My Top 2 Favorite Superhero’s Who Sometimes Aren’t Heroes (Marvel Edition)

My Top 2 Favorite Superhero’s Who Sometimes Aren’t Heroes

Disclaimer: Pictures used in this article are intended for entertainment purposes. They belong to DC or Marvel or whichever company that owns them. I do not.
Also, this posts is not for children below 15 and there are spoilers for some of the heroes mentioned.

1. Deadpool

Deadpool is funny, a smart ass, badass and has a fine ass. He is one of the best adult anti-heroes (why yes parent’s he is not for your children, it was rated R wasn’t it?).  This Ryan Reynolds crossed with a shar-pei hero defiantly counts as one of the most badass anti-heroes but he is pretty super. He did defeat the awful Francis, right? Well, he killed him, but we all wanted him dead, except for Colossus he wanted Deadpool to do the right thing.

He is my favorite because of all the sarcasm, breaking fourth walls and hilarious scenes. The comics are just as good (better) and the movie captured them.

Where is this guy?

Deadpool is also a very strong minded character from starting out as a very good looking guy to going to am avacado had sex with an older avacdo face when he tried to get rid of his cancer and that was all he had and thought that was all Vanessa cared about. He was sad and just wanted his life back. He did it the way he could by surviving and hunting down the man who did it to him instead of weeping in a corner crying.

Deadpool isn’t a standard hero but if I was in a tight space and needed help I would defiantly call him!

“If I ever decide to become a crime-fighting shit swizzler, who rooms with a bunch of other little whiners at Neverland Mansion with some creepy, old, bald, Heaven’s Gate-looking motherfucker… on that day, I’ll send your shiny, happy ass a friend request.”Deadpool to Colossus

Here is the new Deadpool Trailer which I adore, so many easter eggs:

2. Jessica Jones

Some of you may have heard of the Netflix original Jessica Jones., I love it and she is my favorite female hero. Jessica isn’t the average hero or perse a hero in general to most people but I call her a hero. Jessica has been through a lot due to Kilgrave who manipulated her, she shows real flaws and a real personality. With what Kilgrave put her through and how she copes and still helps people, I say that makes her a damn good hero any day.

Jessica is a private detective also who doesn’t take any shit and gets stuff done; she sniffs out the cheaters and exposes them and other people who are low lives. Though she uses methods that are unethical which is why she can sometimes get in trouble, though, she gets her cases done and gets the person.

Jessica Jones

As I said, Jessica has a good heart she has just been through a really big trauma in her life but is a survivor and I truly admire that in her, she survives no matter what. The show shows her struggles and how deep they are especially win Kilgrave returns, though, she still does the right thing.  Jessica is a very powerful woman.

“They say everyone’s born a hero. But if you let it, life will push you over the line until you’re the villain. Problem is, you don’t always know that you’ve crossed that line. Maybe it’s enough that the world thinks I’m a hero.”Jessica Jones

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Suicide Squad Analysis: El Diablo

Suicide Squad Analysis: El Diablo

With El Diablo and DC Comics, there are 3 renderings of him in this universe so it can get a little messy and complicated to explain. So I’m going to try my best and start in the beginning and hopefully get it right 😉

Disclaimer: I am using these photos in this post for creative purposes only and I do not own them and they are owned by the respected comic, DC Universe, and movie owners.

El Diablo, first started out in the 1970’s in the All-Star Western comic starting in issue #2, where he is an old west hero, his real name was Lazurus Lane in this rendering. He is dressed in black with a red mask and has a pure black horse. El Diablo saved multiple people in this comic, including a woman giving birth to her child and an older gentleman.

El Diablo’s powers came when he got struck by lighting and was put in a coma. A Native American shaman called the “Wise Owl” cured him with a catch of giving him the curse of raising hell, in a way, with his fire powers this was revealed in the 2007’s comic Jonah Hex Volume 2 issue #11. During this version, the Wise Owl has been made into a trickster and bad person all around and not what a shaman would be.

This was the first version of  El Diablo.

Another El Diablo named Rafael Sandoval who appeared in Secret Origins volume 2. #45, was a Texas councilmen who seeks justice as a vigilante. When he was growing his father was killed in an unjust construction accident and the man responsible got away with it. When he got older he became a lawyer and returned to his hometown to become a councilman but people keep stopping him from seeking justice. In his career as councilmen there were many arsons that he couldn’t prevent or get justice for but as El Diablo, he could.

Rafael Sandoval as “El Diablo”

Another rendering of El Diablo is Chato Santana and the newest one also, and the one I think the directors got their inspiration from for the Suicide Squad movie. In this version of El Diablo he was in the hospital paralyzed and was a gang member, next to him, was nonetheless Lazurus Lane. A while later Santana’s gang “friends” come in and shut him up and Santana is in the spirit world with El Diablo who is looking for a new host, so to cheat death Santana becomes El Diablo.

The old west El Diablo is still around, though, not seen as much even though with a different backstory and different everything then the new El Diablo that is Chato Santana which is the face of the Suicide Squad comics, which is why the directors choose him.

Chato Santana as El Diablo

The difference between Santana and the movie version of him is that he didn’t kill his wife and kid, instead he was seeking revenge on the gang members that tried to kill him by shooting him in the back and paralyzing him (which is how he became El Diablo), he is burning down a house that belongs to him but he soon realizes it has women and children. Like Suicide Squad he turns himself over to the police, he is given the death penalty, this is where Amanda Waller finds him and how he starts in Suicide Squad.

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I hope you enjoyed this insight into the many legacies of El Diablo and found it as interesting as I did researching it!

Disclaimer: I am using these photos in this post for creative purposes only and I do not own them and they are owned by the respected comic, DC Universe, and movie owners.


Deadshot Analysis:

Harley Quinn and Joker Analysis:

Suicide Squad Analysis: Deadshot

  Disclaimer: I am using these photos in this post for creative purposes only and I do not own them and they are owned by the respected comic, DC Universe, and movie owners.
~Spoiler Alert of Deadshot Comics mainly between 1950-2011 and some after 2011 but not as many after 2011, I’ll warn people when there is a spoiler of the 2011~

Suicide Squad Analysis: Deadshot

Deadshot first appears in June 1950 in Batman #49 which began in the 1940’s, he is wearing a trench coat and top hat in this first edition, he also offers his help to the police acting as a crime fighter while trying to kill Batman, it takes a while but Batman makes him lose his confidence in his shooting abilities and makes him confess. It was also revealed his name is Floyd Lawton.
Deadshot was shown in more Batman related comics and, also a show, it is also revealed in the Deadshot 1988 edition that Deadshot got out of jail and redid his costume to the one we see today, he went after Batman then, this is also a early version of Suicide Squad, the only well known character from the movie is Amanda Waller.

In the 1988 version he has a son instead of a daughter, in these issues the son was kidnapped by his own mother in the end his son died. In this comic it is also revealed that he had a therapist named Marnie Herrs who really cared for him and at one point in the comment he cared for her but after his son died he didn’t feel worthy of being cared for

Other volumes Deadshot was featured in was the Secret Six volume 1 and 2 series, Batman: Cacophony (breaking into Arkham to kill Joker), and there was also a 2005 volume of Deadshot, there are more to list because in this time there are parts of the Suicide Squad that goes including teammates like Waller, Rick Flag, and others. Thoug, all these facts are kind of irreverent because DC relaunched Deadshot in 2011, changing his origin story and other factors of this character. Since DC’s rebirth in 2016, it has relaunched mostly all comics making most comic readers not too happy.

Deadshot 1950-2011

(Spoilers for 2013 edition of The Justice League of America: Deadshot 7.1)

In a 2013 edition of The Justice League a new origin story for Deadshot is revealed. Deadshot’s name is still Floyd Layton but his family was killed in an “accident” when a shooting in the apartment near his family happens and there were sixty some bullets and stray bullets killed all of his family but none hit him only his book, he was now on a revenge streak and learned as a kid to shoot and vowed to killed the people who killed his family. He vowed never to miss, never not to get paid and never not to kill without a purpose. From then Deadshot was made.

In the Suicide Squad comics Deadshot is one of the most valued members, he gets the job done no matter what, though, he is very loyal to the people he cares about and his team members. Deadshot cares for Harley also, he can tell that Joker isn’t treating her right and tries to steer her onto a better path.

Suicide Squad

Unlike the movie, Deadshot is white, his suit is more mechanical and has more gadgets, he can practically fly and has a bit better morals I would say. It was revealed in the special features of Suicide Squad the movie that they went off of some of the older comics, which doesn’t make a whole lot of sense since Suicide Squad as a whole got rebooted in 2016 like most DC comics as I said. They used the post 2011 Deadshot costume also because after 2011 Deadshot’s costume was more armor then a “fabric mask” like in the old comics, Deadshot’s new costume was more “Iron Man” style then masked shooter.

When Deadshot got rebooted he has two daughters Suchin Lawton and Zoe Lawton, though, he did have a deceased brother named Edward Lawton which is a throwback to the old comics to Deadshot dead son Edward “Eddie” Lawton. He does have a daughter in the post 2011 comics but it isn’t known for a while, so the directors either took the 2011 edition (which I believe so because her name was Zoe in the movie) and just mashed bits and pieces together.

Altogether, I believe that the directors of Suicide Squad took bits and pieces from the comics and put it in where they liked it instead of staying true to the comics. Yes, Deadshot never misses but it isn’t revealed why. He has a daughter named Zoe, that’s correct but its pulled from one piece of the comic universe, his suit is pieced from the post reboot more then the newer DC reboot. I love Will Smith and all but Deadshot would have been better with an actor like the one who played Flag or someone similar, though, Will Smith did nail Deadshot’s personality, it is very well done.

  Disclaimer: I am using these photos in this post for creative purposes only and I do not own them and they are owned by the respected comic, DC Universe, and movie owners.

Previous Suicide Squad Anaylsis of Harley Quinn and Joker:

Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn and Joker

   Disclaimer: I am using these photos in this post for creative purposes only and I do not own them and they are owned by the respected comic, DC Universe, and movie owners.

Suicide Squad: Harley Quinn and Joker

After watching many videos and reading quite a few articles on this movie, between the split between the comic world and the movie, then the cut scenes and how Harley and Joker’s relationship should have been portrayed, there are many parts to discuss, which I will do over several articles.

First Subject:

  1. Joker and Harley Quinn’s Relationship

First, my opinion Joker’s and Harley Quinn’s relationship is that it is abusive in general. Harley Quinn in my opinion, has Stockholm Syndrome for Joker, a love in her mind that is real but is sick and twisted which contains mental and physical abuse. They portray her in the comics as something broken, she keeps coming back for more but in reality, it is a mental illness. Joker is abusive, Harley is just as dangerous as Joker but not as abusive.

Harley Quinn made her first appearance in Batman: The Animated Series in 1993 while Joker came before Harley decades earlier. She captured the minds and hearts alike of her fans with her broken appearance and how she was Joker’s love. In a later addition, she made an appearance in a comic named The Batman Adventure’s: Mad Love in 1994, showcasing how she was Joker’s therapist (like in the movie) turned co-conspirator.

The Batman Adventures: Mad Love

In The Batman Adventure’s: Mad Love you really learn who Harley Quinn is and see some of Joker’s abuse toward her. Harleen Quinzel had an abusive father and Joker got to her this way by telling a story of how he had an abusive father (in their first session) and made them connect on a deeper psychological level and made her feel for him. Then he described himself as the victim of Batman’s “schemes” and tied his “childhood” abuse to that and Harleeen thought he was a tortured man caught up in the wrong places.

Near the end of the comic, when Harleen is transformed into Harley Quinn for some time she has had Batman captured but to get away Batman convinces her to call Joker who rushes over and gets angry, he hits her and throws her out a window and left her for dead. Batman even admits that Harley had him better tied up then Joker ever has and that his ego got in the way.

Joker yelling at Harley

Going on with the comics, in the Suicide Squad comics, the abuse continues. In one situation Joker hangs Harley on a wall where there are other “Harley’s” in the room showing his demented and twisted views of her.

In the iconic toxic waste scene in the movie Harley jumps in voluntarily, but in the comics (at least the 2011 edition), she is pushed in by Joker and is screaming falling in before being taunted by him with it, it is issue #15.

Issue #15
Suicide Squad 2011

These are only two of many parts in the Suicide Squad comics of their abusive relationship, Joker has been verbally abusive and also tried to shoot Harley.

In the Suicide Squad movie the abuse was more subtle than the comics and didn’t show the extent of how the relationship really is. In Suicide Squad (the movie) Joker keeps trying to rescue Harley out of the prison and get back his “love” when (as I have pointed out) in the comics he has tried to kill her, left her for dead (like in the movie in the drowning car), and insulted her. Joker probably would not have gone to these lengths in the comics or gone crazy about it, he probably would have left her there.

Harleen Quinzeel and Joker in the Suicide Squad Movie

In the movie there is a deleted where Joker supposedly tries to kill Harley in the helicopter scene which does show that the directors were debating with the extent of the abuse in the movie; below I have put a video of the most recent deleted scenes with Joker and sometimes Harley that would have showed their relationship more. Even though it is toned down, there is still evidence of the relationships abuse. Trying not to put too much on screen light on it was the Directors idea to not do so much violence and abuse, though, fan says it romanticized Harley and Joker’s relationship, which I agree.

What are your thoughts? Is it too subtle in the movie? Did they romanticize a relationship that is full of abuse?

   Disclaimer: I am using these photos in this post for creative purposes only and I do not own them and they are owned by the respected comic, DC Universe, and movie owners.

Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

I adored this movie, it brought back my child, no Hogwarts but nonetheless, there was magic and it was amazing. It was based in New York and there were new terms and new faces.

Newt Scamander played by Eddie Redmayne did a fabulous job portraying the loving, goofy, lovable wizard that JK Rowling made for us. Katherine Waterston did an also fabulous job at portraying the new character Porpentina “Tina” Goldstein.

Newt first meets a muggle or “No-Maj” in the US portrayed by Dan Folger and he gets a hold of Newt’s case. Newt befriends him later after some events. Later, these three heroines try and capture Newt’s escaped “creatures” that have gone off into New York, while a new one is the uprising.

  • Do I recommend this film for young children?
    • Not really because of one scene *SPOILER* Newt and Tina were tried to be put to death and also they are scenes of abuse.
    • It is not like the other Harry Potter movies, it has more adult themes, not sexual, but “real life” themes like abuse, law, and how magic was not wanted in the 60’s.


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