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My Top 2 Favorite Superhero’s Who Sometimes Aren’t Heroes (Marvel Edition)

My Top 2 Favorite Superhero’s Who Sometimes Aren’t Heroes Disclaimer: Pictures used in this article are intended for entertainment purposes. They belong to DC or Marvel or whichever company that owns them. I do not. Also, this posts is not … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: My Thoughts So Far

The Walking Dead So I started watching The Walking Dead (TWD), it reminds of a show that got cancelled named Revolution but with a better plot and zombies. Revolution was about the power being shut down and the world going … Continue reading

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Blue Exorcist: Anime Review

Blue Exorcist (Ao No Exorcist) Stars: 5 Animation: 4 Story: 5 Character Development: 5 All together: 4.5 Blue Exorcist is about a boy named Rin Okumura and his brother Yukio and how they are the sons of Satan, while only … Continue reading

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Supernatural: Fact vs Fiction Part 2

 Supernatural Fact vs. Fiction Part 2: Creatures of the Night Part 1:     1. Wendigo  The Supernatural episode “Wendigo” aired on September 20th, 2005   Wendigo’ are someone possessed by a creature. They can be a separate creature but … Continue reading

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Supernatural: Fact vs Fiction

A lot of you may be able to tell my favorite show is Supernatural, this show deals with two brothers who hunters of the supernatural world but what truth behind these supernatural beings is there? Is there any fact? Or … Continue reading

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