Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them

I adored this movie, it brought back my child, no Hogwarts but nonetheless, there was magic and it was amazing. It was based in New York and there were new terms and new faces.

Newt Scamander played by Eddie Redmayne did a fabulous job portraying the loving, goofy, lovable wizard that JK Rowling made for us. Katherine Waterston did an also fabulous job at portraying the new character Porpentina “Tina” Goldstein.

Newt first meets a muggle or “No-Maj” in the US portrayed by Dan Folger and he gets a hold of Newt’s case. Newt befriends him later after some events. Later, these three heroines try and capture Newt’s escaped “creatures” that have gone off into New York, while a new one is the uprising.

  • Do I recommend this film for young children?
    • Not really because of one scene *SPOILER* Newt and Tina were tried to be put to death and also they are scenes of abuse.
    • It is not like the other Harry Potter movies, it has more adult themes, not sexual, but “real life” themes like abuse, law, and how magic was not wanted in the 60’s.


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The Ramblings of a Pokemon Trainer

So, I own both copies of Sun and Moon but I have not finished the story yet on either because I’ve been breeding and working on projects for my Facebook group (I’ll link below)!  I mainly want to finish the story on Moon, I’ll explain later why that is!

In Moon, I choose Rowlet as my starter. I trained up a Pikipek (who is now Trumbeak) and Slowpoke at first then I caught a Alola Meowth, now I have a Salandit on my team along with Lycanroc who I evolved from Rockruff. My team is ever changing and I train them all myself.

I wanted to show you guys what I’ve been doing! I powersave but I only do it to do shinies, I don’t cheat in battling, I raise my own pokes for that!

I am an avid breeder and wonder trader (WT) (I’m going to do stuff on Wednesday for Wonder Trade Wednesday)! I have probably bred over 100 eggs in Moon so far! I actually hatched a legit shiny Gible!!

I evolved him into a Gabite this was in Pokemon Moon, his name is Chompy

Trainer in Moon


Now let me tell you what I’m doing with Sun. I want to complete the Pokedex without leaving the second island. I am currently at the Nursery (I went to the PokeCenter beyond it but that’s it), so far I have all the UB’s and Legends for Su/Mo via trading, so I’m doing pretty good 🙂 This game I really could care less about powersaving for money/items/etc. so it kinda gets dumped on with codes.

Pokemon Sun Trainer

I am currently at 33% Alola Pokedex, 41% Melemele, 27% Akala!

So with my powersave I made these and WT-d them:

I was WT-ing these to be a troll


This is my Pokemon fun 🙂