Anxiety and social anxiety even scares you away from family too. Meaning if you want to go say hi to someone in a busy room that you know who is okay with it, you won’t because you are scared they won’t be okay with it.
It scares you away from going to a family members house when you want to say hi or talk to them because you are scared your intruding when they’ve said time and time again that you are not. Social anxiety makes you scared you always intruding or being a nuisance to them.
It scares you from asking simple questions and asking them to do certain simple tasks, like take you to the store if you don’t have a car or ask if you can stay the night or come over or even talk to them. You’re scared you’re a burden to them, so you won’t ask.
Anxiety scares you away from a lot of things, plain and simple. It scares you away from friends, going out, talking to anyone, sending an email or text, posting on Facebook, posting on anything, anxiety can make your life a living nightmare. It makes you think “What if I did this instead?” or “What if they hate me for this?” or “What if they don’t talk to me anymore?” or even “What if I’m just a nuisance to them?” Anxiety DISABLES you from doing things because it is a fear created in your brain that is NOT made up and is ACTUAL fear, anxiety creates fear in you and it is REAL.
Living with anxiety is hard, I know, all these things I’ve listed, I can barely do without panicking, it takes baby steps. It takes talking to yourself or music to get you through it, telling yourself “I’m not a burden,” or “I can do this,” but sometimes that’s not enough sometimes the day just rolls on with anxiety all day and you drive it away by playing a game, dancing your heart out, singing your lungs off, watching TV til you fall asleep or just sleeping it off.
Some days it is a battle and other days the anxiety doesn’t pick a fight it seems like, some days it is like its almost normal, almost as if you can live life without panicking every second of the day. Then boom the next anxiety wave hits and normalcy is gone but what is normal? Easy. Nothing is normal. Normal is just a stereotype of “Grade-A human” that doesn’t have any flaws so normal is stupid.
So, if you know someone with anxiety, don’t pressure them, don’t tell them to hurry, don’t tell them to not worry (trust me we try but its and we can’t just “not worry”), don’t tell them to turn off their anxiety (what is their some kind of magical switch we’ve never heard of?), and don’t tell them to be normal. Be there for them, be calm and try and be there.

Self-Love Booklet

Here is the Self-Love Booklet.

A Journey To Loving Yourself

You Are Loved

Remember, you are loved and no matter what you are not alone in this cold world. People are out that care, I care. If you need an ear to listen e-mail me!! I don’t want anyone to feel alone or helpless <3

Hello Video and Games

I was very scared to make this, then chickened out to post it! Then I finally did! Hope you enjoy it!! This is mainly my gaming! I’ll do another video on books

What To Do When Anxious

I made an infographic about what to do when anxious with some quotes that I liked. Also, I have a website for those with anxiety.
The website is:   <<<It is different calming background noises from Sherlock, Supernatural, Game of Thrones, Skyrim, the outdoors, city scape, etc.

Here is one I made for the woods:

And one of Sherlock’s Flat:

These backgrounds are really calming. I have used them when I am extremely anxious and they have calmed me down. My favorite one is:

I turn off “I Am Hydro” turn on youtube or a music player and put on old rock songs I think Dean would like and imagine him being a goofball, it is amazing.

Here is the infographic:

What To Do When Anxious Infographic

Some other tips are:

  • Take a hot back and maybe get bath salts with relaxing scents
  • Drink Calming tea (no caffeine, unless caffeine calms you down, that can happen)
  • If you have a pet, love them!
  • Ask to talk to someone, it does help! Don’t be scared!
  • Ask for a hug
  • Something to add to TV: Make Popcorn, put on PJ’s and watch your favorite movie or show
  • Play a game you love
  • Use Essential Oils (I have an essential oil humidifier and I use it when stressed and it helps a bunch. You can find them pretty cheap on Amazon)
  • Eat a snack you love
  • Write down 10 things you are good at or proud of
  • Brijesh Mangla reminded me I forgot to put read a book/manga/graphic novel you love 🙂 thanks for the reminder!

Intro to Self-Help

Hello everyone 🙂

I would like to say why I want to do self-help and sorta what I’m going to do! This section means a lot to me and I wanted to express why I am doing going to be so invested in this and my blog.

I suffer from depression, a couple anxiety disorders and PTSD I also have autism. A butt load of stuff right? Over the years I have struggled to find coping skills that help (none ever really worked for about 5 years) and be able to cope in general, it was miserable and I hated that and wished it on n one. I resorted to cutting for about 6 years, in the last year I have been able to stop. Within the last 6-8 months, my mood has brightened. The past 6 years have been the hardest years of my life, I sometimes wish they have never happened and they would just disappear from existence, but without those years, I wouldn’t be who I am today. love for my fandoms and games has tremendously helped me so has writing and gaming.

I have built friendships in online communities that I would never have dreamed of, some of these people are my best friends and nobody could replace any of them. Those online communities really helped.
One story I would like to share but am scared too is this:

I had been bullied by some girls really badly to the point it got with the cops. I was considering killing myself, I had Supernatural on in the background it was playing  “Hunteri Heroici” one of my favorite episodes but I wasn’t really paying attention then eventually my mind went to the TV (I get distracted easily) and a cat goes “Dumbass” and I start laughing, I remembered the scene because Castiel was interrogating the cat.
I then found this quote:

Why I wanted to start helping people is because I hated seeing other suffers too, I’ve always to stop the pain and never have them feel the pain I did, or at least ease it. I’ve felt useless at helping myself, so why not teach others how to handle their mental disorders better than I can?

What I want to do in the Self-Help section is make Printables (maybe even fandom related ones) and do Journals. I already have one I’m working on. I also want to do funny posts and what to do when your sad or anxious 🙂

Anyways, keep living the fandom geek life! That’s all!