5 Fandom Stuff For Valentine’s


Five Fandom Friday: Valentine’s

Idea found here: http://www.thenerdygirlie.com/2014/09/introducing-5-fandom-friday.html


  1.  Funko Pops

    How could you go wrong here? Get your geeky friend or lover they favorite Funko Vinyl Pop Figure or one from their fandom or just one they would love!

  2. A Hot Tropical Blanket

    What I mean by this is “Hot Topic” if you didn’t get the Supernatural (SPN) reference or anywhere actually. Hot Topic sells fandom fleece blankets and I have an SPN one and love it!

  3. A Poster of Their Fandom

    How could you go wrong here? Anime Poster? Game Poster? TV Poster? I got a Supernatural poster and loved it, I also love my Hunger Games and Pokemon Posters.

  4. A Plushie or Figure

    Again, how could you go wrong? A plushie from Pokemon or Animal Crossing or whatever their fandom is! Plushies are the best! I have tons! Now, for a figure I mean, a standing figure of anime or fandoms (like Funko but smaller, could be Funko though ;)) or maybe an amiibo 🙂

  5. Trading Cards

    Is your friend or lover into games or just into the fandom? Trading cards of their fandom may be what they need! I have Pokemon, Supernatural, Harry Potter, etc. trading cards and love it!!


One last thing:

A Supernatural Valentine 🙂

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