Boycotting Doctor Strange -Updated-


Boycotting Doctor Strange

There was controversy when “The Ancient One” was casted as a white female in the 2016-17 Marvel movie “Doctor Strange” instead of a Tibetan male. I am not an avid comic reader so maybe I shouldn’t be speaking but I think someone should say that is a very good reason why the movie was boycotted, even if they’re not a comic book reader.

Why do I say this?

Not casting “The Ancient One” as a Tibetan male may have been a good call, the reason behind this, explained below, has good reasoning. Casting a strong female lead instead shows that the film industry is going toward helping women in film.

The reason I have read for not casting a Tibetan male was to not insult the Chinese government. The Chinese Government would be insulted because of their affairs with the Tibetan culture. They are one of the reasons they are going off the map. Is it the US Film Industry right to poke their business into that affair? Not really. Is this a huge deal? Yes. Is it a good reason for not casting and not pissing off billions of people? Probably.

Saying this, this feud has been going on for decades, so once again the film industry doesn’t really have a right to stick their nose in the business of two cultures who have a feud that has been lasting decades:

Prior to China’s invasion in 1950, Tibet maintained a unique culture, religion and language for centuries.
Today, this culture is under threat from mass Chinese immigration and the strict control of all expressions of Tibetan culture and national identity.Tibet History and Culture

Here is a video on the the extinction of the culture:

Tibetan culture was developed under both internal and external factors, cultural influence of the neighboring countries also played an important role in the development of Tibetan culture, including Nepal, India and Bhutan in the south and west, China and Mongol in the north and east. Later in the 7th and 8th century, introduction of the Buddhism from its origin country India had exerted a deep influence over the whole plateau, since then Buddhism became indispensable part of the Tibetan culture. Tibetan Culture and Tradition
One cultural factor of Tibetan people.

Now, Tibetan culture is also said to be derived from Indian Culture:

Tibetans have traditionally considered their ancestors to be of Indian ancestry. According to popular belief, an ancient king named Rupati was also military commander of the Kaurava army. Rupati led his soldiers in a war against the Pandavas. After suffering defeat, the king fled to the northeast and established Tibet. This myth is based on the writings of an ancient Indian scholar who described the flight of Rupati approximately one hundred years after the death of Buddha (Shakabpa 5).
A second origin myth asserts that Tibetan people descended from a male monkey. The monkey, an incarnate of the “Compassionate Spirit” deity Avalokitesvara, met and married a mountain ogress. Eventually, Avalokitesvara and the mountain ogress proudced six offspring. The “hybrid monkeys” resembled Avalokitesvara. Over time, the Tibetan descendants of these six offspring gradually lost any remaining animal features. Tibetan people trace certain characteristics of modern humans to Avalokitesvara and the mountain ogress. People who are “merciful, intelligent, [. . .] sensitive and do not talk more than necesary” inherited such traits from Avalokitesvara. Meanwhile, those Tibetans that are “red-faced, fond of sinful pursuits, and very stuboorn” resemble the mountain ogress (Shakabpa 5). Adherents to the monkey origin myth rely on ancient documents discovered in a Lhasa temple by Atisha, an Indian scholar. The myth documents claimed to have been written “according to tradition during the reign of Songsten Gampo in the seventh century” by a scholar named Shankara Pati.Tibet Enviroment

This culture goes back many decades and has many more problems then being in a movie (as someone else said), one of which is staying a relevant culture. I think casting a women instead of a Tibetan man was probably a smart choice because it could start a feud between the US and China due to the already feuding between the Tibet and China which is a cultural feud which we have no place in getting into.

Is it wrong that “The Ancient One” is not a Tibetan Male?

In some ways, yes.

Was it a smart move?


Also, a thanks goes out to people educating me on the Tibetan Culture. It is a very deep culture and should be well respected.


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