Ben Brookes “The Motor Car & The Weather Balloon”


Ben Brookes is a singer-songwriter hailing from Portsmouth, UK he has music similar to Johnny Cash, Bob Dylan, Oasis, and The Beatles. His music has different tones but is astatically pleasing, giving the listeners something new and refreshing.

Producer Mark Healey was the one who urged Brookes to leave Portsmouth to come to Minneapolis to record his album. Mark found Ben when he was doing EP’s and Cover’s and contacted him, at first Ben was hesitant but he did a rough version of “Integration (Not Segregation)” and that was the deal breaker and he came to America.

Ben Brookes

In Brooke’s band, it feature’s Prince’s drummer Michael Bland, Bob Dylan’s keyboardist who is Greg Inhofer, and Joey Malland and Mark Healey from Badfinger. With this group of people and this talented singer, I think they are sure going to go places!

Brookes new album “The Motor Car & The Weather Balloon” has many different and intriguing sounds, mixed with guitar and drums, defiantly hitting the pop-rock genre. The lead song “Integration (Not Segregation” defiantly has that pop-rock vibe with Brooke’s husky voice leading the way and the guitars and drums giving it a smooth edge. The song showcases a love-story but with an almost grim tune like “I’ve been left to hunt and gather in a world that’s practically dead” or ”think we could fuck off and get out of here” the song has an upbeat tone though like there is hope.

Ben Brookes

Another song on the album that I found interesting was “Stories in the Rain” I loved the guitar in the beginning and the husky lyrics and starting with “oh my love I don’t want to know about the other boy” and then shortly after “don’t you drag me down” it has a lot of strength in it, signifying not wanting to be pulled down by a cheating lover and being stronger than it.

On that final note, I found Ben Brooke’s an extremely talented singer and I think he is going to do well in the US as a singer-songwriter.

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