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Eva & The Oak: Floriography EP Review

Eva & The Oak The band “Eva & The Oak”, now from Boston, started out in Raleigh, Noa Carolina, with lead vocals, guitar and songwriter Madeline Parascandola, drum player and percussionist Nick Parascandola, bass player Connor Barry, pianist Jake Rosenberg, … Continue reading

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Boycotting Doctor Strange -Updated-

Boycotting Doctor Strange There was controversy when “The Ancient One” was casted as a white female in the 2016-17 Marvel movie “Doctor Strange” instead of a Tibetan male. I am not an avid comic reader so maybe I shouldn’t be … Continue reading

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Doctor Strange (2017) Review

Doctor Strange Plot and Storyline: 5 Stars Character depth: 5 Stars Effects: 5 Stars All together: 5 Stars   I immensely enjoyed this movie after waiting four – six months to see it, having to wait for it to come … Continue reading

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Plantera: Steam

Rating: 3.5 Price: 2.99 Age range: Any age Reason for rating: I think this game should be less or free due to not doing much and it doesn’t take much to level up or do anything. Plantera is a farming … Continue reading

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Anxiety and social anxiety even scares you away from family too. Meaning if you want to go say hi to someone in a busy room that you know who is okay with it, you won’t because you are scared they … Continue reading

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Dungeons and Dragons: Character Creation

Dungeons and Dragons: Character Creation Walkthrough So, I started out by telling you I love Dungeons and Dragons, so why not do some tutorials and other stuff about it like I do with video games, so this time it is … Continue reading

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The Walking Dead: My Thoughts So Far

The Walking Dead So I started watching The Walking Dead (TWD), it reminds of a show that got cancelled named Revolution but with a better plot and zombies. Revolution was about the power being shut down and the world going … Continue reading

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Camille Peruto “From the Sea to the Sky”

The sound of Camille Peruto’s album “From the Sea to the Sky” is upbeat and heartwarming. Peruto has a powerful voice, and she lets it shine in this album. She is from New Jersey and was on American Idol, Season … Continue reading

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5 Fandom Stuff For Valentine’s

Five Fandom Friday: Valentine’s Idea found here:    Funko Pops How could you go wrong here? Get your geeky friend or lover they favorite Funko Vinyl Pop Figure or one from their fandom or just one they would love! A … Continue reading

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Erich Mrak: Upcoming Artist

I don’t often listen to rap/hip-hop but I think this artist is amazingly good for a genre I don’t like and has  pleasing sounding music and beat. The lyrics have a good meaning and can make you think, which is … Continue reading

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