Steam Review: Terraria

     Steam Review: Terraria

 Price: $10.86 w/ tax
 Worth the money? Yes, without a doubt.
 Stars: 5

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Terraria is a single or multi-player adventure game with the world at your fingertips, you can build, fight and do almost anything in this game. When you first start off you can customize your character, just the hair color, eye color, skin color, clothes color and outfit (you get more outfits in game). Then you build your world (I suggest large and easy if you are new) and then go about making your world!

You build your home the way you want it, simple or complex, and merchants move in to help you, you sometimes need to find these merchants but they usually come to you. Merchants are very helpful and some aren’t merchants some are healers, so be aware that you need these people. The bigger your house with more rooms (light, walls, chair, table) you have the more people that will move in.

Exploring is key. You need to explore to find loot, loot is key. You get weapons, seeds, potions, an endless number of items to help you through the game. Also, before you explore get gel and wood to make torches, just a friendly tip.  Actually, just stockpile wood and re-plant trees for your house too.

Another important tool you find exploring is Heart Crystals to gain Health Points (HP) because you start out at 100 HP, which means you’re a meek-ling and a slime can kill you if you don’t have good weapons. Some other monsters are zombies, bugs of all sorts (bee’s worms, etc.), there are underworld demons, and then the random ones that appear in the “deadlands” that are hard to defeat when you’re a new player so you tend to avoid that area just like the underworld. So you are a small, small little person (food) in a big world.

Like I said before the world is at your fingertips, you can explore to the stars above (if you can find a way, in the beginning, good luck to you), or to the underworld (be careful when you’re new), and to the ocean, also, there are different biomes in your world. For instance, jungle, snow, desert, and wasteland to name a few. These biomes house different monsters and different types of loot, so exploring, again, is key. I am very cautious when exploring because I am afraid I’m going to die. Also, if you explore have a way to teleport back to home, or a grappling hook or rope or some way to get out of the hole you dug.

What can also help you is other players or trading items. When you are a new player you may get help from senior players, or you may not. If you are on Steam, subscribe to a Terraria group, read the forum, make friends! Friends can sometimes be life or death, no joke!
I think I have rambled enough! Terraria is amazing and addicting!! I’ve never played it on the PC, I’ve always played mobile but trust me it’s worth the money.

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Side Note: I forgot to add this game is great for all ages. My brother who was about 11 started playing it on the iPad and is the one who got me hooked on the game. So kids will enjoy this game immensely, it also will teach them to be creative and to count because they need to count to craft things. It also teaches how to read because you sometimes have to read what to do about the guide and how to craft certain things!

Steam Game Reviews: Team Fortress 2

Team Fortress 2: Review

So I’m new to Steam, just downloaded it yesterday.  I have a few free games and well continue doing Steam game reviews (the reason why I downloaded Steam was to do reviews, and to play games of course)

The game I’m reviewing first is, Team Fortress 2 is a free game to play and right now I’m a total noob and getting my butt kicked to the moon and back but I have fun, that’s what counts right?

There are 9 different characters to play, offense, defense, and support. My favorite characters so far are Sniper (Support) and Solider (Offense). I haven’t put enough time into the other characters to see if I like them enough. I like shooting from long distances, and the rocket launcher with the Solider helps with that and of course the Sniper has the sniper rifle, though if you don’t watch your back you’re dead.

I have heard really good things about the Spies who are support. They wreak havoc on you when playing and I absolutely hate them. I have heard really good things about playing them if you know how to do it right. I played the Spy for maybe 30 minutes and stayed alive for about 10 minutes because I cloaked myself but my stealth skills are down the toilet, so I need to put more time into.

There are paid features so some users have advantages against you, which is a total pain. There are also paid features for different maps and against computer, so the only ones are online. I still have fun and enjoy it immensely.  You can unlock stuff through achievements and hard work, which is the fun way, right?

If you want to invest money, you get a hat and maybe some other stuff if there is a deal going. It can be worth it. If you do invest money buy one thing at a time or you get taxed, I learned this from a Steam friend. It can be fun to invest money into a game you love, just try it out for a few hours first and see what you think. You can invest only $2 in it and get the hat, which can be worth it if you love the game.

Leveling up takes forever in casual mode, competitive mode, any mode. Though, it is just for bragging rights, so you don’t have to worry but if you’re like me and very competitive then you may worry!

I don’t recommend this game for children around 10 or younger especially online because there are other people and there can be swearing but that is what you get for any online gaming platform.  Though, it is up to the parent.


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