Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve (Android/Google Play Game)

Hunt Cook: Catch and Serve

5 Stars Gameplay
5 Stars for Cute and Adorable graphics
4.5 Stars for Controls
5 Stars for Instructions because it is pretty self-explanatory
5 Stars for a great Time Waster
Recommended for all ages

Disclaimer: I am not promoting this game, only a review and the pictures used are for entertainment purposes only, the game belongs to its rightful owners. Thank you.

This game was originally a Japanese game then translated into English. It is a cute game where the dog is the boss and you are the hunter and the cook of the restaurant serving up delicious game you have caught. You get requests for different game and other requests to help you level up and get to higher levels to buy different equipment to hunt game.

The cook and your boss the dog

You get hunt points every thirty minutes and you get a maximum of three. When you are a low level (like me), pheasant is one of the main dishes people are after or cider, then rabbit which takes longer to cook (but if you have pheasant requests in between and do those or go hunting it goes by pretty fast).

After pheasant is caught

The game is also a great time waster and very cute. I love the little dog to death, he is so cute and fun. He also can fetch your ingredients when you are away and if you get a golden bone you get even more. It is also fun to try and get achievements and fill up the book of game and recipes.

All in all, I think the game is cute and fun. I love it and it is adorable and fun to play.

Japanese Trailer:

Gameplay video (spoilers to the game):

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Cat Café ~Raise Your Cats~

Cat Café ~Raise Your Cats~

Graphics: Very cute 🙂
Gameplay: Great time waster and easy to earn coins to get new kittens
Controls: Very simple
Age Range: From kids to adults
My star rating: 4
Reasoning for 4 stars: I had a problem with purchasing a kitten and had to restart my game (not the whole game) 3-4 times.

So I got a new android phone, and I want to review some games I have been playing on my phone. I love animal games, Japan games, farming games, etc. (I do play Pokemon Go 😉 that review well probably be lenghty) and enjoy my new phone! I have issues with it but that is another story!

First off, is this adorable game called Cat Café ~Raise Your Cats~. You basically run a pet shop that is specifically for cats, you raise them from kittens then sell them to get more money to buy more kittens and try to unlock all the cats for each breed (I have seen you can get Cat Bus from Totoro from Studio Ghibli). The more expensive the kitten, the rarer the cat.

I haven’t been playing for long so I haven’t really figured out if each cat you get is randomized or if you can get what you want, my theory is it randomized. I also really haven’t figured out how to increase discipline, cat rating (when selling) or stuff like that. I’m slowly learning though!

It is fun to learn how to do discipline, cat rating, etc. with the cats and then see if you did it right. Yes, the guessing game can get boring but it can be entertaining as well (plus a great time waster). Even if you don’t achieve great discipline or rating you can still sell the adult cat and try again cause white kitten are only 1 coin and you can use them as guinea pigs to try and figure it out like I’m doing!

Here is a gameplay video: 

I defiantly suggest this game for children (or teens) who want a cat but have parents who are allergic, but, if you want a game to raise a cat or nurture it watch out for more of my reviews cause I’m going to do a list of animal games that are my favorite on the phone 🙂 but I still recommend this one!

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Plantera: Steam

Rating: 3.5
Price: 2.99
Age range: Any age
Reason for rating: I think this game should be less or free due to not doing much and it doesn’t take much to level up or do anything.

Plantera is a farming game with little helpers that you get that are blue blobs, its not an average farming game. It’s an easy mindless game where you scroll back and forth controlling your farm trying to earn money, to get scarecrows to scare off birds and dogs to chase off foxes for they don’t eat your rabbits or chickens. The crows take your fruit, which also costs money, more and more as you level up.

While you are not playing you still earn money while your little blue friends harvest the farm. It doesn’t take much to level up or earn a lot of money, if you step away for long enough you can earn enough money to expand your farm and do certain things and maybe level up a few times.

Plantera is a indie game but a decent game, I enjoy it and it is a great time waster.


Also on iOS and Android.

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Dungeons and Dragons: Character Creation

Dungeons and Dragons: Character Creation Walkthrough


I started out by telling you I love Dungeons and Dragons, so why not do some tutorials and other stuff about it like I do with video games, so this time it is tabletop games.

First off you need to build your character, I’m going to provide two types of character sheets and act as the DM (Dungeon Master) for this scenario.

One you need to look up on Google, “Forged Anvil 5e Character Generator Ver. 1.64” this is the one I’m using and I’ll show you how to use it with screenshots, later on.

Second, Character Sheet is this PDF:
Character Sheet

If you use Forged Anvil, it does modifiers, darkvision for your class and everything that you need for you. It can be hard at first but it does make an excellent character sheet in the end.

Okay first off your stats,
You can roll for them: Roll 3 d6 (6 sided die) 6 times, twice then choose between the best one, for example:



You can tell which one I would choose, the first one. You would choose where to put what like; Dexterity, Intelligence, Strength, etc.

Then you build your character, you decide what race and what class. I choose Dragonborn and Bard, I choose Dragonborn because Bard’s don’t get spells very fast but Dragonborn’s get a spell right off the bat, you also can choose Entertainer as your background then choose Fire Eater or roll for it if you want to. My highest stat should go toward charisma (Bard Spells go off of Charisma), then probably dexterity and intelligence.

If you were a Druid, Elf or Druid, Gnome (like I have played) you should head toward intelligence and dexterity and ditch charisma (maybe strength too). If you rely on spells (like a druid does) you usually don’t need strength and if you don’t need a high charisma or not being lead of your party, then ditch charisma as well, for the background of these two, the elf I choose Outlander (due to her backstory) and Sage for the gnome (again due to the backstory), it all depends how you character is built.

What you need to choose all this is The Players Handbook, 5e. I cannot provide it for you, you may be able to find a pdf online, if it’s available or on Amazon for less than the selling price of $50, you may be able to get it used between $20-25 or check local book shops that sell used books, you could get lucky.

Well, I hope this was helpful in some way. I kinda rambled more than helped haha but I hope you guys enjoyed.

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Dungeons and Dragons

Dungeons and Dragons
My First Time Experience 

   ~Warning this article is not for children under 16 years of age, thank you~

I just figured out something the other day, I love role-playing games like Dungeon and Dragons (D&D). I love the creativeness of it and the freedom to do whatever you want, the dice are confusing at first but if you  learn it is amazingly fun. You don’t always have to follow the book guidelines as a Dungeon Master and you can do whatever the heck you want with your world.

You can do many crazy, adventurous, stupid, or just plain weird features of the game you can build your character off of or do in game. Like either have sex with an elf or build a ridiculous OP (over powered) character, all with the dungeon masters permission of course. Have an awesome Dungeon Master, have an amazing game.

I so far have had an amazing experience, I have not played yet but have had made my character to my liking. I’ll make an example character on another post to show you what it is like in D&D and the freedom you get.

I am ecstatic at the freedom you get, it makes my creative mind go wild and want to do so many things (no I do not want to have sex with a elf ;)) but many adventures behold me and my character on their first into the land of D&D

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Steam Review: Terraria

     Steam Review: Terraria

 Price: $10.86 w/ tax
 Worth the money? Yes, without a doubt.
 Stars: 5

Other Steam Game Review:

Terraria is a single or multi-player adventure game with the world at your fingertips, you can build, fight and do almost anything in this game. When you first start off you can customize your character, just the hair color, eye color, skin color, clothes color and outfit (you get more outfits in game). Then you build your world (I suggest large and easy if you are new) and then go about making your world!

You build your home the way you want it, simple or complex, and merchants move in to help you, you sometimes need to find these merchants but they usually come to you. Merchants are very helpful and some aren’t merchants some are healers, so be aware that you need these people. The bigger your house with more rooms (light, walls, chair, table) you have the more people that will move in.

Exploring is key. You need to explore to find loot, loot is key. You get weapons, seeds, potions, an endless number of items to help you through the game. Also, before you explore get gel and wood to make torches, just a friendly tip.  Actually, just stockpile wood and re-plant trees for your house too.

Another important tool you find exploring is Heart Crystals to gain Health Points (HP) because you start out at 100 HP, which means you’re a meek-ling and a slime can kill you if you don’t have good weapons. Some other monsters are zombies, bugs of all sorts (bee’s worms, etc.), there are underworld demons, and then the random ones that appear in the “deadlands” that are hard to defeat when you’re a new player so you tend to avoid that area just like the underworld. So you are a small, small little person (food) in a big world.

Like I said before the world is at your fingertips, you can explore to the stars above (if you can find a way, in the beginning, good luck to you), or to the underworld (be careful when you’re new), and to the ocean, also, there are different biomes in your world. For instance, jungle, snow, desert, and wasteland to name a few. These biomes house different monsters and different types of loot, so exploring, again, is key. I am very cautious when exploring because I am afraid I’m going to die. Also, if you explore have a way to teleport back to home, or a grappling hook or rope or some way to get out of the hole you dug.

What can also help you is other players or trading items. When you are a new player you may get help from senior players, or you may not. If you are on Steam, subscribe to a Terraria group, read the forum, make friends! Friends can sometimes be life or death, no joke!
I think I have rambled enough! Terraria is amazing and addicting!! I’ve never played it on the PC, I’ve always played mobile but trust me it’s worth the money.

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Side Note: I forgot to add this game is great for all ages. My brother who was about 11 started playing it on the iPad and is the one who got me hooked on the game. So kids will enjoy this game immensely, it also will teach them to be creative and to count because they need to count to craft things. It also teaches how to read because you sometimes have to read what to do about the guide and how to craft certain things!

Disney’s Club Penguin

So I’ve been playing Club Penguin since I was like 11 or 12, I go on when I am bored every now and then to see what has changed. When I was younger I had the premium content. I know parents are probably wondering: Is Club Penguin safe for my child? This review goes out to the parents looking out for their younger children who want to play on the computer.

  1. Does Club Penguin have Swearing or Mature Content?
    1. No, it does not, it censors in the chat. There are even rooms without chat in them if you want to put your child on that one. I have seen kids…I mean “Penguin’s” going around looking for BF’s and GF’s (Boyfriend/Girlfriend) and if you do not want your child exposed to that, go to the rooms without chat enabled.
  2. Is it Educational?
    1. Not really! If learning how to type better counts, then no.
    2. Does it teach problem-solving skills in their games? Yes, it does.
  3. What ages are recommended?
    1. Kids are getting on computers younger and younger, but, I would recommend at least 10 or 11. I recommend 12-13, especially if they go in the chats.
  4. Is it fun?
    1. HECK YES!!! Its a lot of fun and there is lots to do!!! There are even DS games and Wii games for Club Penguin!! I admit I own one and would like to get the old Wii one! It’s fun even for free!

The downside of it all is your child may ask you for premium, maybe ask them to do chores or something to pay it off! I don’t know, I don’t have kids so I shouldn’t say anything. I’m just trying to be helpful.

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Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates To Infinity

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon: Gates to Infinity: My Experience

I have not finished the game yet but my review so far is:

It is an outstanding game with an amazing story that well move you, it moved me to tears so far and I haven’t even finished it. I’ve fallen in love with all the characters and even the ones I meet along the way.

I love that you can name your team members because it makes you feel more attached to your team. I try and train every one of them and even take all on quests! Its extremely engaging to do this and fun!

I love that you get to build your own “Paradise” for Pokemon and you can use a second mode to do so to work on it, that is not in story mode. You can even choose what Pokemon you want to use in this section out of the Pokemon that have joined your team.

I have almost all sections in my paradise and didn’t realize til later on you can add 4 facilities to each section of your paradise! My first section I focused on berries and training for what types of Pokemon I had and then added item hunting, cause wynaut? Every time I got a new type I added that training area to a different section or in my case a section that didn’t have 4. Every time you level up your Paradise you get a new facility!

The game is challenging! To make money, get experience and get items you must do as many “Quests” as possible. Your Paradise is also essential to finishing the story because you can grow berries, train your team or even get items., your paradise takes time to build and money! You also need to do Quests to train your team, if your team isn’t a high enough level you have a high chance of failing the quest. I suggest saving the 1-2 star requests in your “Saved Quests” for easy money or any items you want cause they may disappear! Also, speaking of saving, save your game often!

My strategy for quests is usually winging it and running for my life, especially when my team isn’t a high level, especially on the main story, they are very challenging and if you don’t have the right items or revier’s I suggest running for it. If my team is trained then I don’t do that because in Quests you go to the “Mystery Dungeon’s” where you can find various goodies that come in handy for your team so you don’t have to buy them.

My Axew, Gerald, and my Oshawott Nessie.
Down below is my Paradise Map

I have a total around 25-50 hours on the game from either working on my Paradise or doing the story 🙂 I love it! I recommend it for any age!

I’m not going to spoil the game for anyone, so I’m going to leave my review there 🙂 I don’t want to say how you meet Axew or where anything really is 😉

My next Pokemon review will be: Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon and no I haven’t finished it.

Mario Party: Island Tour for 3DS Game Review

Gameplay: 3.5 Stars (due to no online multiplayer)
Online Available: No
Multiplayer: Yes with other DS’s
Time Waster: Defiantly
Fun: Heck Yes

Here is Gameplay of one the games in Mario Party to see what it’s all about:

You can set the level’s to anything you like when playing against automated characters and choose whom you wish to go against. A lot of these games are based around luck, so it can get frustrating. The game that I showed is more skill and minigames than luck. It shows in the top corner of the mushrooms.

There are over 100 minigames to play, and you can go into mini-game mode to play them and compete to get better times or earn coins. You can also challenge Bowser’s Tower to get limited minigames and unlock different stuff throughout the game, though you can lose coins. There are 5 party games and 2 to unlock, through Bowser’s Tower.

You can also collect Character bubbles which unlocks the various sounds the characters makes, then you can unlock the Memory bubbles of the Parties which is also sound.

All in all, it is a good time waster and fun to play. I just wish there was an online feature.