Beginner Tips: Fantasy Life Part 2


Fantasy Life: Beginner Tips Part 2

Part 1:

What I’ve been seeing and extra tips…

I’ve been reading other tutorials on Fantasy Life and a lot of people make the mistake of sticking with one life in the beginning, in the first beginner tips I explained some about lives (okay a lot) but lives or licenses or whatever. They are really important and a key element to your gaming experience in Fantasy Life.

The Guild

This is the guild,  I just wanted to add something that people sometimes miss here. To the left is where you change your lives, to the right is where you exchange bounties. When you exchange bounties you can’t “fast travel” when your low level this is fine, higher level just ignore some of the bounties or go to the bounty office in the West Grassy Plains (Farley’s Plantation) or on Mount Snowpeak (next to the live master). This is easy dosh, 200-300 dosh at first but it adds up fast especially when you need something you can’t get from lives or where you are at in the story.

When I mentioned Bliss before the first few Bliss items I recommend getting are the shop upgrades in Riveria, the bag upgrade, storage upgrade, horse, and plane. Pets are amazing but not needed as much.

Another tip is to talk to EVERYONE, you get so many fun little jibber jabber and then you get quests (over 30 in Castele alone I think), and you’ll see how handy all lives can be!

Another tip is to look all over on the ground and hoard stuff for the first while cause trust me you will need it. Dandelion puffs, apples saved my butt from dying, springwater, healweeed, mutton, etc.

Now onto lives….

Each life benefits each other, also each life after you finish the first quest you go to Fledging. After fledging, it goes to adept then Expert, Master, Hero, Legend and then you become a God in this life. I admit each life takes a lot of time and effort to level up in but the lives help each other and you earn a lot of Dosh along the way. I haven’t made it to God in any of my lives because you have to progress in the story to also progress in your lives, I am at Adept. I have poured at least 3-4 hours into each life and I am perfectly happy just doing that instead of playing the storyline though now since I need more stuff to progress I commend to the talking butterfly and go on with the story.

At first, you can choose a life you want to try and have fun with. Second, you should choose a life for combat if you didn’t at first. The combat lives are hunter, wizard, paladin, and mercenary. Hunter gives you a bow, Paladin gives you a long sword, Wizard is of course magic, and Mercenary is two-handed swords. All of them are great but you can’t learn them until you do the life itself, you just need to carry the weapons with you to use them (not 100% positive about Wizard though never tried) but the special skills won’t transfer over to lives so be careful.

The collecting lives are very useful for blacksmithing, cooking, and carpentry (so Miner, Angler, Woodcutter) when you have the blacksmith life you can make all your metal tools and not buy them and with the Miner life you don’t have to buy the ore. With the Carpentry, you can make your wood tools and cut your own wood with the ax (woodcutter life). Cooking can help with health, extra stat boosts, and a lot of good stuff along with your adventure and it sells for a pretty penny.

Alchemy and the tailor life you collect a lot of stuff from A) literally picking it up off the ground out of dungeons or in the wild or B) monsters dropping it and then there is the occasional C) you have to dish out some Dosh and buy it.

Alchemy is a handy life because you can make healing potions, SP potions (Status Points) so if you dash or go fishing a lot or cut wood a lot, you can refill you SP fast (some food does this also), you can also make bombs, stuff that makes your hero stronger, and life potions which recovers you from dying but I honestly buy these cause they are a headache to make.  (I think I explained this in the previous tutorial….oops)

Like I think I said in the previous tutorial Tailor life is about clothes and accessories for your house. I have never browsed a clothes shop or furniture shop, I have made all my own stuff for my house and all my clothes. There is also a bliss unlock to dye your clothes (did I say this in the last tutorial? -shurgs-)

The combat lives I explained a little earlier you don’t need much but if you want to save Dosh you can make your own sword/dagger/bow/shield/etc. as a Blacksmith/Carpertner and sell your old ones or keep them! All of them are unique fighting styles, with a Mercenary you can’t hold a shield because you are dueling two swords. With the bow with the Hunter you get cool extra’s when leveling up and you can also poison, put to sleep and other cool things when you unlock it. The long sword with the Paladin is very powerful and you can also hold a shield for defense. The Wizard you can heal yourself, use fire, wind or water also as attacks.

Do what you want to do…

Like I said before, do you what you want to do. This is an open-ended RPG, I would rather spend time doing the little quests and excelling in my lives (spending hours on them) then going on with the story until its needed. I just love doing that.

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The Misunderstanding


     The Misunderstanding

It was the hottest day of the summer, my face was sticky with sweat on this fine summer’s day. It would be enjoyable if it was not for the fact it was the eve of sacrifices to our God in our little town of Septin in Greek we were about hundred miles from Athens and hundred and fifty from the Spartans, we stayed out of their way if we could; they weren’t the most pleasant people in my opinion anyways.
My name is Ella, I was chosen to be Apollo’s sacrifice, to be his lover. The only way in our culture to get to the Gods was to die. My pale hands shook as I washed them in the basin and then I heard a gentle knock on the door, I sighed with relief knowing it was just a servant girl by how shy the knock was. The men how loud knocks, my mother had a louder knock than that too, so it must be a servant. The oak door creaked open and the dirty blonde sea blue eyed girl (who honestly was too pretty to be a servant) came in.
“I was asked to come and bring you these.” The servant girl told me.
One blood red dress and a cobalt blue dress was in her hands, “For the sacrifice….”
“I think the blue would suit you best, miss.” The servant girl spoke up lightheartedly.
“Yes, I think so too,” I told her and then she left.
A few hours later she came back with my dinner and then I went to bed.
“Ella!” My father called.
I woke with a start, today was the day. I hurried and got dressed and went outside, “Why are you letting me die?” I asked.
“Apollo chose you.” My father answered, “We must please the Gods.”
A guard tied ropes around my hands, I winced at the tightness of the ropes they did it for I would not struggle and then took me to Apollo’s temple in our city. I was dragged up the steps and there were hundreds of people watching and some were praying. They put me on my knees and I started to shake as a knife was put to my throat. Then there was a loud bang and that was all I remembered.
I woke with a start, the room was shiny and I don’t mean clean shiny, I mean gold shiny. I started breathing heavily, was I dead?
“Calm yourself.” Someone said I turned to see a man with goldish blonde hair and fabulous features, “I’m Apollo, I saved your life.”
“T-that bang…was you?” I asked shakily than I looked down at my hands too see Apollo’s mark on my left hand.
“I did not choose you as my lover but as the priestess and they mistook it so I saved you,” Apollo explained.
“T-thank you.” I stumbled, “What am I to do now?”
“Reside here if you wish or return to your world but if you return home danger may follow you and all the people you love,” Apollo told me.
“What can I do here?” I asked and his eyes softened.
“I can give you a gift and you can watch over the people you love from here,” Apollo answered.
“I’ll stay,” I answered.

A few months later

Ella had resided in Apollo’s garden as the priestess watching over the temple and tending to the sick warriors that came in and honestly, she was happier here then she was in Septin, she had a purpose. Apollo treated her as an equal and did not look down on her.

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Intro to My Writing


Intro to My Writing

Disclaimer: I am not associated with Wattpad, Deviantart, or Archive of our Own, thank you.

I have wanted to add my own writing to my site for a while, I am on DeviantArt and Wattpad. I love writing prose and poetry and began around 6-7 years ago majorly, and I would love to incorporate it into my blog. My writing, either blog posts or prose or poetry, is what I love and I want to share that with the world. <- My DeviantART <- My Wattpad

I am also on under The_Ghost_Writer as well.

I’m going to keep my fanfictions on Wattpad and AO3 (Archive Of Our Own) (due to legal issues and not wanting to have that writing on my site)  but move most of my poetry to here and keep some on DeviantArt. I am also going to write short stories and maybe snippets of longer stories and maybe keep them on Wattpad as well, I have not yet decided.

I have been writing for about ten years now when circumstance got bad my writing started to improve greatly, it became an outlet. My writing can be dark and it can be happy, it depends on my mood. Writing has been an outlet for me for years, whether blogging, writing to Pen Pals, writing fanfics or anything. I love prose because I love to get lost in a world I’ve created and sometimes the characters just do what they want and I type the story along. I also love poetry because you can do anything really, especially with freeform or you can test yourself and use a set scheme like Haiku, Sonnet, or something else.

I hope you guys enjoy my writing as much as I enjoy writing it.


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Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You Analysis and Review


Pokemon The Movie: I Choose You

Analysis and Review

Disclaimer: All characters belong to Gamefreak/Nintendo and the rightful owners, I do not claim anything I am just writing this for entertainment purposes.


Movie overall: 4.5 Stars
Storyline: 4.5 Stars
Character Development: 4 Stars
Climax during the movie: 4.5 stars

There has been controversy over the newest Pokemon movie called “I Choose You” because of the storyline and the ending, though, it is like a regular Pokemon movie, it is a kid film and just like other Pokemon movies and animes. If you love the movie and animes you’ll love this film.

The beginning is very nostalgic when Ash first meets Pikachu, I had tears in my eyes. Pikachu was the usual little runt and wasn’t very happy to meet Ash but of course, later on, saved him and that’s when the real story begins with the Rainbow Wing.

During the sort of cutscene Ash catches a Caterpie which leads up to the ever so journey of Butterfree (I’ll get to this later and why I didn’t like it) and then he battles the 3rd gym leader in Kanto which is where we skip by Misty and Brock. Some people wanted Brock and Misty back into the original movie instead of Makoto and Soji, who I love though.

Makato’s Piplup reminds a lot of Dawn’s Piplup being able to use Hydro Pump and Drill Peck when not evolving, it made me have a love for that little Piplup. I also enjoyed Soji because of his care for Pokemon, though, the Luxray (not going to spoil this one) story will always make me cry.

Now back to the Caterpie, the writers were trying to re-create the episode “Bye-Bye Butterfree” but it was way too rushed, I think, it was still a nostalgia hit but not as much since we really didn’t get to see too much interaction between Ash and Caterpie, it evolved way too quickly. I would have liked to have seen more time spent with the Caterpie/Metapod before Butterfree or even time with Butterfree before Ash had to say Goodbye.

Pokemon Indigo League Episode 21 “Bye Bye Butterfree”

Now another scene that I loved still that was in the anime as well was Ash finding an abandoned Charmander in the rain. This time, though, its the rival in the movie Cross who seems to be from the Alola region from the Pokemon he has, a Lycanroc and Incineroar. Cross, like the anime, didn’t believe the Charmander was strong enough and would always be weak and abandon him. This was a very nostalgic scene as well. I miss the British Damian but I’ll go for Cross, he was a really good rival for this movie and I liked how it ended with him which I won’t spoil.


As a lot of you may know Marshadow made an appearance in this movie but all I’m going to say about that is he plays more of a major role in the end and there is only one part of the ending I really want to talk about that has had a lot of controversies.

Pikachu talks to Ash at the end of the movie, in human words, this has upset a lot of the Pokemon community. I’m not going to put a video because I don’t want to give away too much of the ending but I will say this, Ash was hit with a huge blast from a ton of Pokemon and I think he was just hallucinating or maybe had a telepathic link with Pikachu for a moment when he was weak and heard Pikachu. I DO NOT think Pikachu is going to be talking English in the anime, movies, etc. I think people are making a big deal of nothing and Ash just got hit by a bunch of attacks and in a moment of weakness connected with Pikachu.

Overall, I loved the movie. Some parts I wish were better but it kept me gripped and I loved it for nostalgia purposes too. I’ve always loved the anime and movies, so this is probably why I  loved it so much. I wasn’t expecting it to win awards or win something big I was expecting a Pokemon movie, childish and fun. There was also a lot of good sensed humor in the movie, I didn’t say much about it because I didn’t want to spoil it, Team Rocket is there but it a humourous way.

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Thor: Ragnarok A Review


Thor: Ragnarok A Review

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters in this review it is for entertainment purposes only.

Special Effects: 5 Stars
Comedy Relief: 10 Stars 😉 
Storyline: 5 Stars
Character Development: 5 Stars

Thor Ragnarok A Review

Thor: Ragnarok was, in my opinion, one of the BEST Marvel films I have seen to date, with the comedy relief to the action-packed film and the characters it is amazing. I laughed through the film and I even cried once over my dear Loki; happy tears of course or plain laughing too hard over his shenanigans.

My favorite films were Iron Man (and Deadpool….Deadpool is my adult favorite), but this film had a bit better comedy than Iron Man I would like to say and I liked it more. I wasn’t really a fan of Thor when it first came out but boy did Ragnarok kick ass.

I know people were upset over Chris Hemsworth cutting his hair but boy was the scene worth it and NO WAY IN ODIN’S NAME am I going to spoil it but trust me it is worth it, you will indeed laugh over it. I think Loki was actually surprised over the haircut also.

We also meet some new characters with an interesting character development and background and how they meet our heroes. It is a she and she is kick ass and I love her. We also re-unite with The Hulk and you see the dilemma’s he has been facing since we last saw him in Avengers: Age of Ultron. I won’t say much because there would be spoilers and I don’t want to spoil this either.

All in all, I loved this movie and would recommend it to any Marvel or anyone seeking out a good movie. Thor: Ragnarok is a wonderful film for everyone in the family and should be seen!

Anyways, go see the movie. It’s amazing. Odin commands you.

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Doctor Strange:


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Beginner Tips: Fantasy Life


Beginner Tips: Fantasy Life

Disclaimer: I do not claim ownership to the games and or characters, Level-5, 1-Up Studios and h.a.n.d are the rightful owners. THIS IS FOR ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES ONLY.

In Fantasy Life you get to advance in up to 12 lives and follow an intriguing storyline. You are in the world of Castele (or the country) where there are many creatures to defeat, many people to befriend, many tasks to do and well just a lot to do.

You have a companion with you who is a talking butterfly who you meet also trying to get into the Castle in Riviera, you become friends and the talking butterfly helps you and there is a deeper storyline here also.

I recommend it to anyone who likes a roleplaying or games that you can do anything you want in but still have a storyline. I love it when I can just explore and level up my lives and my character. The graphics are amazing and so is the storyline (so far for me anyways I’m not done and will continue giving tips and reviews along the way).

My first tip to new players is to start ALL lives right away and try and advance in them because you can make a lot of money (dosh in the game) off of each life and each different quest from NPC’s is from a different life. Also, Blacksmith and Miner come hand in hand along with Woodcutter and Carpenter, with the cooking one Angler and Hunter help as well.

You can have better weaponry skills that help with the main quest (Paladin, Hunter, Mercenary, etc.) and having alchemy and cooking help heal you. Being a blacksmith you can make your own weapons, a carpenter also. Sewing (Tailor) can help make your character look nice and the clothes sell for a lot of Dosh.

When you advance in all lives you also save money in the long run because you don’t have to keep buying supplies. You can make everything yourself and you can also sell a lot of what you make for good money, which means you can move out of the attic. You can’t move into the Manor (30k Dosh) until you complete the storyline and all of Butterfly’s requests.

Another good thing about having all lives is you get more Bliss for Butterfly, with Bliss you earn rewards like a bigger backpack, closet, dying clothes, new pets, etc. so it is nice to get an extra boost there also.


When you get time off from the main quest when it says “Explore Riviera” I usually take a crap ton of time doing this, leveling up my character, lives, exploring, quests, etc. I don’t know but I like just doing random crap and not the main story because it’s entertaining running around without a big red arrow telling you where to go. I love the main story but I love doing my own thing too.

It’s up to any game player what they want to do. I honestly overpowered (OP’d) my character and go through the main story fast but it is still fun to read it and do it. You also learn to know what enemies to NOT take on or YOU ARE dead. If you don’t want to die I recommend getting potions to revive you, you can buy them from a merchant just before you enter the west grassy plains or make them as an alchemist but its almost too much of a pain to make them because of the ingredients.

Also, you need to follow the main quest to be able to level up your lives, so you can level them up as much as possible before you go on the next main quest.

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That’s all for now. Next week I’ll post more into detail on a couple of lives either next Friday or Saturday! Stay tuned!

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Throwback Thursday: Pokemon Yellow


Throwback Thursday: Pokemon Yellow

Disclaimer: The characters in this article and pictures belong to their rightful owners I am in no way taking claim to them. Pokemon belongs to gamefreak/Nintendo. This is for entertainment purposes only.

I started playing Pokemon when I was around 13 or 14, I started with Diamond. I got Pokemon Yellow when it was released on the 3DS e-shop and boy was I in for a surprise. That game has been kicking my ass, also starting with a Pikachu is hard.

I know, I know I sound like a pre-mature gamer but man did I underestimate Pokemon. It took me at least 2 hours to get my team up to beat Brock. To be honest with you people of the internet, I haven’t played in a while, not because I got discouraged or bored, I got distracted by other games.

If you are thinking about playing Pokemon Yellow, here are some tips to beat the first gym:

  • Don’t waste money, get potions though
  • Get Mankey from the path leading to the Pokemon League and level it up to learn low kick
  • Get a Caterpie and evolve it all the way to Butterfree to learn Confusion
  • Ratatta is actually good (if it learns quick attack or if you want to waste a lot of time, hyper fang at level 14)
  • So is Pidgey (if it learns gust)
  • Level up Pikachu too cause you’ll need it for the second gym

To be honest though I OP’d (overpowered), my Pokemon and did the gym really easily but ignored my Pikachu and since Misty (water) is next that was a bad idea.

My team is:

  • Pidgey (named Gust)
  • Nidoran
  • Butterfree
  • Pikachu (named Spark)
  • Mankey (named Taz)

and I’m searching for my 6th.

Between now and next Thursday, I’ll hopefully be to the second gym or farther and I’ll update you guys more 🙂

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Cheap Last Minute Halloween Costumes


Halloween Costumes

Any pictures used are being used for entertainment purposes only, thank you.

So I’ve been searching Pinterest and around the internet for last-minute Halloween costumes that look fun and I also know a good way to make fake blood that looks extremely real, so with that, I think I can get you guys some good ideas or crazy wacky ideas that are just nonsense, whatever comes first.

Fake Blood

You need cornstarch, coconut oil, and red food coloring and that’s it! You mix the cornstarch and coconut oil together with a couple drops of food coloring then add more food coloring as you mix the end result on your arm or body should look like this:

The mark (Mark of Cain) was done in red pen

It comes off with a dry paper towel and only stains your fingertips. It also looks like real blood on clothing, towels, etc. so it can be used to make a spooky costume as well.

Costume idea 1


If you don’t have a brown jacket the boys sometimes wear green jackets, short-sleeved shirts “jacket” shirts with black tops underneath and of course plaid.

If you don’t want to Dean, Sam is almost the Sam, just do DemonSam! and put the blood on your face and you are now Demon-blood-loving Sammy.

For a Castiel idea (mix food colorings until you get black and you can get “tattoo pens” to draw lines on the neck for LeviathanCas!) you can use a winter coat that is beige if you do not have a trench coat and a blue sock for the tie (you can cut the sock in half also to make it look nicer) and then you have Castiel.

Costume Idea 2

Murder Victim

All you really need for this is a white t-shirt, jeans that you don’t mind getting dirty, and a fake knife.

You use the fake blood on the t-shirt and smear it around, put handprints, etc., put some blood on your face, arms and on your jeans then walk around carrying the knife! You can even put gel in your hair to make it look messy.


Well those are my ideas 🙂 Hope you liked them!

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My Favorite Halloween Movies


Halloween Movies

Disclaimer: All photos used are used for entertainment purposes only and are not being claimed. All characters mentioned are owned by the respectful owners and I am in no way claiming them.


Who doesn’t love Halloweentown? A Disney original that started in 1998, the actors and actresses didn’t think anything big would come of this little Halloween movie but later came three other movies into the franchise.

My favorite character was Aggie who was played by Debbie Reynolds who recently passed away last December after her daughter Carrie Fisher passed away. Aggie was always the fun going grandma, which reminded me a lot of my own grandma and I loved how she tried to bring the magic back into her family. Then, of course, her living in Halloweentown where all the magic is.

Rest in Peace Debbie Reynolds

Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds

My other favorite character was Benny a fun loving taxi driving Skeleton in Halloweentown who helps the kids get to Aggie’s house after they follow her to Halloweentown.



2. Nightmare Before Christmas

This movie was a newer one to me (I know late to the party) but I loved it! Jack and his ghost dog have to be hands down my favorite characters. Then the “This is Halloween” song its epic and I also found an amazing cover (if you don’t like hard rock it is not for you).

This movie is just epic and I feel stupid for not watching it sooner. Jack is a very dynamic character and I love that he wanted something new and nice, I found it very sweet. I also loved how Sally cared for him and tried to help not make any bad choices but still tried to help.


3. Hocus Pocus

A classic right? And yet again another Disney film. When I was younger I honestly didn’t like the movie as much because it scared me, but I grew to love it. Winifred, Mary, and Sarah were the three that scared me the most and now that I’m older I find their quotes hilariously relatable. Anyone else?

Also, the songs in the movie I find more catchy now and harder to get out of my head.

My favorite character is Binx, the black cat. I found his story sad yet happy (especially when he met Dani and reunites with his sister) and I have always had a soft spot for black cats and cats in general.

Other Halloween Articles:

The Halloween Pokemon


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The Halloween Pokemon


The Halloween Pokemon

Disclaimer: These characters do not belong to me, they belong to gamefreak/Nintendo/etc., the images are not mine and they are for entertainment/informational purposes only and I am in no way claiming them. Any products mentioned are not affiliated.


Gengar is a ghost/poison Pokemon known for its mischievous nature and its additional Mega Evolution and with its ability Levitate it is usually conquering the battlefield in X/Y but in Sun/Moon its Levitate ability was taken away, but Gengar was still a beast and a favorite.

Not many know Gengar is based off a black cat or the Chesire Cat, due to its mischevious and dark nature. Gengar could also be based off of a poltergeist or ghost, due to its previous forms Gastly and Haunter.

Gengar being based off Chesire Cat is a cool idea because of his huge smile just like Chesire and Chesire’s mischevious nature. Gengar is also a trickster and loves to play games if Gengar could talk I bet he would like riddles.

Read more about Gengar here:


Mimikyu’s history is pretty much unknown except that he is disguising himself to be loved just like Pikachu is. He has a cloth costume and a wooden tail. Mimikyu is a ghost/fairy type, the first of its kind in Pokemon. Mimikyu wears a cloth with badly drawn eyes and mouth to look like Pikachu but his real eyes peak out.

My theory about Mimikyu is it may be a ghost what also leads me to this conclusion is its desperate need for love, also the choking sounds on the anime Meowth hears and the horrifying things it says it is a ghost that hasn’t been put to peace but lives on in Mimikyu, some Mimikyu’s may be different. some may be peaceful.

I think the Mimikyu is loved so much by Jessie that it is healing, that it is finding peace (no it won’t die I’ll explain in a bit) and love. The reason Mimikyu won’t die and go to Pokemon Heaven or whatever is because it loves Jessie and its sole purpose was to be loved and it found its happiness and moved on.\

Read more about Mimikyu here:


Banette is a ghost type Pokemon and a very wonderful Halloween Pokemon. Its pre-evolution Shuppet is as well. Both just being introduced into Pokemon Go for the Halloween event as well!

They are both based on puppets, Shuppet is a finger puppet and Banette is a marionette. They are based Tsukumogami, tsukumogami animate objects. They are based on Japanese monsters.

In my mind all dolls (puppets) are creepy but tis the season for creepy dolls or puppets.

Read more about Banette here:


If any of you want more Pokemon done (not just for Halloween) comment below and I can do them! 

I am planning to do these Pokemon in the future:

  • Eeveelutions
  • Shaymin and some other legendaries
  • Vulpix and Ninetails (alolan and original)
  • Poocheyena and Mightyena
  • and more!
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