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The sound of Camille Peruto’s album “From the Sea to the Sky” is upbeat and heartwarming. Peruto has a powerful voice, and she lets it shine in this album. She is from New Jersey and was on American Idol, Season 14. She opened for Anna Nalick (Breathe -2AM) and Tim Reynolds of The Dave Matthews Band!

Camille commented that:

Opening for Anna was a huge achievement for me. I have always been inspired by her songs, and since the day I met her she has been giving me advice whenever I need it! Opening for Tim was extremely exciting too! I was voted the winner in a contest to play the show with him. I am so grateful for the people who voted, and it just makes me really hopeful for the future of my career! That was my first show singing on stage in front of hundreds of attentive people! It was a dream come true!Camille Peruto
Congratulations to Camille! I personally love Anna Nalick (especially “Breathe – 2AM”), and I think it is amazing that she got to open for her – I am super jealous that she got to meet her. I am very happy for Camille that she got her dreams, as not many do.

Camille explained this about American Idol:

It was a learning experience. It was extremely fun and surreal, but also very eye-opening. There were so many amazing singers who would get cut and then they would put comedy acts through. I guess it goes to show that it is reality tv, and that’s what you sign up for! I had a great time and met many wonderful peopleCamille Peruto

I cannot even imagine what being on American Idol must have been like, it would have been surreal for me too, but I cannot sing, so it would have been more of an embarrassing fail! Camille has come very far since American Idol, with her release of the album “From the Sea to The Sky” this January, and previously her album “Sparrow” in 2013.

She told me her inspiration for the album “From the Sea to The Sky” was:

I wanted this album to be contemporary-sounding but very honest and meaningful. I had the songs written, and I wanted to carefully craft the album in a way that would tell a handful of stories but also still work together as one. I was mainly inspired to create a body of work that would flow and mean something special to people who heard it.Camille Peruto

Camille Peruto

I agree that the songs are very honest and down-to-earth! I personally love the whole album. It fits my genre, although I skip between many genres. I adore Biscuit Moon and Crooked Roads.

The main reason I like Biscuit Moon is for the songs’  lyrics.  They speak to me. “I’ll dream until I cry” particularly got to me, then a few seconds later “Isn’t it a funny little world we live in” along with the chorus “I am on my way home.” Home has many different meanings to me: it is where you find yourself and where you find where you belong and surrounding yourself by people, or sometimes things, that you love. It is also about love, and I know a little about love and that it is hard to find it. When you come home to love, it is the best feeling in the world.

Crooked Roads is the first song on the album and I instantly fell in love with it. I like the first line “Off the line not quite right/Time is keeping”. It speaks to me for many reasons because I sometimes feel myself off the line of the world while my dreams and time are keeping me still. I also like “Scared to find borrowed time” because I’m scared that I’ll find that I did something again and again and that I just didn’t do it right. The chorus “Crooked roads no nobody knows, no nobody knows/ Crooked roads no nobody knows, no nobody knows/Bottled up and brittle its hard it to meet the middle and your so close/That’s where crooked roads go…” ‘Bottled up and brittle’ relates to me because I always bottle up my feelings, and it is when you get to the middle and are so close that is indeed where crooked roads go.

Here is the link to Crooked Roads on Soundcloud:

Album Cover

I asked Camille what her favorite track was and she answered:

I have a lot of favorites! Lately, I have been loving Lagoon (the last track). Though my favorite changes everyday! I love the production of Lagoon. I actually chose to put it last on the album as opposed to the beginning because I want there to be something to look forward to!Camille Peruto

I like Lagoon too, to be honest! It is an interesting track, although I do enjoy the other two I previously mentioned a bit more. Lagoon does have an awesome sound and amazing vocals though. I find the lyrics of Lagoon extremely interesting. I love the idea of escaping to a lagoon with a lover under the moon.

I inquired what Camille’s favorite part of being a singer was, and she told me:

I love being a role model and using the platform I’m on to be a good example to people. I’ll play at schools, hospitals, benefit concerts – all of these are full of amazing people who I want to share my gift with. I just want to make someone’s day a little better by singing them one of my songs. That is the goal!Camille Peruto

I find this inspiring and something to look up to in someone! Camille seems like someone little kids can look up to and an amazing role model. I think she is doing an amazing job at being a role model, I say congrats to her.

Camille Peruto

Overall, I choose to give the album five stars. I just love it. I hope Camille Peruto puts out many more songs and albums very soon!


Eric Novod – Drums
Joe Parella – Guitar/Machine
Roshane Karunaratne – Piano/Keys
Erik Kase Romero – Bass
Camille Peruto – Vocals/Acoustic Guitar

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