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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity: My Experience I have not finished the game yet but my review so far is: It is an outstanding game with an amazing story that well move you, it moved me to tears so far … Continue reading

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Hello Video and Games

I was very scared to make this, then chickened out to post it! Then I finally did! Hope you enjoy it!! This is mainly my gaming! I’ll do another video on books

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The Ramblings of a Pokemon Trainer

So, I own both copies of Sun and Moon but I have not finished the story yet on either because I’ve been breeding and working on projects for my Facebook group (I’ll link below)!  I mainly want to finish the … Continue reading

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EV’s, IV’s and Natures: What Are They and Why The Heck Do They Matter?

Hello everyone and welcome to my guide on EV’s (Effort Values), IV’s (Individual Values) and Natures for all Pokemon Games and the latest news for on EV’s, IV’s and Natures for Sun and Moon!! I hope you enjoy it and … Continue reading

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