective before you go labeling them as selfish.

One last thing to add is there is help, in the show the depict there barely isn’t any help in this world. Reach out. Make online friends (half my friends are online, well probably more than half), feel less alone (write, journal, vent, scream into a pillow, talk to your pet), call hotlines, go to a counselor, talk to your parents if they’ll listen, just remember you are not alone.

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National Crisis Text Line:

If you’re a teen talk to a teenage suicide hotline and talk to someone your age:


My Favorite Heroines of Literature

My Favorite Heroines of Literature

My favorite book heroines from different genres and different areas of literature.

1. Hermione Granger

My first book series ever was Harry Potter and I always looked up to Hermione with how smart and kick-ass she was, she always had the boys beat when it came to book smarts. Hermione, though, knew how to stand her own ground and fight back when the time was needed. She struggled with being a sort of “outcast” with being a muggle born wizard but strove to be the smartest witch in her class which she indeed did.

The movies I adore, though, some of them make me grit my teeth with the inaccuracies to the books. The first one did the best in my opinion. I adore the cast selection and I will
always adore the movies. Emma Watson is always Hermione to me.

This video and song really shows what Hermione went through, especially toward the end of the series where she faced many hard trials and this video really showcases her strenghth and the song is perfect:

“Harry – you’re a great wizard, you know.” “I’m not as good as you,” said Harry, very embarrassed, as she let go of him. “Me!” said Hermione. “Books! And cleverness! There are more important things – friendship and bravery and – oh Harry – be careful!”Hermione Granger and Harry Potter 'The Philosophers Stone'

This quote shows how much Hermione cares for her friends and admires Harry’s bravery but she is really brave as well.

Hermione inspired me to love my friends no matter what and stay be their side in their time of need but to stand up for myself when the time is needed and not be a doormat.

Young Emma Watson as Hermione

2. Katniss Everdeen

I love, love, love Katniss, I read the books before they were made into movies and fell in love with Katniss the first time I read the books and I also fell in love with Jennifer Lawerence playing her when the movies came out. Katniss is a fighter, she’s compassionate, she’s loving, she’s selfless and a strong person in general.

With one sweep of my arm, I push her behind me. “I volunteer!” I gasp. “I volunteer as tribute!” Katniss Everdeen 'The Hunger Games'

This quote here proves her selflessness for not even thinking about herself dying in The Hunger Games but saving her sister’s life.

Katniss’s strength is pushed by the time we hit the last book, she is struggling to be sane after being put in another “Hunger Games” but being rescued and her home being destroyed but she fights through and is still the Mockingjay. For someone (even fiction) to fight like this is impressive. In the last book it also shows Katniss has PTSD and other mental disorder due to contributing in the games along with the other victors, so she is a survivor.

This is a fan video made from the book about how Katniss learned “The Hanging Tree” from her dad and first learned how to shoot a bow, it is one my favorite videos.

Katniss inspired me to fight my own PTSD and be a fighter no matter what the odds.

Katniss (Jennifer Lawerence) and Prim (Willow Shields) at the first reaping


3. Tris Prior

Another one that is overused, I know, but I started these books a little late (don’t get me started on the movie disaster at least after the first one argh, I don’t the actor/actress choices its the storyline), I was curious to what the fuss was about but fell in love with them. Tris (Beatrice) Prior caught my attention when I first read about her the fact that she doesn’t fit into a faction really sparked my interest and made me feel connected to her because I feel like I don’t really fit in anywhere as well.

Tris is brave and very selfless, she doesn’t think she is selfless because of not wanting to be Abnegation but that is not the case, Tris would do anything to protect the people she cares about, that may not be the true definition of being in Abnegation but if she tried she could do it.

Tris defiantly fits in at Dauntless due to her fearless attitude which I give her a jaw-dropping applaud too, especially when she had knives thrown at her!! That defiantly made me look up to her even more!

When Tris got her tattoo in Dauntless of the birds she says this about it:

“Three birds flocking toward my heart. Representing each member of the family I left behind”Tris Prior

Tris would do anything for her family even though she left Abnegation.

My favorite video of Tris is with Four, it also shows a lot about her and defiantly makes your little feelers hurt if you’ve read Allegiant, I won’t give it away because that would just ruin everything but it does indeed show how selfless and brave Tris really is after you read it.

Tris, like the others, showed me how to be brave and selfless but she also showed me to show no fear to those who want to hurt me but not be stupid about it. Also, like the others she showed me how to love unconditionally but without saying any spoilers Tris showed me how to even if someone did the worst thing possible.

Tris Prior (played by Shailene Woodley) training in Dauntless


4. Clary “Clarissa” Fray/Fairchild

When it comes to the movie or the TV show of this book franchise, I am not a huge fan (the movie I am not a fan at all), I can stand the TV show, it is more of a guilty obsession more than anything. The book Clary well always be my favorite. I do love the actress choice in the TV Show and movie, they were both great choices and they play Clary well, I don’t really have a favorite perse but I do love them both.

Lily Collins on left (Movie Actress) and Katherine Grace McNamara on right (TV Show)

I read The Mortal Instruments series waaaayyyyy before the movie even was considered. I haven’t even touched the last book because I don’t want it to end yet, though, in all reality I need to read it because I want more Jace and Clary action.

Anyways, the parts of Clary I love are she is very brave and a fighter but very compassionate and loving, she is determined to do what is right but willing to break the rules if necessary to get the job done, and she is just a kick ass Shadowhunter.

What Clary taught me the most is about love, the deep love that knocks your breath away and makes you second guess yourself.

“When you love someone, you don’t have a choice. Love takes your choices away. Clary Fray

Clary’s journey to love is defiantly complicated but she never gives up and is determined and very compassionate about it.

This video is from the movie but shows the fight

5. Lissa Dragomir and Rose Hathaway

Okay if you ever saw the movie for this book Vampire Academy let me say it is so far off that it could fly to the moon and back, the casting is great but the storyline didn’t follow the book, I’ve wanted a movie for this book for years.

Anyways, the reason I included both these heroic characters into one is because Lissa and Rose are more together than apart due to the bond they share (magical bond) and I have learned a lot from both of these characters, I also can relate a lot to both of them.

Lissa doesn’t feel she can fit in anywhere because she didn’t find her Morroi power, but when she did it was different. I was Lissa who didn’t fit in for the longest time and still kinda am. I could also fit in with Lissa never feeling happy (though she lost her family, which I cannot relate too) but I could relate to never feeling happy.

Rose fit in more with the Dhampir but I could relate with her with wanting to protect her friends at all costs and become a stronger person.

Rose and Lissa both inspired me to become stronger at all costs (whether due to having to survive or just anything) and be there for my friends. Rose inspired me to be strong and have a sense of humor doing it and not to be a doormat to others, no matter what crap they throw at you. Lissa inspired me to be strong even when happiness is fading, Lissa also inspired me to look for happiness even when it seems it’s gone.

This isn’t the movie actors of Lissa and Christian but the video is really good and one of my favorites (if you click over to YouTube it says in the video descrption who the actresses/actors are):

Zoey Deutch as Rose and Lucy Fry as Lissa

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Five Fandom Friday: Favorite Droids

Well to tell you guys the truth, I’m not a HUGE Star Wars fan but I know the droids kind of well but I have a couple surprising ones on my list that I think should count that are not Star Wars related!

These Droids are in no particular order, it’s just to show some love to these loveable robots.

  1. WALL-E

So does WALL-E classify as a droid? Well a droid by definition is a:

Droids, short for androids, or also called robots, were mechanical beings, often possessing artificial intelligence.

So I think this loveable robot from Disney’s movie named after this little guy counts as a droid, he certainly has artifical intelligence and is defiantly a robot.

Okay, maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed when it comes to space ships and other advanced technology, maybe not as smart as his girlfriend EVE with this stuff, but he has been stranded on earth for years with no technology like this. WALL-E has a huge heart though and is a loveable little robot nonetheless.

2. Rosie The Robot

Now, this robot dates back to the 1962 series The Jetsons. She is a lovable house maid for the Jetson’s but is also a robot.  She is more of a “humanoid” than an “android” but a droid nonetheless.

A humanoid robot is:

a robot with its body shape built to resemble the human body. The design may be for functional purposes, such as interacting with human tools and environments, for experimental purposes, such as the study of bipedal locomotion, or for other purposes. In general, humanoid robots have a torso, a head, two arms, and two legs, though some forms of humanoid robots may model only part of the body, for example, from the waist up.

So, Star Wars C-3PO could count as a humanoid being built to look like a human and function as a translator.

When I was younger I used to watch The Jetsons on Boomerang along with Tom and Jerry and other shows. I always remembered wishing I would have a robot like Rosie when I got older because she was so kind and also funny.


Now we are heading to the great beyond to this bundle of cuteness named BB-8 from the new movie The Force Awakens. I got to admit this is one of the cutest little robots I have seen in film and I have fallen head over heels for him.

BB-8 is defiantly one of my favorites and will always be.

But the next two will never be beat….

4. R2-D2 and C-3PO

I know, I know, this duo is over done but I can’t get enough of these two. Ever since I started watching Star Wars when I was younger I loved them to death. I love BB-8 but these two will remain forever in my heart.

5. Battle Droids

I choose this one because I enjoy the humor they have in the Clone Wars cartoon series. They are just endless little workers trying to survive and their humor is just short and they are hilariously fun to watch.

Five Fandom Friday origin:

Supernatural: Fact vs Fiction Part 2

 Supernatural Fact vs. Fiction

Part 2: Creatures of the Night

Part 1:



1. Wendigo 

The Supernatural episode “Wendigo” aired on September 20th, 2005

Sam and Dean make a stop at Blackwater Ridge and end up helping a young woman and her brother find their other brother, who mysteriously disappeared, while on a camping trip, in the woods.IMDb 'Supernatural: Wendigo'


Wendigo’ are someone possessed by a creature. They can be a separate creature but it depends on the legend. The Wendigo is an Algonquin-based Native American legend but known among many other Native American tribes as well. It is also known well on the Atlantic Coast or the Great Lakes. 


It is believed to be demonic based in all legends told. Wendigo’s are usually created through cannibalism, the spirits then inhabited them by what they eat.


Roughly translated, the word ‘Wendigo’ means ‘the evil spirit that devours mankind’. Another translation, said to be made by a German explorer around 1860, equates the word ‘Wendigo’ with ‘cannibal’. Wendigoag are said to have an insatiable hunger for human flesh – no matter how much flesh they eat, they remain hungry.Ancient Origins: Wendigo


The other story of a Wendigo, is the Wendigo made a deal with the devil to become a warrior. A human possesses it inside its heart and the only way to kill it is to kill the human.


The human that is being possessed by the Wendigo has no idea what is going on. When the person/wendigo is killed that person can be rescued.


2. Bloody Mary

 “Bloody Mary” also aired in 2005 but in October.

A game of Bloody Mary unleashes a ghost who lives in mirrors and kills by gouging out the eyes of her prey, Sam and Dean must find a way to stop her before she claims another victim.IMDb 'Supernatural: Bloody Mary'


This legend name also known as “Mary Worth” “Mary Worthington” “Mary Whales” “Mary White” “Hell Mary” and many others.


The legend goes the same way as the Supernatural episode. Instead of blood pouring out their eyes it pours out of the sink, tub, etc. then they die with scars of their face.


There are a couple stories floating around about how and why this urban legend got started and if it’s real.

A lot people say its real and a lot do not.  One is over a hundred years ago a witch that did dark magic was hanged and her spirit haunts the mirror and kills whoever says her name dies.

There are more but I am going to give one famous one:

Mary Tudor was the daughter of the notorious King Henry the VIII who is famous for putting his wives to death whenever he grew tired of them. Mary was the daughter of his first wife and so ended up seeing an awful lot of carnage over the years as King Henry VIII put to death not only his wives but a great many of the people around him. To make things worse, for years she was disowned by her father and made to do things like serve in the household of her younger half-sister as a reminder of her new status as an illegitimate child. She grew up in the looming shadow of her unpredictable father, he was the most powerful man in England and could make her life miserable or put it in danger at any moment. When Mary Tudor became Queen of England at the age of 37 she finally had a chance to do things her way, but unfortunately her way turned out to be things like burning people at the stake because they refused to follow the same religion as hers. Soon large portions of the population started to detest her and her unyielding ways, leading to riots and rebellions around the country and eventually a new name for her: Bloody Mary.Anita's Notebook: Bloody Mary


3. Hell Hounds


I’m not even going to bother listing how man episodes Hell Hounds have been on, but my favorite was no doubt Crowley’s pet Hell Hound.

In Supernatural, Hell Hounds have black fur, have red eyes, they have a foul odor (not sure if its Sulfur), super strength and speed. Unlike Supernatural (so far) according to legend they can sometimes talk.


In some legends,  if you look in a Hell Hounds eyes three times or more you are sure to die. Hell Hounds usually guard entrances to other worlds (like Hell) and are mostly guard dogs (best guard dog ever, right?). If the country believes they are derived from fire, they have a fire like appearance.  A Hell Hounds howl is an omen of death, every time in Supernatural when they bark or howl someone dies right? Hell Hound sightings have been all over the world, mostly in the US and cemeteries. 


Hell Hounds are also called the Bearer of Death because whenever one sees a Hell Hound death follows. They are omens for death and most countries scared of them. Another one is Black Shuck.


Black Shuck or Old Shuck is the name given to a ghostly black dog said to roam the Norfolk, Essex, and Suffolk coastline of England. For centuries, locals have told tales of a large black dog with malevolent flaming red or green eyes. According to reports, the beast varies in size and stature from that of a large dog to the size of a horse. Sometimes Black Shuck has appeared headless, and at other times he appears to float on a carpet of mist. According to folklore, the spectre often haunts graveyards, sideroads, crossroads and dark forests.Wikipedia: Hell Hound


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