Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Book Review



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My first impression was “Oh my goodness another Harry Potter book! My childhood is back!”

Which had me at total glee, excitement and nostalgia, then the second impression hit….

My second impression “Oh…it’s a script, its actually really short.”

Putting all that aside and tipping my hat off to the Queen of writing, JK Rowling. This was still a fabulous read, it is what I would expect from her even though it was a script and short. Do I think it would have been better if it was an actual book? I think I would have enjoyed each the same but I was still disappointed nonetheless it was so short.

When Albus and Scorpius were first introduced to us in Deathly Hollows I never imagined they would be such good friends. I did imagine Albus getting into Slytherin just not him and Malfoy’s kid being friends. It was a nice turn of events to mend old wounds in Harry’s childhood.

I got this book about a week after it came out, I started reading it as soon as possible. When I started reading it, I was instantly taken back to my childhood but this time it was Albus and Scorpius.

I felt bad for Albus always having to live under the great “Harry Potter” and then being put in Slytherin. I have nothing against Slytherin but his whole family being in Gryfindor makes it hard for him. His big brother and all his friends teased him for being in Slytherin and also teased him for his only friend being a Malfoy. Albus seemed like he always drew the short straw and all his plans drew short, they were thoughtful but they did not think of consequences.

The one person I felt worse for though was Scorpius. Scorpius already had the “Death Eater” parent who sided with Voldemort and his mother dying to top it off. Then there were also having rumors of maybe being Voldemort’s love child, like who would want that? Both of their lives were hard.

At the same time I couldn’t help but think of the utter stupidity of Albus thinking of messing with time. I could always imagine McGonagall shaking her head (in a motherly fashion of course) and telling them how stupid it is. Then I imagine Hermione shaking her head because of the time turner she owned and confiscating one as the Minister of Magic.

The end made me tearful due to it being an ending of the Harry Potter saga. I wish for more, though, we got Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. The ending made me tear up, also, because Albus finally connected with his dad.

What did any other Harry Potter fans think of the book?


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6 Responses to Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Book Review

  1. colleen wool says:

    I have always wanted to read this book. thanks for the awesome review.

  2. Angela says:

    Wonderful, I’m going to grab this book soon. I’ve heard mixed reviews on it. But I love the world of Harry Potter, it’s awesome!

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