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Beginner Tips: Fantasy Life Part 2

Fantasy Life: Beginner Tips Part 2 Part 1: What I’ve been seeing and extra tips… I’ve been reading other tutorials on Fantasy Life and a lot of people make the mistake of sticking with one life in the beginning, in … Continue reading

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The Misunderstanding

     The Misunderstanding It was the hottest day of the summer, my face was sticky with sweat on this fine summer’s day. It would be enjoyable if it was not for the fact it was the eve of sacrifices … Continue reading

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Intro to My Writing

Intro to My Writing Disclaimer: I am not associated with Wattpad, Deviantart, or Archive of our Own, thank you. I have wanted to add my own writing to my site for a while, I am on DeviantArt and Wattpad. I … Continue reading

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Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You Analysis and Review

Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You Analysis and Review Disclaimer: All characters belong to Gamefreak/Nintendo and the rightful owners, I do not claim anything I am just writing this for entertainment purposes. SPOILER WARNING: TURN BACK IF YOU DON’T WANT … Continue reading

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Thor: Ragnarok A Review

Thor: Ragnarok A Review Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this review it is for entertainment purposes only. Special Effects: 5 Stars Comedy Relief: 10 Stars 😉  Storyline: 5 Stars Character Development: 5 Stars Thor: Ragnarok was, in my … Continue reading

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Beginner Tips: Fantasy Life

Beginner Tips: Fantasy Life Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership to the games and or characters, Level-5, 1-Up Studios and h.a.n.d are the rightful owners. THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY. In Fantasy Life you get to advance in up … Continue reading

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Throwback Thursday: Pokemon Yellow

Throwback Thursday: Pokemon Yellow Disclaimer: The characters in this article and pictures belong to their rightful owners I am in no way taking claim to them. Pokemon belongs to gamefreak/Nintendo. This is for entertainment purposes only. I started playing Pokemon … Continue reading

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Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costumes

Halloween Costumes Any pictures used are being used for entertainment purposes only, thank you. So I’ve been searching Pinterest and around the internet for last-minute Halloween costumes that look fun and I also know a good way to make fake … Continue reading

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My Favorite Halloween Movies

My favorite Hallowen movie, hope you like the list too! Continue reading

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The Halloween Pokemon

Happy early Halloween! Here is some information on some spooky Pokemon! Continue reading

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