Banned Books 2: House of Night Series


House of Night Series: Banned Book

Part 1 Harry Potter Series:


House of Night Series by P.C. Cast and Kristin Cast is about a girl name Zoey Redbird who was “marked” as a vampire by a vampire tracker by putting a crescent moon on her forehead. Her whole life changes as she is thrust into a school called the “House of Night” about magic and vampires, and a goddess named Nyx.

First off you’re probably thinking, “marked” that sounds a little extreme, but, no it’s a unique way of telling vampires apart from humans with the crescent moon and that means they are marked by the goddess Nyx and are given unique gifts from her.

The one reason this book is banned is cult like. Nyx is a Pagan goddess, and when most people here the word Pagan, they think cult or devil worshipper automatically and its linked to dark magic. There is also affinities with Spirit, Earth, Water, Fire, and Air, same with paganism, they also say “Blessed Be” another pagan term.

In this interview with on of the writers P.C. Cast she says it is based off of Pagan Beliefs, so it’s bound to get people erked who have always believed that Pagans’ are “People who only use dark magic” or “Devil Spawns:”

ML: All the students in the House of the Night series are marked by the vampire goddess Nyx, destined to become her representatives in the world. Can you tell us a little about how your vampires are different from the ones we’re more familiar with and why you made them that way?
PC: Well, as I said, I’ve based their belief system on a Pagan, matriarchal society. I choose to do that because I believe in empowering women. It’s a theme on which I’ve focused my adult books, too. Also, carrying through with the Pagan ideology, I’ve made the journey of my teens Changing into vamps more biological with a touch of paranormal, versus the other way around. I did that because I like the earth-based aspect of it, and my father is a biologist, so research is a family affair!P.C. Cast Interview

The next reason this book is being banned is for nudity and dark magic, and people hint she pokes fun at Christianity, so this could be another reason. I think we covered the dark magic subject, it stems from the Pagan system bound in the books. The nudity part was a sex scene in “Awakened” with Neferet and a white bull and other various ones.

Why Shouldn’t It Be Banned?

  1. It’s fantasy, plain and simple. Though it has Pagan beliefs entwined, people can learn, and it’s fantasy. Vampires aren’t real people!
  2. Nudity in teen books is nothing new!!!
  3. Dark Magic? It is fantasy.

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