Banned Books 2: House of Night Series

House of Night Series: Banned Book

Part 1 Harry Potter Series:


House of Night Series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast is about a girl name Zoey Redbird who was “marked” as a vampire by a vampire tracker by putting a crescent moon on her forehead. Her whole life changes as she is thrust into a school called the “House of Night” about magic and vampires, and a goddess named Nyx.

First off you’re probably thinking, “marked” that sounds a little extreme, but, no it’s a unique way of telling vampires apart from humans with the crescent moon and that means they are marked by the goddess Nyx and are given unique gifts from her.

The one reason this book is banned is cult like. Nyx is a Pagan goddess, and when most people here the word Pagan, they think cult or devil worshipper automatically and its linked to dark magic. There is also affinities with Spirit, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, same with paganism, they also say “Blessed Be” another pagan term.

In this interview with on of the writers P.C. Cast she says it is based off of Pagan Beliefs, so it’s bound to get people erked who have always believed that Pagans’ are “People who only use dark magic” or “Devil Spawns:”

ML: All the students in the House of the Night series are marked by the vampire goddess Nyx, destined to become her representatives in the world. Can you tell us a little about how your vampires are different from the ones we’re more familiar with and why you made them that way?
PC: Well, as I said, I’ve based their belief system on a Pagan, matriarchal society. I choose to do that because I believe in empowering women. It’s a theme on which I’ve focused my adult books, too. Also, carrying through with the Pagan ideology, I’ve made the journey of my teens Changing into vamps more biological with a touch of paranormal, versus the other way around. I did that because I like the earth-based aspect of it, and my father is a biologist, so research is a family affair!P.C. Cast Interview

The next reason this book is being banned is for nudity and dark magic, and people hint she pokes fun at Christianity, so this could be another reason. I think we covered the dark magic subject, it stems from the Pagan system bound in the books. The nudity part was a sex scene in “Awakened” with Neferet and a white bull and other various ones.

Why Shouldn’t It Be Banned?

  1. It’s fantasy, plain and simple. Though it has Pagan beliefs entwined, people can learn, and it’s fantasy. Vampires aren’t real people!
  2. Nudity in teen books is nothing new!!!
  3. Dark Magic? It is fantasy.

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Orange is The New Black: A Letter to Piper and Review

How OITNB Memoir Changed Me

You’ve all probably heard of the hit Netflix series Orange Is The New Black, but, did you know its based on a true story?

The original story is written by Piper Kerman, who went to a woman’s prison for a year. Piper, of course, went to jail on a drug crime. Unlike the show she hates her ally in crime “Alex” or in real life Nora, for what she did to her and Larry wasn’t a d***. There are a lot of the same details, though, like Red, or in the book Pop, you defiantly grew attached to her and gained a lot of respect for that Russian women. Pensatucky is there too, and Crazy Eyes. I won’t spoil it though because I want you guys to read it.

Anyways, the book is moving. I had my mind set that people in prison deserved to be there and should rot away. After reading the book I understood that they had a life story and they just made mistakes. I felt horrible for these women because the prison system is jacked up. I cried, I laughed, and I wished I could do something for them.

This book not only changed my view on the women’s prison, it changed my life. I now want to learn more about prisons to help people and see what I can do, I want to change them. I want something better to be done. Don’t get me wrong, I think rapists and murder’s are in there for a reason and a good reason but petty drug crimes and addicts are a different story.

Here is the letter:

Dear Piper Kerman,

You are a brave women for sharing your story with others, and a brave human-being for enduring so much. What the system did to is unjust even if you did break the law, the system is corrupt and not right. I cried when you got sent to the Chicago MCC and wasn’t able to go back to Danbury, that place was horrid. I cried when you got released, I cried many times.

The system needs to be changed and I would like to help with that, either by writing or making a difference somehow or recommending your book.

For Pop: I wish her as many years as freedom she can get, this women deserves it for taking so many girls under her wing and making her stay to help others. I wish her the best in the world.

For the others: I wish you all the best. No matter who you are, you deserve it. XX

Also, if there’s anything you need (especially books ;)) let me know, I follow your wish list! And if you know anyone behind bars who needs help, let me know and I’ll write them and try to send books when I have money!

Wishing you the best,
Jenna VanHoof XX

Here is the link to buy the book:

Disclaimer: I am in no way affiliated with Amazon, I am just recommending the book for others.

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Banned Book Post: Harry Potter


Why is it banned?

First off, a lot you have probably heard of Harry Potter and know it’s about a boy who learns he’s a wizard and goes to Hogwarts to learn magic….But did you know it is the most banned book in America and one of the most popular. According to The New York Times it topped the list of banned books. It has raised many disputes but has many fans that adore it and well defend it. Harry Potter is a loved franchise but a hated one too.
Harry Potter was originally put on the banned list due to it promoting witchcraft, dark magic and implying cults. Harry and his friends use magic all the time, but never intentionally use dark magic or harm others unless they are in dire need. The only time they use defensive magic is when they are in class or defending themselves.

This book is mainly being banned is schools that have a churches influence because magic is associated with the devil because in the Bible magic is associated with him and a sin. Some people believe that it is promoting the religion “Wicca” (or known as paganism) and some people believe “Wicca” is derived from the devil himself, when “Wicca” is a peaceful religion revolving around nature and not harming other­­­­­s.

Another reason why parents and other people don’t like the Harry Potter series is Harry and his friend’s actions because they lie and deceive, they believe it isn’t teaching their children good moral lessons. Though, when Harry or his friends lie it is either to get their friends out of trouble or to escape moral danger.

There are also complaints that the book is too dark for young readers. Example one being: Harry’s parents being killed in front of him as a baby, abuse, etc. but besides that the story teaches friendship and how to come out of a dark place

   Why shouldn’t the Harry Potter Series be banned?

Harry Potter is a children’s book, JK Rowling did not intend to promote cults or young children to do witchcraft or lie. It’s a fantasy book that is not intended for the magic to be real or the actions to cause anything real to happen.

This book is pure fantasy. It promotes friendship and love more than anything, like how Hermione and Ron stuck by Harry’s side even in life or death. Or how Harry freed Dobby even though he almost killed him “protecting” him.

Some may disagree with me here, but you also see real heroes. Such as Severus Snape, he portrayed the worse villain to get on Lord Voldemort’s good side to try and betray him to protect EVERYONE and he gets crapped on until he is dead. Not all heroes play the good guy all the time.


The next banned book I’ll be talking about is The House of Night Series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast

Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Book Review


~Spoiler Warning!~
Please read disclaimer about not affiliating with these titles, thank you~


My first impression was “Oh my goodness another Harry Potter book! My childhood is back!”

Which had me at total glee, excitement and nostalgia, then the second impression hit….

My second impression “Oh…it’s a script, its actually really short.”

Putting all that aside and tipping my hat off to the Queen of writing, JK Rowling. This was still a fabulous read, it is what I would expect from her even though it was a script and short. Do I think it would have been better if it was an actual book? I think I would have enjoyed each the same but I was still disappointed nonetheless it was so short.

When Albus and Scorpius were first introduced to us in Deathly Hollows I never imagined they would be such good friends. I did imagine Albus getting into Slytherin just not him and Malfoy’s kid being friends. It was a nice turn of events to mend old wounds in Harry’s childhood.

I got this book about a week after it came out, I started reading it as soon as possible. When I started reading it, I was instantly taken back to my childhood but this time it was Albus and Scorpius.

I felt bad for Albus always having to live under the great “Harry Potter” and then being put in Slytherin. I have nothing against Slytherin but his whole family being in Gryfindor makes it hard for him. His big brother and all his friends teased him for being in Slytherin and also teased him for his only friend being a Malfoy. Albus seemed like he always drew the short straw and all his plans drew short, they were thoughtful but they did not think of consequences.

The one person I felt worse for though was Scorpius. Scorpius already had the “Death Eater” parent who sided with Voldemort and his mother dying to top it off. Then there were also having rumors of maybe being Voldemort’s love child, like who would want that? Both of their lives were hard.

At the same time I couldn’t help but think of the utter stupidity of Albus thinking of messing with time. I could always imagine McGonagall shaking her head (in a motherly fashion of course) and telling them how stupid it is. Then I imagine Hermione shaking her head because of the time turner she owned and confiscating one as the Minister of Magic.

The end made me tearful due to it being an ending of the Harry Potter saga. I wish for more, though, we got Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. The ending made me tear up, also, because Albus finally connected with his dad.

What did any other Harry Potter fans think of the book?


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