Thirteen Reason’s Why (Show): Pros and Cons


Thirteen Reason’s Why (Show): Pros and Cons

This article may be triggering to some it includes comments on rape, suicide, and self-harm. It even has a video demonstrating why this show can be devastating to some, please proceed with caution. Thank you. There is also spoilers for the show.

     Thirteen Reasons Why has brought up a bunch of conflicts since it aired on Netflix on March 31st, between the graphic rape scenes and the ending episode with Hannah’s suicide. The show has it pros and cons, I love and hate the show for many reasons. I want to discuss why this show can be bad for some people and why this show can be wonderful for others. It is a very big dilemma in one way and a very big eye opener to the next.

For some people, this show can be very triggering and can leave them emotionally damaged at the end. I, for one, am one of those people. I didn’t expect it to have such an impact on me but like others that I have read online about, I can relate to Hannah on a deep level. The feeling of loneliness in a big crowd, the bullying in high school (or even college and online), sexual assault and self-harm. This show can bring back either memories that are deep down and bottled up or just make you feel the feelings of loneliness again or even bring up memories if you are a suicide attempt survivor, then make the person explode in a bad way. I’m not saying the show is horrible in anyway and you should never watch it, I’m just saying this as a warning and that for some people this show can be a hard emotional experience.

For others, this show can open their eyes on how bullying and sexual assault really affects a person and tears them down on the inside and slowly kills them. The directors did the rape scenes to show that rape shouldn’t be romanticized and rape shouldn’t be made fun of and that the victim is ashamed at times and won’t speak up. They truly did an amazing job at this.

To open people’s eyes to a society that has “rape culture” gritted into it is a very good thing. There is such a thing as rape culture all around the world, women (just like Hannah) are sometimes viewed as objects instead of human beings. There are many guys like “Bryce” in our society, unfortunately, I’m not saying all guys at all, but, the wolves in sheep’s clothing are there and are very scary.

Rape culture is very relevant in today society, something I saw on Facebook the other day where someone posted a tweet from someone else (as it always goes viral that way) that women sending nudes is gross but when women’s nudes get leaked it’s amazing.  Makes you think right? Hopefully, the scene in the show when Hannah’s photo of her on the slide got leaked, made you think too, when that picture got leaked it ruined her life, it was the beginning of the end for her and males (some as I said) think women’s nudes getting leaked is awesome.

For people who have been raped or sexually assaulted and see the scenes in Thirteen Reasons Why it can be incredibly triggering and bring back memories that may have been buried for years and can really tear someone apart. These are the people I don’t recommend this show for. It can really mess you up and make you feel emotions you wish you never would feel again.

The other part I want to acknowledge that this show depicts in almost a good way is Hannah’s suicide. They say they made it painful to detour people from it, to detour people from doing and how it would affect their family. Yes, it is very good at this BUT it is extremely triggering. Yes, I know they gave a trigger warning but for people who have cut and stuff and don’t know when the scene is it kind of is like “whoa” and fast forward real fast.

Also, is suicide selfish to the person at the time? I don’t think so. I know I’m probably going to get shit for this but listen, people when they are at that time think it’s their only escape they are in pain, undisputable pain (mental pain, just as bad as physical and almost worse) and the only way out they see from this pain is ending their life. I know it is not the only option, it is not the only route, etc. but to some people at times it seems like it is because they are in pain. This pain is there every day, every hour, every minute, second, anytime your awake and is constantly bugging you and making your life hell. Think from their perspective before you go labeling them as selfish.

One last thing to add is there is help, in the show the depict there barely isn’t any help in this world. Reach out. Make online friends (half my friends are online, well probably more than half), feel less alone (write, journal, vent, scream into a pillow, talk to your pet), call hotlines, go to a counselor, talk to your parents if they’ll listen, just remember you are not alone.

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